DESIGNS - Forest Dreams 3

And the final part.

design - off shoulder poncho like thing, low cut denim dungarees (so much fun rendering all the little stripy bits)
worn with - uber tights (without toes you might notice. Don't quite know how that works), arm warmers, peep toe high heels

My friend did the makeup for this one I think. She's more imaginative than me XD. Also, this one is not as foresty as all the others... kinda sticks out like a sore thumb.

please don't kill me. I know it's hideous. I know I can't design for men. I know my anatomy sucks. I know his face looks like someone's thrown a brick at his face. Lots of times. And trodden on it for extra measure. I know. I wish I could erase this, but I was forced into it. And also, why must manga ruin my art style :'(

design - v-neck shirt with printed lapels and sleeves, 3/4 sleeve green shirt, asymmetric shorts with inserts and netting hems.
worn with - idk what shoes to men wear? Imagine them... little pixie shoes like peter pan wears would go nicely.

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