DESIGNS - Tally Ho!

Don't ask. Honestly, my friends are wierd. But she (the girl who suggested Tally Ho) said it made her think of posh and British, so here it is *shrug*
design - plain white top, high waisted pinstripe shorts, patched-up blazer
worn with - fail stripe socks, side-lace-up leather boots, awesome top hat (I wish I owned a top hat)

Just scanning the makeup now. Because I'm a bit lazy mebbe? And I mispelt socks about 3 times. Each time the exact same mistake

 design - double collared white shirt, cutaway waistcoat with long tails, pinstripe bermuda shorts, leggings with buttons
worn with - slipper heels, top hat headpiece, cane (just like Dr House :D )
There's actually glitter on the legging buttons. Took forever to get out of a tube from... about 10 years ago...
Simplistic makeup again

In other words, who watched the Oscars? And disagreed with Twilight being a "Horror" movie. But ah well, it's not my choice ¬¬ 

 design - green lined thick waisband pants, knit bodywarmer with roll neck, plain 3/4 sleeve shirt, half body warmer
worn with - modified heel heels.

Not too British this time. And way too green

 design - sleeveless shirt dress, waiscoat
worn with - blazer-style shoes with cuffs. The colours of the shoes went a bit off. 

 design - off-shoulder white top, high waisted fitted puffball type skirt
worn with - pearl necklaces, pinstripe belt, pearl ankle strap heels

 design - long sleeved scoop neck black shirt, chequered bloomers, short sleeved white coat
worn with - suit esque heels
The shorts remind me of Pizza Express. And I'm not the only one

Stuck all of these together - they used to all be individual posts (for each day) 


  1. i ADORE this week! its beautiful, so elegant!
    LOVE the weekend shoes!
    friday is just chicness to perfection :D
    love the waistcoat shoes :)
    oooh i just want to marry it all!

  2. i love this look

    i think your really talented
    and what pens/fineliners/felt tips do you use especially for the skin?