DESIGNS - Snakes & Ladders 2

Sadly I have to admit that I have got no further with my magazines - they are still strewn across the floor, and I am only half way through the 2008 pile. This is going to take a while....

design - strapless quilted asymmetric hem top, knit waist and hem shorts, high collar short sleeved shrug (thing)
worn with - triangle cutout platform wedges, sunglasses, knit band legwarmers
Rather manly yet again, I'm failing ever so slightly at drawing women. Eitehr way, I quite like this one apart from the colour scheme. It's confusing to explain what it is, so I hope the picture depicts it well enough
design - layered printed strapless top, origami printed skirt, cropped shirt
worn with - gladiator style boots, layered gold necklace (the snake :D)

Complete with over the top Elvis hair. The shoes have reasonable height! It's amazing!
About the print, I was trying to contrast the soft fabric of the top with geometric, hard prints, and the solid fabric of the skirt with soft flowers. But it doesn't show much...
And yes, sorry about the makeup, it kinda... disappeared.... it was rather subtle already though, I must say.

Thank you all for your encouragement and enthusiasm (two long words which make me sound very sophisticated), I'm getting my inspiration back now, but all of you, feel free to suggest anything you like; items of clothing you'd like, colour schemes, shoe ideas. This may be my blog but it really helps to have feedback (and thank you for it!)


  1. Two more super designs- i would kill for a snake necklace, origami skirt or the men's triangle wedges any day of the week!! It has been lovely chatting with you- i'm just going to head over and put you on my fav's list. Also going to tell my friend Zanah (mon mode blog)to check you out! xx katie


  2. i love love love your drawings! So cool! Makes your blog very interesting!


  3. Your draws are so cooool ! :D i love it.


  4. I would happily wear the second outfit the shoes are killer xoxo

  5. please remember me when you're famous

  6. Cute illustrations...I like how you emphasize on shoes ;)


  7. I really really love your designs! The shoes are particularily lovely, and I like the origami skirt :)

  8. one of my favorites by you :)

  9. great ilustrations! looove it!


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