In The Past

You gave me some of your Smarties,
I had none to give to you
You just smiled saying
'That's what friends do'
Maybe next week we won't be friends
But I know it's not true
It's just because I took your Barbie
Cut her hair, lost her shoe
You'll be angry for a while
But tomorrow you'll realise
It looks much better like that.
So wipe those teary eyes.

Top left - Jaeger skirt (mum's), quilted waistcoat (mum's, went with her wedding dress. Ever so dated now though!)
Centre - GAP jeans, aran knit top (knitted by mum), crochet hat (by me :D )
Others - Next boots, 2 pairs of Dorothy Perkins tights, Joy dress, home crochet hat, duffel coat (used to be sister's)

I wore the third outfit to Olivia's 16th birthday party :D Thank you so much for inviting me!! We went to Winter Wonderland up in Hyde Park, it was magical. And I only fell over whilst ice skating once. Though none of the others fell over... Then back to her house for the actual party!
My dad liked my tights, I'm surprise because they're a bit more... risqué than I'd normally wear, and the dress is shorter (yeah, not too confident with short skirts)

Have a nice day!


Designs of Life

Do you ever wonder if your life is mapped out for you, and all you have to do is follow the line? Sometimes I think it would be so much easier if life were like that, and other times I just think it would be boring...
Sorry, just a random thought :) Anyways, so many things going on! I have Mock GCSEs starting Wednesday, Harry Potter 7.1 is out soon (I really don't know if I'll bother though... it's such a nothing happens book, so two films of nothing happens... hummm) and I really need to blog more! I have designs building up which I haven't even coloured, let alone scanned and adjusted...

design - fur collared maxi dress with patchwork/printed hems
worn with - high heeled geta sandals

Some of you may have noticed I accidentally named the previous two Tuesday and Thursday... It's supposed to be Wednesday and Thursday T^T

design - ivory and green insert dress with crossed back (simple straight front, if you can imagine it)
worn with - boater hat, heels
Don't even ask about the cake reference in these, it disappeared....