DESIGNS - Snakes & Ladders 3

I've never been much of a gallery person. I'm still not, despite spending a whole day wandering around the Saatchi gallery in London, however awesome the exhibits were. I hope it wasn't the lack of clothes, as there were plenty of shops on teh way there, but I just didn't really enjoy myself - this had better not be me getting so obsessed with fashion that nothing else is good enough, but I think it might be.
The internet is my only friend :B

Well, not really.... I have.... one other friend. She's a cat though, not the best conversation...

I think I've found my mojo again, and I must say; the show must go on (do you think I reference too much on this blog, or are they all just passing you by?)

design - net dress worn over cycle shorts, denim bustier, elasticated cage skirt, lined blazer
worn with - knee socks, net knee socks, denim and tan leather ankle boots, choker
This is the one I said was inspired by a Topshop model, but now I look at it only the idea of pairing the net and the bustier was from there, possibly the blazer? I don't remember, but either way, I like this one. Along with the Friday Card Castles one this is my favourite/one I'm most pleased with. It's certainly the best of this week!

Oh look irritating dirty marks :(
design - v neck denim jumpsuit with lapels, stripy crop top
worn with - multi denim buckle heels, bracelets, snake headband and necklace

Not as nice, really, but it's okay. A friend wanted me to make the WHOLE jumpsuit that red colour :S I think I'm glad I didn't listen to her


  1. aww I'll be your internet friend! Hahahaha

    I love the cage-skirt-over-net-dress-over-cycle-shorts combo, its very clever and edgy :)

  2. Hello my lovely

    WOW- totally blown away with this i would kill for the cage skirt, shorts, socks everything you have whizzed up! Beautiful. Pleased to hear your mojo may be back.. as for the exhibitons I was always taught to be honest and to not pretend you like something/ be interested! The second design is a little Pam Hogg ish do you think??
    ( as for the fabric help... im okay but my degree was printed textiles and surface pattern design- a lot of printing, wallpapers and patterns!
    ( always hear to help lovely- will email soon) x

    katie.xx ( your internet friend!)

    fashion clocked

  3. wowwwwww... you're ameeerzin'!
    you know, i just have a feeling that you spent today with some truly awesome people...

  4. Nice drawings! Ahh this picture just reminds me of how much I want a cage skirt!
    The collar was €125, hope you get your hands on one, that season had the best prints I've seen :)

  5. great illustrations for great designs. I adore more the shoes :)

    I'm a follower of you now at google.

  6. wowwww yay 17 followers!! more every day!:D ooooh and guess what? i maybe have an another agency yay! =] happinessage :)

    no need for a name, i think you know who i am ;)

    p.s. oh and you are fantastic :)

  7. I like your illustrations. Very cute!

    I saw you liked "Clocked Fashion's" DIY Miu Miu heels - just thought I'd share my DIY Miu Miu tights with you: http://www.fvncy.com/2010/03/miu-miu.html


  8. I think it would have been better if you had listened to that friend of yours!

  9. Thankyou sooooo much for leaving me your blog address!
    I love it, totally following!!!!!
    Great job!

  10. Oh and Tania, do you have an e-mail address for contact?

  11. Wow!
    These are amazing!!

    I really like your Blog and that Pic from your Cat you posted before is soo cute :)
    I got one too ;)

    Well i am your next follower and i am sure you´re gonna reach 100 more in no Time ;))

  12. Woah you draw well! Im gonna keep tuning in now.

  13. Wow! you're so talented! I follow you!

  14. Great illustrations, awesome shoes in the second picture :)


  15. I'm in LOVE with your blog. (':

  16. wow I love your style of fashion illustration, very quirky and fun and feminine.

    I love the cage skirt in that first one, very cool!


  17. Incredible and insane cage skirt!