Game Over for Lady Gaga

An outfit for Lady Gaga.

I was inspired by her Telephone music video, and the abundance of crazy yet awesome outfits, to create my own.
I thought to myself - Telephone, next Videophone, and then.... Video Game :D Yeah, really rubbish train of thought. I actually made that up, because the real inspiration was an Aero easter egg I got from my friend. I just kinda... stuck it on her head and it made me think of Yoshi's eggs (from Super Mario). Thus, gaming.

Description -
  • The hat is inspired by Yoshi, but I also thought of it a bit like the headpiece Sumomo (a robot) has in Chobits - wires go in and out, and have different uses. The three wires coming from her arm into her head are the three - red, yellow and white - that you get for plugging things into a TV.
  • The glasses and text across the body are supposed to be a bit like those machines which are a black screen with red scrolling text, like you can get for the back of your car. The eyes change, e.g. blinking, angry. The other text just scrolls. Symbolise lack of emotion, they are fake, however hard we try to give them emotion.
  • The belts across the body symbolise control, how a videogame character has no free will
  • transparent skirt and bodice represent the way again that they are controlled, and we can see everything they do.
  • barbed wire and "stapled on" shoe (ew) depict the way in which we do not care about how hurt a character becomes, we can always "respawn" at the closest save point. The medical box in her hand links to this, the way healing is easy - just get a medcal box and zap, you're fine. Health is measured in numbers or a bar, which is not so in real life (Sadly. Healing people would be so much easier if all you had to do was find a little box with a red cross on it)
  • The second shoe is just for fun. It is again "stapled" on, and has jet thrusters :D
  • Wires and controller are to show the electrical, controlled side - this is a human being, manipulated for our gain, with an on/off button and wiring.
Just wrote an essay. Sorry... It's fun drawing in only 2 colours. More coming soon


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  2. I love this! You are one of the most talented people I've seen on the internet in a long time.


  3. i adoooore the orangey dress
    makeitmakeitmakeit :DDDDDDDDDD