Bathroom Rainbow

Really quick, an outfit I tried out yesterday. I was trying to figure out different ways of wearing my clothes, so this is a dress as a skirt and two shirts (with a belt)

Awesome pose, isn't it. That was actually me jumping off the sink while the camera was on self timer.... It's the only picture which actually shows the outfit.

Lovely shot of my bum. This is to show the awesome tiered/layered effect I made with the super long ribbons (which criss cross up the back when it's worn properly)

shirt (folded in half with my arm through both sleeves at once) -vintage, top - overworn hand me down, belt - gift, dress worn as skirt - made by my mum (back when she was about my age. Apparently turning the ribbons through took aaaages. I have no patience for such things though)

My hair is wet which is why it looks a bit funny. I much prefer this outfit to the granny one...

And yes, a bathroom is a wonderful place for photoshoots. I'll probably take my pictures in there more in future...

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