Oh Fudge I'm Sorry

A complete lack of commitment has meant I have abandoned this blog D: I mean, 1 year of work and then BAM I forget. I'm sorry, I don't think I can keep it up. I find much of my time currently is taken up with (rather more important) things such as GCSEs, and you know I'm just making excuses but it's kinda true.
Things are all a bit hectic here, but if you (few people who read this) can put up with completely sporadic posts, you are welcome to continue reading. Again, I'm sorry, and I think I'll just stick all my year of fashion designs together and post it as one, to save the trouble of multiple posts :B

Best of luck to all the others of you who have exams, and here's a little picture for fun ^^

For all those of you who feel bad for not revising - :B This is my alternative. Half an hour worth of general brightly coloured procrastination.