Oh Fudge I'm Sorry

A complete lack of commitment has meant I have abandoned this blog D: I mean, 1 year of work and then BAM I forget. I'm sorry, I don't think I can keep it up. I find much of my time currently is taken up with (rather more important) things such as GCSEs, and you know I'm just making excuses but it's kinda true.
Things are all a bit hectic here, but if you (few people who read this) can put up with completely sporadic posts, you are welcome to continue reading. Again, I'm sorry, and I think I'll just stick all my year of fashion designs together and post it as one, to save the trouble of multiple posts :B

Best of luck to all the others of you who have exams, and here's a little picture for fun ^^

For all those of you who feel bad for not revising - :B This is my alternative. Half an hour worth of general brightly coloured procrastination.


The End of An Era

A bit late, but Happy Chinese New Year!

I am sad to say that today (Sunday the 6th of February) Basically marks the end of an era.

It has been 1 year since I started my Weekly Fashion Designs, and approximately a year since I started my blog (yay ^^)

In these 52 weeks I have achieved 26 weeks worth of fashion designs, which amounts to (give or take the weeks when I drew double, or only a few days worth) 156 designs.

So, to mark this occasion, I'm going to just hurry up and post the designs from weeks 18 onwards :) I haven't actually scanned past week 19...

design - striped bikini, halterneck top, asymmetric belt up draped skirt, multicoloured strappy wedges

design - asymmetric jersey romper, high heeled thigh highs
 design - high waisted shorts, off shoulder shirt, pinstripe waistcoat, long socks, lace up open toe heels, umbrella (ella, ella)
 design - yellow silk strapless dress with slit thight and chiffon overlayers (this was the original starting point for my art dress),
gold ankle strap heels

Don't worry, there's much more to come! I'll probably be uploading in half week/whole week chunks, so be prepared for spam :)


Jak, Jil and Jason - a short film

Sometimes we get so caught up in the fashion, in the clothes coming down the runway, that we forget the models. We forget all the work they put in, and most of all,when you see them walking towards you, so orderly and the same, we forget they are human too. They're real people, many of them teenagers, not robots.

And they're just as crazy as the rest of us ^^

I take no credit for anything in this blog post, except for the words... 


Feeling Sick

Of seeing me post pictures of Olivia? Then again, if you're sick of them, you're gonna be sick of pictures of my art!

I'm a noob at fashion photography, and I wish I had all the cool lighting equipment to make the pictures look pretty, but really it's just a bit of fun, which I like to spam you with :D



I did it. I read Molly Moon (books 1 and 2) and I have finished the other one I was reading :) It turned out really nicely, though one of the nicer guys went a bit crazy :( And lots of people died (not in Molly Moon. Na, in The Magician's Apprentice)

In other news, I have finished my Mock art thingymabob, so I think you should have a look ^^

It was a boring little ivory underdress, with some coloured "cutouts" and a nice yellow zip. The teacher said it didn't fit the theme "Layers" enough, so I've added some lovely bias voile and a lace sort of waistcoat. Worn with bare feet, and my £5 (down from £16) Peacocks heels. They are so comfy, and a lovely sturdy heel.
The final picture is just to show you the makeup - I was going for an elf-fairy feel, thus freckles, wild hair and blue/green eyes (too subtle though!)


Let it... Rain???

I have cravings.
That makes it sound like I'm pregnant, or really want to eat. But no. My craving are for a book.
I was reading a book. I nice book, one I've never read before, interesting, I like the others by the author. But I had a craving.
For Molly Moon.
So I have spent the best part of 3 hours fulfilling this craving. I am going to continue in a moment.

tailored cropped trousers, long knit cardi, smocked bustier, PVC hooded cape
hideous shoes, broing socks, lazy armwarmers, umbrella
fluffy lined toggle winter jacket - this was going to be navy, but I didn't own a navy pen at the time. Imagine it mainly dark rich blue, with the circles being white blobs, the shoulders the same colour. And the fur ivory white
lined snow boots, thigh high socks


Let Me Know, Let Me Go

I've rather taken to giving up on blog titles, so if you read something completely random, don't worry about it!

Now, I am so far behind on these that I'm afraid to say I'm going to spam. Or skip a few. But probably spam. So prepare yourself for lots of posts this few weeks, sorry!

design - halterneck jumpsuit, strapless bikini
worn with - gladiator heels, bangle, painted wood necklace, pink diamond and crystal ring

Proud of this one :B 
design - argyle cropped knit jumper, crossover high waisted skirt with suspenders
worn with - brown net stockings and suspenders, quiver of bows, arrow, white suede stiletto boots

Thank you for looking, please feel free to insult any parts you dislike (I dislike the first one because it's not at all Noughts and Crosses related. And her wig looks awful!)


Happy New Year

Virtual Champagne, toasting to a year yet to pass. It may be good, it may be bad, it may be absolutely terrible, or completely amazing.
Whatever way your New Year has started (hungover), whatever way your last one ended (drunk), whatever way you plan to carry on (come on, New Year's Resolutions!) I wish you the best, and I know that whoever you are, wherever you are, if you try your best this year, you can get what you want (unless it's a private jet. That might take a few years...).

So, what's your New Year's Resolution? And how long will you keep it up?
Mine is to learn 5 new Japanese Kanji a day, draw a new design EVERY day (I have missed SO many. When the 1 year anniversary comes, I hope to have at least 26 weeks - half a year :S ) and to cook more. Really.

So, best of luck, and most of all, Keep Smiling :D


Tic Tac Toe Two

When applying liquid eyeliner, I find it best to hold it at an angle, flat against my skin, and press, rather than draw a line. So press move press move press move.
This is because I have unsteady hands, but it always makes a nice line. It's fatter this way too :D

So, a HUGE MERRY CHRISTMAS to everybody who celebrates, and to everybody else and including, Happy New Year (because it's unlikely I'll blog before then...)
Drawn in the height of summer, in a boiling hot classroom. What am I like?
design - shearling aviator jacket with oversized collar and stitch and leather belt details, lace and cotton dress
worn with - thigh high boots

design - patent purple leather trousers with quilted details, gold chain and red fabric top
worn with - clog like things, leather and mesh clutch

Thank you for looking! Please, feel free to be rude :) It makes me better


Here and There

'One day I will be too old to push my house up this hill. But that day will not come for a very long- '
Old Jingle
One day, I may tire of blogging, of fashion. I may simply grow up and realise that designing is not for me, photography should just stay away. So I'd better just make the most of it now and simply say this

Thank you to everybody who supports me, compliments me, insults me, helps me, follows me, encourages me, and in general cares. Because without you, maybe I would have tired, grown up, realised long ago. So thank you for keeping my dream alive!

When I reach 100 followers I'll try my best to do a giveaway... since that might take a while, I'll have plenty of time to plan what I'll give :B

design - halterneck crossover top, high waisted skirt
worn with - heart bracelet, strappy heels

 design - tweed cropped jacket, high waisted pencil-bubble skirt
worn with - leather strap heels, miniature handbag

Please note the dates on these drawings... the 23-24 of August. I'm sorry! I'm just behind! And I've barely designed, I only have 4 weeks after these, despite it being 2 months!