DESIGNS - Blazer Rezalb 2

Well, election day was yesterday and guess what :D We have a Hung Parliament (should that be capitalised?)
It's nowhere near as interesting as it sounds, we don't get to execute anybody or nufink :(
But since I'm too young to vote, toodle do and cheerio to politics and on with the fashion ^^

design - off the shoulder white & stripe shirt, pleated/folded blazer, thick woolen shorts with suspenders to net stockings
worn with - blue thigh high socks, modified heel peep toes, multi pocketed bag, flower necklace, belt

Now, all together, say "aww, poor Tania". Now ask me why.
Since you asked, it's because, I've actually lost the lovely blue used for her socks :'( My shoe shaped pencil case is so full of my pens that occasionally I can't do it up. And now that lovely nom nom blue has gone missing. Entirely. So I mourn it's loss, and I hope you will join me for the memorial ceremony tomorrow morning :D

design - blue a-line with ripped knit grey overskirt, pink silk shirt, cream cropped blazer with mandarin collar and pink buckles
worn with - cutout heel stilletos 

Happy with this one. It sounds really big headed, but when I say I'm happy with something, I genuinely mean it. I only have a few I'm truly happy with, and I think this one could use a few more components, but I like it...

Back to vegetable patch digging tomorrow :D


  1. i like the first one :)
    and ADORE the second! soooo nice :D just like you
    *lusts for*
    i want to weear it!! its just, SO nice... so chic, as they say :P gorgeous shoes, and just a beautiful flattering stylish outfit :)
    wowww well done :)

  2. First ones socks, shoes, shorts and jacket are stunning! Wow to the Thursday outfit- I would love this- I really hope that when you make it in the big world of fashion i can afford to purchase some of your incredible creations! Hope you have a good week and i can see your followers creeping up whoopeee!
    ( Hope the weekend brings more rewards than just the veggie patch!)
    ( Not sure i can handle waiting to see the illustration!)
    fashion clocked

  3. amazing :) i love this skirt ( photo 2)

  4. your drawings are so cool. cartoon-y but technical.

    vist, leave your mark, follow?

  5. Those are all so cool. I wish i could sketch like that. but lets face it.......i cant draw. Excellent blog.


  6. Sorry for the loss of the perfect blue. I noticed that the blue of the socks overwhelms the outfit. But it's okay. Still a great illustration. I admire your talent :)

  7. Wow, your sketches are amazing!

    stop by if you get a chance ;)

  8. super shoes, so I'm definitely on

    Cool Blog

    Fallow me Adam,


  9. Hi! Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Your art looks great! Really good fashion rendering! Something I am NOT good with! Lol, I find it so hard wear to colour in shadows and highlights etc. Keep up the good work!


  10. Love your designs - they are wicked! Boo to hung parliament and losing blue pens! Yay for finding your nice blog! Ele from BORO x

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  13. Tania! I love these SO MUCH! That top one is my fave! Loving the make up too!