Is Someone Getting the Best of You?

I fail at song titles. I forget them. I forget the artist. Sometimes the lyrics. But not the tune. That bit I can remember.

Either way, I'm going away :B I shall have a lovely holiday in Madeira, I'm sure (and I will be eating kebab, chips, garlic bread and the most gorgeous chocolate mousse tomorrow :) )
I would call myself a veteran tourist when it comes to Madeira, as I've been more times than years I've been alive (I went as a bump too I think :D ) (I really sound like I'm boasting XD)
Butbutbutbut :( Going away is saddening for me too. Because I will miss the internet.
  • blogging
  • twitter
  • style.com
  • email
  • majong (okay, not technically internet, but it's an addiction :O)
  • stalking people.... O.o
  • YOU!!! (god that sounds cheesy (cheezy?) but it's true!)
I get withdrawal symptons when I'm away from the computer :( Well, in a sense...
It's just seven days. It feels like a week :B (I remembered the song lyrics there :D)

But, as I'm to be away, I thought I would post something which, if I leave it for long enough, might get enough exposure for me to get a good answer (go tweet about me :B) (actually, that's a really bigheaded thing to say) (and do any of you even have twitter?) (comment if you want, I'll follow you :B)

Diddly Dum, here it is:
THE BEST OF 2010  - 10 weeks have gone by (and one more if you're going to be pernickety) so it's time for a PUBLIC CHOICE AWARD CEREMONY (aka critique and stuffs)
Do not vote yet, as your vote will not be counted, and you may be charged
We were strangers starting out on our journey
Never dreaming what we'd have to go through
Now here we are and I'm suddenly standing
At the beginning with you

when somebody loved me
everything was beautiful
every hour we spent together
lives within my heart

and when she was sad
i was there to dry her tears
and when she was happy so was i
when she loved me
 So bye-bye, miss american pie.
Drove my chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
And them good old boys were drinkin whiskey and rye
Singin, thisll be the day that I die.
Thisll be the day that I die.

Down at an english fair one evening I was there
When I heard a showman shouting underneath the flair
I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts
There they are all standing in a row
Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head
Give them a twist a flick of the wrist
That’s what the showman said

All we hear is Radio ga ga
Radio goo goo
Radio ga ga
All we hear is Radio ga ga
Radio blah blah
Radio what's new?
Radio, someone still loves you!
If you go out in the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go out in the woods today
You'd better go in disguise.

(god how I loved teddy bear picnics.
I have this massive great monkey teddy,
and I took him in once. It was an 8 year 
old way of boasting) 
"Will you walk a little faster?"
Said a whiting to a snail,
"There's a porpoise close behind us,
And he's treading on my tail.
See how eagerly the lobsters
And the turtles all advance!
They are waiting on the shingle -
Will you come and join the dance?

I want candy
I want candy
I want candy
I want candy
Candy in the morning time
Candy in the hot sunshine
Candy, baby can't you see
All I want is your Candy
(let us ignore the sexual implications, if you may)

 What's the name of the game that we are playing
Boy whenever I think that we are winning
Then you roll the dice take a slide
Right back to the one from 99

Is it gonna go on like this forever
Are we gonna to take that last step together
Going round and round and up and down
Feels just like snakes and ladders

 Oh oh Trail blazer
Ah ah hell raiser
He flies through all eternity
Oh oh trail blazer
Ah ah hell raiser
A world where I would like to be
And there I'll be a futuristic queen
Oh oh trail blazer
Ah ah hell raiser, hell raiser
(shut up, it's the only thing I could find about "Blazers")

 The lines are now open, and voting can commence.
Remember, votes cost brain power, plus your standard broadband fee

Lines will close whenever I can be asked to clothe them (It's a lithp dammit!)

Basically, write about anything you don't like, like, why, if you think I've improved (or should go back to the uber skinny, sketchier style which takes half the time but doesn't show all the detail), all that jazz. And for once, feel free to flame :D

Also, thank you so much for all your lovely comments about my photos :B I  have plenty more on my computer, maybe when I'm back


The Gruffalo

Oh dear here I go being all egotistical and boring and camwhoring and bladebladebla
I have defense. I have been TOLD I should put pictures of myself up here... :S I didn't want to, but I think I should.

Please, keep in mind I am a rubbish poser, and I feel like such a twit setting up a tripod, going to a pretty location and taking a multitude of self timer pictures. In fact, I take loads (and it's actually quite fun, despite the twit-ness) and then as soon as I download them onto my computer, BAM! I delete them all. From the sheer awkward ugliness of them.
Speaking of twits, I never tweet but you can follow me if you really want: And by never I mean once a week on a good week...

Which is why, if I do a post of ME, it's probably a last resort, as I have not scanned my designs or anything :S <---- my favourite emoticon. Along with O_o and D:
Also, these are old pictures. As in, a few weeks at least. I have newer ones. But I also have a few blog posts in line :O

You only get a small version. Because I don't love you enough to condemn you to closeups of my multiple spots, pores, lack of eyelashes, greasy hair, chapped lips or bushy eyebrows (please, do not fear, I do not hate myself. I'm just an extremely critical pessimist when it comes to my appearance :D)
I'm not much of a makeup wearer. I should work on it, I think... A little (read: lot) coverup, some carmex, mascara if you're lucky, and Bam, done. Oh, and contact lenses in this case
I couldn't be bothered to wear shoes around the house :B Also, if you were wondering I have actually blogged outfits before but this was a while before I had any followers
OhmigoshlookatmeIaddedahatandglassesandBOOMFawholenewoutfit :D That little white blob is my venetian mask. I have two, one tiny one that you can see, and one larger which I WILL make into a headpiece someday. When I finish all my current projects.... which is going to be a few years......
Also, it is SO wierd wearing glasses over contact lenses. Painful, too
Nom nom nom I love my waistcoat. As in, love love love. I've worn it too much. It was my mums, I think she bought it for her mothers funeral when she was about 20 (over 20 years ago :O ) so does it count as vintage? It's from Jaeger :D I has a matching velvet skirt too
Now I want a tie - I have thought of a very useful purpose of a tie, which I shall do some day when I am a designer. For now I will store my sweets in it though. When I buy one that is. Which I shall do tomorrow, if I can find a good one in a charity shop (along with childrens wellingtons ^^  <-- ah, another favourite of mine
And suspenders (though I can make my own of them :B )

I could list all my current and future projects, but I'll save you the pain

So, well done for reaching this far down the post, and if you skipped the pictures (and I don't blame you for it) feel free to comment anyway (because you make me motivated and happy every time!)


DESIGNS - Summer Ocean 3

Study leave for everybody above my year, so I get to go for lunch first :D
I like lazy days. I have a slight obsession with House (my friend is currently lending me series 4, though I've seen it before :D) and I'm sitting here, just finished watching Dr Who :S

design - two layer maxi dress with citrus print, leather vest
worn with - woven heel embroidereds platform, square crystal neckace and earrings

It's strange, I don't normally draw long hems. I suppose it's because they're harder to look good, but I quite like this one :D

 Oh and we're back to a lack of coverage...
design - denim minishorts, baggy t-shirt, leather waistcoat
worn with - t-strap wedges with fringing and sock suspenders, bangles, necklace


DESIGNS - Summer Ocean 2

End of year exams coming up :O And a few GCSE modules... Not that I care, I'm a crammer so Life will go on as normal ^^
What type of person were you? Did you revise with months to spare, or were you like me, waiting until a week (or sometimes a day) before the exam?
I've never understood the concept of proper revision...

Wearing - not much O_o
design - turquoise bikini, leather and fabric wraparound corsetty thingy ma bob
worn with - wedges, straw hat, bits and bobs

 design - bikini with suspenders, printed wrap around (the name slips past my mental barriers, sorry)
worn with - modified heel wedges

 Olivia suggested a colour scheme of hot pink and turquoise with jungle leaves for this one, but since I own neither a hot pink or a turquoise, I had to make it up. So it's actually more green (though the picture is not the right colours really)

I hope you like them!

Bought a pair of wedges yesterday. They're from Tesco (THE SHAME D: ), quite high and with a teeny platform. I'm considering cutting holes and threading them with ribbon, but I think I'm too lazy.
You'll see them soon!


DESIGNS - Summer Ocean

Most people have favourite colours. I don't quite know why people choose a certain colour, because I seem to be completelly incompetent of choosing one. I like blue.
see how I linked with the excellent trend of tassels this summer :B
But I only properly like it when it's a blend of blues. And it has to be blended the right way.
I also like purple. But just plain purple is boring. So blend it with a few lilacs and maybe a nice blue purple colour and then maybe I'll like it.
I think I'm just rubbish at choosing, so I stick it all together.
But what about you? Do you have a certain favourite colour? Or are you like me, and undecided wanderer?

design - cropped gradient shirt with sheer inserts, hooded crop top with mandarin collar, high waist denim shorts
worn with - ripple printed thigh high socks, semi cage boots

 design - blue bikini set with purple ruffles, white minidress with criss cross cutouts (my knowledge of fashion terms have just disappeared in a momentary brain fart)
worn with - wooden heel wedge sandals, plaited chain and fabric bracelet, slouchy bag with elastic pockets


DESIGNS - Blazer Rezalb 3

Sorry, not going to write much today as it's actually past my bedtime :S
I feel really good today, as I managed to do a lot; I finished 2 designs, sewed the front facing and neckband onto my shirt, stitched up 4 of 10 holes in a skirt and started on the first design of the next week.
Talking about the next week, I'm doing a week of requests - I already have 3 requests, but I'm open to 2 more. Anything you like, a theme/word (e.g. Card Castles), food, colours, if you want it can be for your own blog (email me if you want to talk about that). But yeah, I'm open (and I'll tell you if your suggestion is impossible :D )

design - bleached denim roll ups, purple double breasted jacket with yellow visible lining and button decoration
worn with - multi strap pink t-shirt, acrylic shoes with clear, button filled heels (I wish heels like these existed!) 
In case you can't tell, the shoe is entirely clear acrylic, including the toe and slingback heel. I think that the pinstriped bit is less transparent though

 design - white skirt with cream godet (inserts) and red waistband, white blazer with red details, cream and red spaghetti strap shirt, white shirt with stand collar
worn with - white wedges with holes :D
It was originally all white (no cream) and my friends said it was fine with no colour, but I added red and cream anyway. Shows how much I value their opinions :D

So remember, request anything you want ^^ 3 spaces, if I get more suggestions I'll choose or combine


DESIGNS - Blazer Rezalb 2

Well, election day was yesterday and guess what :D We have a Hung Parliament (should that be capitalised?)
It's nowhere near as interesting as it sounds, we don't get to execute anybody or nufink :(
But since I'm too young to vote, toodle do and cheerio to politics and on with the fashion ^^

design - off the shoulder white & stripe shirt, pleated/folded blazer, thick woolen shorts with suspenders to net stockings
worn with - blue thigh high socks, modified heel peep toes, multi pocketed bag, flower necklace, belt

Now, all together, say "aww, poor Tania". Now ask me why.
Since you asked, it's because, I've actually lost the lovely blue used for her socks :'( My shoe shaped pencil case is so full of my pens that occasionally I can't do it up. And now that lovely nom nom blue has gone missing. Entirely. So I mourn it's loss, and I hope you will join me for the memorial ceremony tomorrow morning :D

design - blue a-line with ripped knit grey overskirt, pink silk shirt, cream cropped blazer with mandarin collar and pink buckles
worn with - cutout heel stilletos 

Happy with this one. It sounds really big headed, but when I say I'm happy with something, I genuinely mean it. I only have a few I'm truly happy with, and I think this one could use a few more components, but I like it...

Back to vegetable patch digging tomorrow :D


DESIGNS - Blazer Rezalb

I've done it. I've reached 10 weeks. Actually 11, if you count the week I took off for the Lady Gaga pictures, but still, 10 weeks. That's roughly 3 months (though my calculations are rubbish so you might want to figure it out yourself) Thank you all for giving me all your love, it makes me smile every time. I'm actually kinda amazed at how kind everybody is ^^
Also, thank you for being so lovely about Olivia. I'm sure she feels very flattered, and says a great big Thank You for all the compliments!

This afternoon I had a bonding session with my mother. Actually, it was more slave labour, but since I opted into it I can't complain; we dug a vegetable patch :)
My mother has many ideas for our garden and house, including a bee hive, a vegetable patch, fruit trees (we used to have loads, but they all hated us and went and died so we don't get any more fresh plums, or apples, or damsons :( ) and multiple others (most of which my father says no to)
          But today we finally set about digging.
I've decided god must be near his period, as his mood swings appear to dictate the constant rain, sun, rain, sun arrangement we have here.
         So I'm writing this whilst on a break from digging. Because it's raining.

And in other news, I was an egotistical poser yesterday. Because some people said that I should take some pictures of myself, so I did so. I took about 30 pictures of myself wearing... well, what I wore for the day... So you can probably look forward (or not, as the case may be) pictures of me soon. If my parents allow me to... :S

I suppose this one failed slightly less than the last one. Though I kinda gave up and didn't colour the boots... or the trousers...
design - purple t-shirt, white short sleeved shirt, light blue waiscoat, dark grey cropped blazer with white lapels, knit waistband chinos
worn with - doc marten wannabe boots, fused glass cross necklace, motorbike helmet
Do you think he looks slightly... gay?

design - cropped trousers, blue t-shirt, cream blazer with visible red lining, blue piping and pink ruffles
worn with - fused glass necklace, printed cork heeled t-strap shoes, headband

^3^ I'm in the mood to put smileys on my blog :D
Just did some more work on the vegetable patch, sun is setting now so no more :( 

Thanks for reading 


When Obsessions Meet....

Hello Olivia. I know you're reading this, so I wanted to say that this post is about you. I'm finally getting round to putting up the pictures I took of you, but don't worry, it's only the pretty ones. Thank you for letting me shove my camera in your face, I had a fun day ^^

A while ago a friend came around my house and I decided to use the oppurtunity to get out my camera (read: my dad's) and have some fun. I took about 100 pictures of her in the space of 2 hours, but it was time well spent! (we also made giant chocolate cupcakes but I'm cheapskate so they were from a packet mix :D )

I've not really done people photography before, but Olivia's a lovely model (and one of the few people I know who actually like having their picture taken :D )
She has beautiful hair, I want to shave it off and make myself a wig
I actually can't boast about the awesomeness of the last 3 pictures, they were professionally taken for her portfolio (check out her online one...) although the rubbish editing on the first of the three (my favourite actually) was by me.... Colours were edited slightly on all pictures (and obviously the black and white, which she did herself actually)

So, thank you Olivia for coming to my house and letting me photograph you, and just tell me if I'm not actually allowed to put the portfolio pictures up here.... :S