DESIGNS - Candy Shop 1

I have a confession. I've been slacking. As in, seriously slacking. Today is Friday, right? (well, here at least) I finished Monday on... Wednesday. And Tuesday today. This makes it sound way more awesome than it is (I have time travel y'know :B) but yeah, I'm gonna try harder. I mean, I'm usually behind, but not that far. About a day or so.

Elongated head much?
design - cut shoulder minidress with layered hem and belt, worn over netting off-shouder tank, over purple cap sleeved turtleneck
worn with - marshallow mod-heel platforms with ankle strap

Bright colours much? There was a colour scheme... aaaand, whoops, it's gone *shrug*
design - denim and cotton dress with sweetheart insert, slashed sleeves and contrast godet hem. The whirligig thing is an origami structure with a large gem in the middle. It failed a bit. Well, a lot...
worn with - wooden heeled cutout boots

I just want to say a massive thank you to everybody who commented recently (and to those of you who now follow me ^^ ), I'm sorry that I can't comment back to each and every one of you!
I hope that you all like this style, despite seeing the Lady Gaga art first. This is primarily my style as it is quick and easy, so I can do one a day (unlike the Gaga art, which took 2 days. When I say 2 days I mean I could have done it in 3 hours but I procrastinate). My previous art is all in this style (though if you go through in order you can watch it change. Namely the legs get shorter because my friends complained it was too unrealistic.

Honestly, it's Fashion dahling

And lucky you, you get an extra picture:
 I wish I were there. With that hair. And that fabric
 <3 Hermes


  1. Love everything here. The last picture with the ribbon intertwining with the braid is so pretty(and in style).

  2. AHA HERMES I REMEMBER THAT PIC :D well i sent that pic ;D

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