DESIGNS - Candy Shop 2

Ima gonna go shoutin' out about Candy Cakes now. Expensive. But so what. Too yummy to give a damn.

Went into London on Monday and had a good wander around Oxford Street, Carnaby and the Newburgh Quarter :B
For the first time in my life, I went into Liberty (a humun- humoungou-... let's just say HUGE) store (it's not actually that big, but it's awesome) which is primarily a clothes and fabric shop. It was a kinda overwhelming experience. I mean, the first floor, fine. A bit of designer stuff here and there, a wall of sunglasses, Mui Mui clutches and such. But you go up a floor and... A SHOE COLLECTION?!! (maybe it was 2 floors. I was too faint to remember...)
This is the wierdest thing. My mum sent me there, saying that if I was going to Carnaby Street, I should go to Liberty... she said it was a fabric store -love-
She didn't say it was quite this awesome. I mean, it had shelving units, each with different designers and stuff. I'm probably getting all O_o about something really not that amazing, but still :D
And up another floor or so, the fabric!!! They had fat quarters and chirimen, ribbons and bindings and lots and lots of beautiful fabric and wool. I am a craft obsessive, and if I wasn't trying to restrain myself I would have gone wild in that shop!

And the moral of the story is - if you have one near you, go to Liberty. Buy expensive fabric. Make a skirt. Or a dress. Wear it with pride.
Consumer Advice - if you are male, you may choose the option of not buying, making and wearing, due to the general flowery nature of the fabrics.

So, on with the show. Also, I'm lazy so I took no pictures of my trip. Except for a few shop windows... :S

design -  cropped t-shirt, cropped trousers with cutouts and braces (suspenders?
worn with - Mui Mui style collar, cutout high heels, charm bracelet, plastic box/bag

design - spaghetti strap high waisted polkadot minidress, puff sleeve shrug
worn with - sphere heeled platforms, multicoloured pearl necklaces and bracelets (and anklet), hair bow
 Oh my, how unusual. The makeup screwed up :D

Let's play a game :) (I sound so patronising. Or is it patronizing?)
If you can guess both of the sweets these are inspired by correctly, I'll.... think of a prize.... 

The first two (Monday & Tuesday) were Marshmallow and Lollipop. These two are a bit more obscure (it can also be ice-cream, chocolates etc, not just candy) 


  1. I love your designs ! <333
    Glad you have fun :D


  2. DANM you gave it away. i got so excited when i read "prize" haha. Did you end up getting anything at the store? which by the way, SO COOL!!! im angry u didnt take pictures!! grrrr.

  3. cute drawings! come check out mine sometimes :) xxx

  4. Very, very cute drawings! I love Libertys too. The sales assistants probably hate me because I love touching all the unaffordable goodies like Rick Owens. Ahhhh dreamy.

    Sketchbook is so awesome! Glad you loved it too, shame you didn't go downstairs but at least you got to go while it was still around. It was a great place to meet bloggers, so many milling around!

  5. Chocolate mint ice cream and bubble gum!

    Your designs are so wonderful! you're very talented :D

    Thank you so much for visiting xx
    ps. Dakota was annoying when she was younger, I agree! hahaha. she's so pretty and.. fashionable now tho. :D they grow up so fast...

  6. Hey Tania! I was happy to see a comment from someone new! Your blog is great. I love the second character's head/face so much. I love your designs too! Keep them up. You're 15? Keep doing this and you're going to go very, very far.

    I'll be back by! Don't be a stranger!

    Chelsea Kirchoff

  7. I am always inspired by each and every one of your designs. And your shoes are always fantastic.


  8. the shes in the first illustration r to die for...i like the asymmetrical cuts on both sides of the shoe..one has more and one less less... nice!


  9. Wow, the first design is really creative! Love the suspenders and crop top.
    And to answer your question, yes it can be fun being a twin, but most of the time we get on each others nerves because we have nothing in common! lol

    -Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo