I'm going away for a few days, and then it's holidays, so expect a bit of blanking and then constant blogging... I need to get Photoshop deperately, my trial just ran out :(

Bye then ^^



DESIGNS - Forest Dreams 1

design - asymmetric layered skirt, tank top with mesh insert, cropped flared t-shirt
worn with - arm warmers, boots with topstitched gaps
I want this hair. Well, maybe not....

design - 3/4 sleeve top, baggy tank top with waist tie, ruched asymmetric skirt
worn with - arm warmer(s), green knee highs, leafy boots, bracelet


DESIGNS - Radio Gaga

No, don't worry I didn't forget about uploading. I just decided that my layout was very irritating, so I am, from now on, going to be putting design pictures up in groups - maybe one per week, or two. Depends on my laziness.
So here is Radio Gaga (:D I love Queen)

design - front buckle up leather/PVC dress
worn with - mock lace up thigh high boots, plain black miniskirt (for modesty), arm warmers

design - halterneck jumpsuit with crossover front and cutout and buckles down legs
worn with - odd stripy knee highs, studded and pearled wedge heels (the large picture went a bit wrong), fingerless studded gloves
design - strapless minidress with cutout sides, formed of repeated gathering of fabric
worn with - knee highs, bracelet and necklace, leg warmers, tiered heels with transparent acrylic modified wedge heels and cutout
design - PVC/leather panel dress with cutout circles and neon PVC straps (the front panel turned out thinner than intended...)
worn with - two tone knee highs, white PVC boots with cutouts. The large shoe drawing failed again. It's because the paper's narrow so I try to squeeze it in (and fail)
design - colour-splatter minidress with stand collar and speaker-esque mesh panels
worn with - Geordi La Forge type visor (Star Trek XD), freaking awesome headphones, paint-splatter shes with rigid speaker inspired heels (from the back it looks a bit like two wheels and a gap in the middle, where you can see the sole of the foot)
design - 3/4 length pantsuit with rhinestones (seriously ugly. I don't like this one
worn with - extremely large platformed boots, beaten metal earrings

I stuck these all up at once, but I might end up doing them in 3's. If this layout if good I can change the old ones?


Hermes and Miu Miu

I'm perfectly aware that Hermes should have that irritating accent on it for authenticity, but it'll take way to long to put it on every time. So for conveniences sake I haven't bothered.

Miu Miu

I am not the first to say this, but by no means will I be the last - Miu Miu is Prada's little, toned down sister.
Decided to be less irritating and compile the pictures. They're all from Style.com , as usual. Now, to me, some of this is love and some of it it hate. 
Love - applique on black (shiny and prettyful) , bold colours, interesting hem lines (pretty solid looking. I wonder if they used wiring), shoes (because because), lace (yum)
Hate - makeup (half of them look drugged up, the rest of them are psycho looking) , the bows (they look like they're made of the stuff some slings are made of. Basically skin coloured foam... which is probably what they are made of), dresses over trousers (sometimes this is okay. But in some of these cases, which I haven't shown, it just reminds me of P.E lessons, wearing ultra short kilts over jogging bottoms. Not good), uber scoop neck with boob tubes (in some cases I wouldn't mind this, but I don't think it works for me in this case)
Despite my abundance of hates (there are more loves, I just am too lazy to list them) this collection works as a whole, so I guess the bits I dislike make it what it is. A quirky, suggestive, romantic runway.
But I still prefer the S/S 2010 collection


 It appears to me that somebody agrees with Tally Ho! Mr Gaultier, we think alike (eek, scary!)
I love this. I love smart clothes on women, and manly tailoring is one of my favourites. The first one is a bit of a joke. It's like CatWoman, and James Bond, squished into one, with the cool gadgets stolen away. If that makes sense.
But the rest of it is quite cool. Until you reach the fringed tiered skirts. Or anything to do with fringe. Then it was a joke again.
The leather was quite nice, at least when it wasn't all over. I like a little bit of leather on my women, you might say. A skirt here, a jacket there. But a whole body of leather is a bit... kinky.
Typical Gaultier, this whole collection screamed fetish-wear, but in a way that was wearable. It seems to me that Savile Row has just met Soho, but despite the overkill of leather in places, the tailoring is simple and smart. 
There may be lack of taste, but there is no lack of fun

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, in other news, Chloé. It was *drumroll* nude. As always. I've always liked their adverts in magazines, so much more down to earth than any others. But their clothes are also, a LOT more down to earth. A bit too earthy for my liking.



The Final McQueen

I'm so glad they actually showed it, I was worried I would never see it.
I love how the theme from S/S 2010 has almost continued, with geometric snake print and the vivid colours. The exquisite top, everything about it meshes together into one piece, but if you look close you see so much detail.
The awesome way in which McQueen manipulated the fabric, with origami folds and almost solid shapes, seems an extension of the previous season, and the royal red adds, well, regality to it. I see this a story of a life - it makes me think of a young woman who works around the palace, her boots practical but beautiful (and awesome) and her appearance impeccable. Very British, old fashioned even, so different to the modern extremes of the S/S.
The story I see in this one is of Japanese royalty in England. The kimono like bodice, with a thick belt, fuses the old and the new, and the flaring sleeves just emphasise the effect. Again the boots and rich red, this whole piece has a medieval feel (which is obviously what McQueen was aiming for)
 This is one of my favourites. Well, so are the others I've shown, but still. I love the feel of the yellow tones, and the asymmetry of both the hem and the shoulders. I'm guessing the prints are of cathedrals or something, as I can see stain glass window type things at the bottom. The fabric is so well manipulated, and the shoes match perfectly

I really need to write less and make these a less irritating... longness...


oscar gold mining

Dresses. Lots and lots of dresses. Lots and lots of pretty dresses. 
I really love the way everything touched the floor this year. And most of it had ruffles :) This is gorgeous, with the train and the layers and the almost messy look. And the fact that it's grey makes it extra hard to pull off, but Elizabeth Banks pulled off this Versace beauty very well thank you very much
You just have to look at Charlize Theron in this dress before you either 1) love it and want it or 2) think "ew misplaced genital boobs" Your choice
More beatiful ruffles, layers, asymmetry, trains and strapless dress with Demi Moore. I love this, it's Versace again and I wish it were mine. Even though I never wear nude. Or strapless. Or ruffled. See, that's how much I lust after it.
This is probably the brightest one I saw, but Maggie Gyllenhaal looks too cute in this printed Dries Van Noten number. Again, strapless, gathered and with a (tiny) train. The material looks quite rigid, strangely enough.
Don't you love Robert Downey Jr. With his sunglasses. And his tie. Honestly, love him. And her dress too. But I don't know much about it :(
Wearing Vera Wang, here is Mariska Hargitay. And she looks great. As in, awesome great. Ooh look, strapless with a train and gathering. Only black, which kinda swamps the detail :(
Sandra Bullock looked amazing. She's shiny. She's lacy. She's wearing Marchesa. She has flowers. And her dress reaches the floor. And has a train. OMG CLONES. Ethereal, beautiful clones. I love them all. Like they were my children (the dresses, not the people)

Successful year? I think so. I think so.


DESIGNS - Tally Ho!

Don't ask. Honestly, my friends are wierd. But she (the girl who suggested Tally Ho) said it made her think of posh and British, so here it is *shrug*
design - plain white top, high waisted pinstripe shorts, patched-up blazer
worn with - fail stripe socks, side-lace-up leather boots, awesome top hat (I wish I owned a top hat)

Just scanning the makeup now. Because I'm a bit lazy mebbe? And I mispelt socks about 3 times. Each time the exact same mistake

 design - double collared white shirt, cutaway waistcoat with long tails, pinstripe bermuda shorts, leggings with buttons
worn with - slipper heels, top hat headpiece, cane (just like Dr House :D )
There's actually glitter on the legging buttons. Took forever to get out of a tube from... about 10 years ago...
Simplistic makeup again

In other words, who watched the Oscars? And disagreed with Twilight being a "Horror" movie. But ah well, it's not my choice ¬¬ 

 design - green lined thick waisband pants, knit bodywarmer with roll neck, plain 3/4 sleeve shirt, half body warmer
worn with - modified heel heels.

Not too British this time. And way too green

 design - sleeveless shirt dress, waiscoat
worn with - blazer-style shoes with cuffs. The colours of the shoes went a bit off. 

 design - off-shoulder white top, high waisted fitted puffball type skirt
worn with - pearl necklaces, pinstripe belt, pearl ankle strap heels

 design - long sleeved scoop neck black shirt, chequered bloomers, short sleeved white coat
worn with - suit esque heels
The shorts remind me of Pizza Express. And I'm not the only one

Stuck all of these together - they used to all be individual posts (for each day) 


Japanese Designers

I have nothing against them. Honestly. To tell the truth, I love them - Japanese fashion has influenced me ever since I started - one of the ways I came across fashion was through Japanese anime and manga, and from there music. 
So I think I should make a post dedicated to their recent shows. I'm only showing Issey Miyake, Junya Watanabe and Yohji Yamamoto (as I wasn't very impressed by Tao's latest :( )

First up, Junya Watanabe - F/W 2010
I'm going to say the bad stuff first, then the good.
The hair. Honestly, I don't know who did it, but this
just reminds me of this

 And also the manliness. Some of the outfits, despite the flared hips, made the models look like men in disguise. Sorry, but I think it's true.

Much of the collection was gorgeous though. The use of khaki got a bit boring, but the shapes and cut of every outfit was wonderful!
I love this one - the knit jumper looks warm and cosy, but the skirt underneath makes the look airy and romantic - and again the khaki ^^
I like this. I don't know why, but I like the whole thing. The green messy cut thing, paired with a different tone poloneck, it just.... works for me. The clunky looking boots add to the military theme, but it still doesn't look violent. It reminds me more of a child at play, with muddy colours and oversized shoes, a hat shoved over unruly hair. Nostalgic
At this point we reached a serious khaki theme. The army prints contrasting with soft, flowing silhouettes, in dark colours. It's sort of surreal, with mismatched sources, the rigidity of violence fused with gentleness. 

Yohji Yamamoto
I liked this. A lot. Shirt dresses have been popular for a while now, but this takes it to a new level, almost eveningwear. The collection was mainly navy, black and cream, but it didn't seem to run out of ideas anywhere.
Another one to add to my list of coats I want. Shoulder pads may be fashionable, but hips like these take it somewhere else.
I don't know why, but I want this. The baggy trousers and suspenders thing. I could never wear it, but just owning it would make me a happy person :B It's quite a masculine look, but I think they pulled it off pretty well, and leaving the buttons undone makes it even more slouchy.
Pretty blue hair. And a pretty skirt. The asymmetry of it is not massive, but the diagonal pleats add a feel of movement to it. The net top is a pretty daring move, as it is simple and not embellished at all. It is simply a net top.
And the cream. This looks to me like somebody had made a beautiful strapless dress, added a double breasted jacket, and chopped the top off. A strange combination, but it works so well! It raises one question though - what do you wear over the top? Another jacket? 

Issey Miyake

I fell in love (again. I do this way too much with fashion) as soon as I saw the first picture.
JUst look at it. It's like, somebody has simply knitted the most wonderful, brightly coloured scarves in the world and thought "that's not enough". So what do they do? Stick them all together of course!
Is there no end to the awesomeness? Even the black bin bags posing as trousers look good!
Even when it all got a bit more sane I was in love. The pink details on this stand out so much, I think it would look equally awesome without the pink panelling. And those boots. They look like somebody has tied shinpads onto her legs with black string. Maybe it's just me. But I like.
Outerwear. Again, more on my coat list :) It's brown (good) it looks cosy (good) it has a big collar (good) it has pockets (good) it's amazing (good). So far, I can't score any bad points AT ALL. 

*pant* There. Finished. I can breath again. Life continues.

Also, sorry for any typos, mistakes and complete idiocy. It's just me.


DESIGNS - Apple Pie

Seriously behind on this. But I have a valid excuse! I was *cough*revising*cough* for GCSE maths modules (Wednesday) and I wanted to spend the rest of the day watching House (season 2 is sooo full of Hilson. It's hilarious) and Ouran High nonstop... Great excuse, sí?
design - smocked jumpsuit (I really want to make myself one of these before they go out of fashion) with red and green details
worn with - wedge sandals with crosscutout thing (goes all the way through), slouchy bag

I have a confession to make. I have an obsession with this colour scheme. I've done apple themed outfits quite a few times, I just love it so much ^^ If I could, I would probably make myself and entire wardrobe of simply white, green and red (with some rainbow thrown in) and happily wear it for a month before I discovered other colours.... So this week features A LOT of green and red. Obviously. Also, simplistic makeup this time. I was trying to make it look more fresh and innocent this week.

 I really need to figure out a better way of doing the makeup (photography makes is grey and I can't edit it well, scanning washes it out) so sorry about this one. And all the others.

design - sleeveless top with v-neck and woven lattice insert, bermuda shorts (I never get tired of them. They feature in week 4 too...) with woven lattice insert
worn with - knee socks, high heeled shoes with (yet again) lattice straps, multi-buckle bag (I'm really not a bag designer, so I know nothing of the terms)

Sorry again about the makeup. And also the freaky crotch. I wish my hair would do this.

design - off the shoulder minidress with layered scalloped hem with cutouts and cutout neckline
worn with -  coloured leather strips shoes with scalloped edge and uber high heels.

The heels I design are so unrealistic but it's much easier to design over the top when it comes to shoes. I don't go as over the top as some designers (e.g. Alexander McQueen) but they aren't the proper height really either...
This time the makeup is scanned then edited. It's more pixely and the contrast is a bit shifty, but there's no irritating greyness and rubbishy editing.

design - flared cut minidress with square cut neckline. Printed with apple pie recipe (I actually wrote it all out! There's a bit more really but that could go on the boots?)
worn with - wedge high heeled boots

Again scanning the makeup. I prefer doing this but when you zoom in it looks worse... hmm

design - one-shoulder sleeveless cocktail dress with slit down side and lattice insert
worn with - lace up high heeled leather strip "boots"

The colours are too bright in places and pale in others. Edited on my laptop so sorry if it's a bit garish.

design - Japanese lolita inspired maid dress with apple details. This is so cliché of me, as I have done this apple design about 3 times already. So this is basically re-drawing (though the shoes are new :) )
worn with - uber high heeled mary-janes with ankle straps

This is my favourite "collection" so far, mainly due to my love of smocking, and the colour scheme.... and the fact I'm happy with my drawings for once (legs are too long though)

Again, this used to be separate posts, I've stuck them all together which is why the comments probably seem a bit wierd.