DESIGNS - Doufe Banana

Here you have it - Doufe Banana Monday, day 1 of week 1 of year 1 of- you get the message. 
This is probably my least favourite of the Doufe Bananas, but it was my first one so I wasn't yet in the stream of things I think. I'm going to try to blog every day, with the previous week's designs, but I might do multiple on one day (rarely)

Photoshop is not happy with my Windows 7, so I edited these online. I'll change the pictures when I get PS working. Also, no scanner at this point, so I had to use a camera. Thus butchered colours. And extreme rubbish editing was needed :(

Thank you for looking ^^


The design - mid-thigh length minidress with wide shaped waistband, asymmetric collar and asymmetric Chinese-esque frog fastenings.

Worn with - beaten metal diamond shaped earrings, tan leather heeled calf boots, bangles 

I'm ahead :) It's Half Term break for me now, one week, so I should be up to date every day... Hopefully, I will manage to upload Friday's on Thursday (because I'm not here then) but otherwise, all is good.

I was totally forgetful and didn't mention anything about the origins of all of this. Basically, I had an epiphany last Monday night, while I was in my kitchen cooking chicken kiev. I just suddenly realised how much I wanted to become a fashion designer (especially for Comme Des Garcons or Lacoste ^^ colour = love) (British spelling = British person)
After that I spent quite a few minutes dancing around the kitchen singing and being very very happy. So my February Resolution was to do this:

  • design at least  one outfit a day
  • theme the outfits each week
  • sign and date them all
So this is what I've tried to do :B

Thank you for looking

Design - Roman/Greek inspired white shift dress with layered fabric strip neckband and belt.

Worn with - platform shoes with coloured ankle straps to match, fabric bangle mess, ring

Butchered eye makeup. It was my least favourite of the makeup, but still. 

design - shirt dress with puffball hem and 1/2 length sleeves
worn with - calf socks, matching bag, star earrings, peep toe Mary Janes with ankle strap

Got hold of a scanner now, so the quality should be better. Unfortunately it kills the makeup colours so they are photographs (stuck on with my awesome Photoshop skills) so sorry about the quality in places

And yet again, I was forgetful. The name Doufe Banana is the theme for Week 1. It came from me sitting in a Biology lesson with a friend. I asked her to name any object and she said Banana. Not long before she had been talking to me about a new French word she and a friend had made up; Doufe. It apparently meant stupid, idiot, dumb, dufus etc, so tis simply and insult word. 
So technically, this week is called Stupid Banana. But Doufe sounds so much more sophisticated. Savvy? 

A friend did the makeup for this one, so it's a different style to mine :)
I feel a bit like I'm talking to myself with all this posting. But everybody has to start somewhere ^^
design - low waisted bermuda shorts, inconspicuous yellow shirt, knit bat sleeved polo neck crop thing (very precise term that is)
worn with - plenty of bangles, brogue-esque high heels (sort of), slouchy messenger bag

design - oversized t-shirt with front patch pocket
worn with - purple trim leg warmers, purple trim high heels (with wooden effect heel and sole), bead necklaces and locket

Makeup colours screwed up. Otherwise it's fine.
 Haven't been blogging, I've been too busy sewing. Happy London Fashion Week (I probably won't blog much about it, back to school now :( )
I am sooo sick of yellow now... Seriously, I'm gonna go crazy if I see much more of it

 Just a wee bit late with this one.

design - sleeveless shirt with OTT collar and cutout back, pleated skirt, crazy hanging hoop belt with multiple suspenders, bermuda length cycling shorts
worn with - lime green socks, skater-esque heels, netting arm warmers and face net

Sorry about the fail of the makeup. And of my whole attempt at Haute Couture. I prefer sticking to RTW... 

Used to be multiple posts, now compiled into one, so the comments I write might be a bit wierd. 


  1. are these your designs?


  2. all designs are mine, but may be inspired (very heavily D: ) by other designers. I try to say when I reference/get inspiration