Just a Spoonful Of Sugar

And rather a lot more. Because I don't think one spoonful is enough for a whole cake. Unless it were a ladle... That might suffice, though it depends on the cake.
In a completely un-fashion related note, flour free cakes. I ADORE these. My mother makes this amazing one from a Green & Blacks book (I think it's Nigella?) which consists almost solely of almonds, satsumas and Green & Blacks Maya Gold chocolate. Give or take a little.
Another one of my favourites is vanilla almond cake. I'm sure it has a proper name. I'm certain it has more ingredients. But it's made with almonds, and vanilla.
The best thing about said almond based cakes is just that - it doesn't have flour. I don't know what's so wrong with flour, but everybody seems to be singing the praises of flour free cooking, so I may as well do so too!
These cakes, most certainly don't have flour;

design - multicoloured jump suit with ruching and ruffles
worn with - cake hat, multicoloured mod heels, cuff

design - 'lolita' style layered dress
worn with - striped socks, platform stilhettos, miniature hat accessory


Still Figuring Out

Well, I seem to have made a grave mistake. So, please forgive me as I make ammends;

I never wished you all the best in your new year! If you're returning to school, good luck, especially if you have exams! This applies to uni too! (Although you probably haven't started, lucky!)
If you are returning to work, let's hope this year is better than the last!
And if you're just... existing... have a fun existance :D (patronizing much?)

That done, I'd like to open up to questions. I get asked questions every now and then, and if you have anything you'd like me to answer, I'll make an (Un)FAQ page for answers. It could be anything, whether about my designs, what I eat for breakfast or my favourite TV programme, I'm happy to answer! (Though nothing too intimate. After all the best part of life is finding out about people as you get to know them. Not knowing it all in advance!)

And thus, I manage to break a woman's arm, extrude her legs to disturbing proportions and WTF HOW LONG IS THAT NECK (prepare for longer later!)
design - top with triple neckline and cutout back (different necks - halterneck, one racerback/halter cross, one just kinda, wraps around the arms...), skirt with asymmetric ruff hem, and 3D detail (the yellow things)
worn with - armwarmers, modified wedge heels with spaghetti straps

design - spaghetti strap dress with ruched sides, central drape and split front (This is the sort of piece I would love to just make, just to see how it would actually act on a catwalk...)
worn with - 'Support me please' shoes (My name for my shoes which feature a toothpick holding up any part of it. Don't ask why, it's just simpler than saying "peep toe heels with ruffled ankle strap and wooden vertical thingy")

In other news (sorry if there's a lot to process :S), it's coming up to my birthday and I'm planning on getting a dressmaker's dummy. It'll be for my mother too, so probably needs to be adjustable/come with padding for easy changes, and I'm wondering if anybody can suggest something ^^ Thanks!

Cheerio. Pip pip. I'll be back soon :)


Someone Saved My Life Tonight

I'm sorry about that. But I'm sure you're sick of titles like "Designs - Shall We Dance" which should you desire could be the title of this current post. But for the sake of common decency I shall present you with a more acceptable, completely unrelated title. Because I want to :P

Today's topic is Emoticons.
They are strange things. They are, in our mind, faces. But in the mind of people who are completely unable to see pictures in clouds and such, what are they? Simply lines and dots, letters and punctuation. Why do we use them? There was once a time when one could articulate what they meant quite plainly, without the need for a :'( to show sadness, a ;P for a flirt.
But past the facade (without an accent, sorry), are they really a falsity, reaffirming to people "yes i'm happy see :D" when outside of our internet world, we are incapable of hiding behind screen and text.
I'm happy to hear views, but you all know that my true aim is for you to all tell me your favourite smileys, so that I can steal them and use them for my own.

design - high waisted shorts with ruffled sides and dungarees front, layered shirts
worn with - leg warmers, high heeled ballet shoes

 design - layered ball gown with asymmetric bodice and sleeves
worn with - white leather wedge boots

Truly. Deeply. Thankful.