DESIGNS - Alexander McQueen Tribute

I felt that I had to do something to honour him. And though my artwork will never reach the awesomeness that his did, I feel this is a good way to show it.
 design - A.McQ esque dress, bloomers
worn with - oversized hat, "Armadillo shoes"
The legs are a tiny bit distorted.... And the drawing is a bit of a failure

I felt that this first one was too much like his work, not enough MY tribute as a copy. So I re-did it and came up with this;

design - halterneck shirt with zip up turtleneck, oversize bloomers
worn with - neon blue tights, oversized hat with feather, "Armadillo" boots, multiple bangles

Better makeup this time. I prefer this one.

design - ultra short pleated skirt with bat wing sleeves and ultra low plunge neck collar with straps, bloomers
worn with - "armadillo" shoes with matching tights, netting hat

The lack of eyebrows and hair colour is intentional. The dirty smudge by the eye makeup is not. That's going to get on my nerves forever :(

 design - gold lame minidress with lace up details
worn with - fish inspired high heel platforms

Lazy editing is lazy. And the lighting in which I took the makeup photos was awful. I might re-take/re-edit some day.
I'm starting to mix up days in my head. I think it's still Tuesday

Sorry I can't do McQueen's work justice  

Used to be multiple posts, now only 1, thus strange writing

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