Lady Gaga - Controlling Monster

Another design for Lady Gaga, because I thought that doing only 1 would be a bit... out of place

This one's really simple. It's basically about the controlling aspect of gaming, and that's pretty much it.

The thigh pads are a lava lamp and one of those fake fish tank things. The shoes are just random. The wire going all around her is filled with liquid. That's pretty much all :)

Also, feel free not to comment on the Stretch Armstrong arm... it disturbs me too


  1. 77777777777777777777777777
    your drawing are great !
    Bravo Tania !

    A lot of people think my pants are harem style...I didn't think that way when i created it !...I've just made some trousers with a kind of skirt on ! ^^

    Thank you for your visit,
    GO ON , GO ON !

    Jean-Pierre MATTEI

  2. Oh my gosh...i reallly love what's in here!!! super lurv it!!! i hope you can make me something like this...

  3. thanks for the comment on my blog! I love this outfit very much!!! do you ever sew anything?? i recently learned to sew and i am now teaching myself how to sketch. if there is anything i want more to be when i grow up is a designer. is that what you want to do also?? if so, you have amazing sketches and you are a true inspiration to me!! xx

  4. Thank you all for the comments :)

    Jean-Pierre, I love the pants either way, and I've never thought of making a skirt and trousers together. I will have to use that idea (if you don't mind) x

    ushi sato: thank you ^^ I hope I can make something too, maybe for you :P

    Maia: I seriously love how you blog, and thank you so much. I am not much of a seamstress, but my mum is trying to teach me. Good luck and I hope you reach your dream, and yes, I have the same dream! If you want we could design together some day?

    1. you're talented. would love to have drawn by you. xx


  5. Wow! I would so wear those shoes, supercool!

  6. Thank you for the sweet comment. Yeah I have a thing for collecting sunglasses and nail polish. I actually have more pairs but didn't fit into the photo. I refuse to splurge on sunglasses though because they break, get lost, etc. So they're all pretty cheap LOL but love them anyway. Only a few are name brand or vintage. :)


  7. I like your designs, it's cool! Although i think you're right, kind of simple for Gagaloo! xD

    Thanks for passing by Tania
    Dimogonda blog

  8. whoa, I would wear said shoes in an instant. && you are an amazing artist, keep it up.

  9. That is so amazing! You are soo talented! I love the concept and I'm SURE she would too. The shoes are killer <3

  10. you illustrated this?
    im in shock- you're so talented! i would die to see her wear this.. those shoes are amazingggg!