DESIGNS - Blazer Rezalb

I've done it. I've reached 10 weeks. Actually 11, if you count the week I took off for the Lady Gaga pictures, but still, 10 weeks. That's roughly 3 months (though my calculations are rubbish so you might want to figure it out yourself) Thank you all for giving me all your love, it makes me smile every time. I'm actually kinda amazed at how kind everybody is ^^
Also, thank you for being so lovely about Olivia. I'm sure she feels very flattered, and says a great big Thank You for all the compliments!

This afternoon I had a bonding session with my mother. Actually, it was more slave labour, but since I opted into it I can't complain; we dug a vegetable patch :)
My mother has many ideas for our garden and house, including a bee hive, a vegetable patch, fruit trees (we used to have loads, but they all hated us and went and died so we don't get any more fresh plums, or apples, or damsons :( ) and multiple others (most of which my father says no to)
          But today we finally set about digging.
I've decided god must be near his period, as his mood swings appear to dictate the constant rain, sun, rain, sun arrangement we have here.
         So I'm writing this whilst on a break from digging. Because it's raining.

And in other news, I was an egotistical poser yesterday. Because some people said that I should take some pictures of myself, so I did so. I took about 30 pictures of myself wearing... well, what I wore for the day... So you can probably look forward (or not, as the case may be) pictures of me soon. If my parents allow me to... :S

I suppose this one failed slightly less than the last one. Though I kinda gave up and didn't colour the boots... or the trousers...
design - purple t-shirt, white short sleeved shirt, light blue waiscoat, dark grey cropped blazer with white lapels, knit waistband chinos
worn with - doc marten wannabe boots, fused glass cross necklace, motorbike helmet
Do you think he looks slightly... gay?

design - cropped trousers, blue t-shirt, cream blazer with visible red lining, blue piping and pink ruffles
worn with - fused glass necklace, printed cork heeled t-strap shoes, headband

^3^ I'm in the mood to put smileys on my blog :D
Just did some more work on the vegetable patch, sun is setting now so no more :( 

Thanks for reading 


  1. really cute drawings!

    thanks for the comment, hope you can come back and follow my blog!


  2. So funny- the vegetable patch!My mum loves growing all things that look 'cool' so forget green beans- hers are yellow
    no red tomatoes- black, yellow or striped!
    courgettes- hers are round! ha.... wish i was joking!
    Love the designs- possibly the mans cross makes him a little camp?? awesome helmet as an accessory too! xx

    would love you to call by. katie.xxx

    fashion clocked

  3. lulz i think its the ribbon

  4. Totally amazing drawings, as always!! And yes, the top one does look a tad gay, but that's not a bad thing!

    Yeah, God is pretty tempermental with his weather choices these days :/

    if you can could you please follow me? You've seen my blog, it isn't much yet but I could really use your support!


    Danke schon xxxx

  5. keep up the drawings! more more more!

  6. You have a very good design style, i really like them!

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  7. gorgeous illustrations :) :)
    thanks for the lovely comments ! :)
    glisters and blisters

  8. awww amazing drawings! the last one is cute <3

  9. Your drawings are cute!

  10. That is an amazing outfit. and your drawing is beautiful. How wonderful. Thanks!


  11. Very cute drawings. I think guys tend to look feminine without a lot of harsh lines and shadows.
    Love those blazers!

  12. hey, i been look at your blog and the drawings are amazing i love them (i am about the shoes)and i will be following

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