DESIGNS - Radio Gaga

No, don't worry I didn't forget about uploading. I just decided that my layout was very irritating, so I am, from now on, going to be putting design pictures up in groups - maybe one per week, or two. Depends on my laziness.
So here is Radio Gaga (:D I love Queen)

design - front buckle up leather/PVC dress
worn with - mock lace up thigh high boots, plain black miniskirt (for modesty), arm warmers

design - halterneck jumpsuit with crossover front and cutout and buckles down legs
worn with - odd stripy knee highs, studded and pearled wedge heels (the large picture went a bit wrong), fingerless studded gloves
design - strapless minidress with cutout sides, formed of repeated gathering of fabric
worn with - knee highs, bracelet and necklace, leg warmers, tiered heels with transparent acrylic modified wedge heels and cutout
design - PVC/leather panel dress with cutout circles and neon PVC straps (the front panel turned out thinner than intended...)
worn with - two tone knee highs, white PVC boots with cutouts. The large shoe drawing failed again. It's because the paper's narrow so I try to squeeze it in (and fail)
design - colour-splatter minidress with stand collar and speaker-esque mesh panels
worn with - Geordi La Forge type visor (Star Trek XD), freaking awesome headphones, paint-splatter shes with rigid speaker inspired heels (from the back it looks a bit like two wheels and a gap in the middle, where you can see the sole of the foot)
design - 3/4 length pantsuit with rhinestones (seriously ugly. I don't like this one
worn with - extremely large platformed boots, beaten metal earrings

I stuck these all up at once, but I might end up doing them in 3's. If this layout if good I can change the old ones?

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