Tic Tac Toe Two

When applying liquid eyeliner, I find it best to hold it at an angle, flat against my skin, and press, rather than draw a line. So press move press move press move.
This is because I have unsteady hands, but it always makes a nice line. It's fatter this way too :D

So, a HUGE MERRY CHRISTMAS to everybody who celebrates, and to everybody else and including, Happy New Year (because it's unlikely I'll blog before then...)
Drawn in the height of summer, in a boiling hot classroom. What am I like?
design - shearling aviator jacket with oversized collar and stitch and leather belt details, lace and cotton dress
worn with - thigh high boots

design - patent purple leather trousers with quilted details, gold chain and red fabric top
worn with - clog like things, leather and mesh clutch

Thank you for looking! Please, feel free to be rude :) It makes me better


Here and There

'One day I will be too old to push my house up this hill. But that day will not come for a very long- '
Old Jingle
One day, I may tire of blogging, of fashion. I may simply grow up and realise that designing is not for me, photography should just stay away. So I'd better just make the most of it now and simply say this

Thank you to everybody who supports me, compliments me, insults me, helps me, follows me, encourages me, and in general cares. Because without you, maybe I would have tired, grown up, realised long ago. So thank you for keeping my dream alive!

When I reach 100 followers I'll try my best to do a giveaway... since that might take a while, I'll have plenty of time to plan what I'll give :B

design - halterneck crossover top, high waisted skirt
worn with - heart bracelet, strappy heels

 design - tweed cropped jacket, high waisted pencil-bubble skirt
worn with - leather strap heels, miniature handbag

Please note the dates on these drawings... the 23-24 of August. I'm sorry! I'm just behind! And I've barely designed, I only have 4 weeks after these, despite it being 2 months! 


In The Past

You gave me some of your Smarties,
I had none to give to you
You just smiled saying
'That's what friends do'
Maybe next week we won't be friends
But I know it's not true
It's just because I took your Barbie
Cut her hair, lost her shoe
You'll be angry for a while
But tomorrow you'll realise
It looks much better like that.
So wipe those teary eyes.

Top left - Jaeger skirt (mum's), quilted waistcoat (mum's, went with her wedding dress. Ever so dated now though!)
Centre - GAP jeans, aran knit top (knitted by mum), crochet hat (by me :D )
Others - Next boots, 2 pairs of Dorothy Perkins tights, Joy dress, home crochet hat, duffel coat (used to be sister's)

I wore the third outfit to Olivia's 16th birthday party :D Thank you so much for inviting me!! We went to Winter Wonderland up in Hyde Park, it was magical. And I only fell over whilst ice skating once. Though none of the others fell over... Then back to her house for the actual party!
My dad liked my tights, I'm surprise because they're a bit more... risqué than I'd normally wear, and the dress is shorter (yeah, not too confident with short skirts)

Have a nice day!


Designs of Life

Do you ever wonder if your life is mapped out for you, and all you have to do is follow the line? Sometimes I think it would be so much easier if life were like that, and other times I just think it would be boring...
Sorry, just a random thought :) Anyways, so many things going on! I have Mock GCSEs starting Wednesday, Harry Potter 7.1 is out soon (I really don't know if I'll bother though... it's such a nothing happens book, so two films of nothing happens... hummm) and I really need to blog more! I have designs building up which I haven't even coloured, let alone scanned and adjusted...

design - fur collared maxi dress with patchwork/printed hems
worn with - high heeled geta sandals

Some of you may have noticed I accidentally named the previous two Tuesday and Thursday... It's supposed to be Wednesday and Thursday T^T

design - ivory and green insert dress with crossed back (simple straight front, if you can imagine it)
worn with - boater hat, heels
Don't even ask about the cake reference in these, it disappeared....


Geo BC-102 = nonsense?

Well, busy week. I’m SOOO sorry about not blogging, I’m sure nobody has missed me but I still feel bad :S It’s been half term holidays – one week off school, in which I was supposed to revise for my Mock GCSEs…
But I didn’t, was a bit busy trying to finish of a manga for a competition (never again! They are really labour intensive, and the end result was just like “bleh. Well, at least it’s over…”) so revising is down the plughole. I’m a crammer (as I’ve said) so it should be fine… D: I hope!
  • But, Friday I went into London (Oxford Street & Carnaby for LIBERTY!) with Olivia (again). Because I desperately needed to get a present for below mentioned birthday. And Uniqlo jeans. They are gorgeous! £30 of skinny stretchy denim :D Spent WAY too much though L Hoping my madre will reimburse for the jeans… Here is a picture of Olivia, with my partly sewn mouse ears :B
  • Then Saturday was my sister’s birthday (18!!!) so all very nice, party In which the above ears were used :D As part of my Minnie Mouse outfit (sorry, no pictures, maybe later?) It was a fictional characters fancy dress party, we had some pretty awesome things – Thunderbirds (well, Scott….), Powerpuff Girls, Pikachu :P
  • And then Sunday was LONDON MCM EXPO. If you do not know of this, it means you probably aren’t a geek or fangirl/boy. It is pretty much our ONLY proper geek expo, MovieComicsManga, at the Excel Centre, from Friday to Sunday. No dressing up for me, but it is FULL of cosplayers. Being surrounded by StormTroopers is pretty freaky, but worse when one singles you out! I am now one of the Empire though :D And Alien dribbling on you…and the amazing people who have uber DDR skills!
And now to the MAIN part (sorry, monologue). Didn’t spend too much, but my main purchase was this;

I’ve wanted some for ages, so when I saw the stall today, they were MINE! I got the cheapest ones, because I wanted to try out before I actually paid any more. So I thought I would review them for you.

Nicely sealed in a bottle, you can buy them individually or in pairs. There are lots of varieties, just search for GEO, or Circle Lenses, and you’ll find billions of them. These cost me £12, and £5 for the extras because I’m useless and don’t have contact lens fluid (I use disposables usually…) The £12 is actually pretty good, because these can last for a whole year! But maybe £5 was a bit… much… If you wanted just the one, it would have been £8 (for these ones)

Comparing my eyes, you can see that they not only make the iris larger, they are also brown. The ones I bought are GEO BC-102, Magic Circle 14mm. Cross eyed much? The camera was too close to my face... :S
These are actually immensely comfortable. I thought that being large, they would be uncomfortable, but they are no worse than my usual lenses. They also are quite subtle (sort of) blending in with my blue eyes quite well, despite being brown.

As you can see, the difference, although only a millimetre or two, is quite dramatic! With darker eye colours the change will probably be less obvious, although if you are going from brown to bright blue, that's going to show up!
 P.S This is not my normal facial expression. And top lighting is bad for me... I'm not as pretty as Olivia :P

Thanks for reading!
Please, tell me if you liked this, because I can do more reviews, of makeup and such!

Also, if you wish to buy any, be careful! There are lots of shifty sellers, and there is a reason they are illegal in the US. Although there are risks, they are not much more than with normal lenses, and as a wearer usually I know how to care for them (although I use daily disposable, I have seen my parents wash theirs many times). If you plan on buying, make sure it is a reliable brand - GEO, EOS and Tutti are the main ones I know of (and even may be owned by eachother, it's a bit unclear!)
Most of all, have fun!

EDIT - I wore them to school for a virtually a whole day (although I removed between break and lunch, because I did not want to go over the recommended 8 hours) and I can successfully say, these are incredibly comfortable! I kept on forgetting I had them in, and then would get worried I had lost one because I couldn't feel it :P 
Also, if you do get them, be prepared to spend the first day with people leaning really close and staring at you. It's wierd, but fun! And brush up on your knowledge, they're going to ask questions! If you have any, just ask and I can reply when I comment on your blog!


Cats Versus Dogs

I have a cat. I have never owned a cat. I've had two cats in my lifetime. I used to be scared of dogs.
But, for some reason, I have about 10 dog soft toys. No cats. There must be some logic behind this all, but the conclusion I've come to is that cat toys look more.. evil... or just a bit creepy. Thus, dog toys :)

Please, ignore the neck length! I don't know what happened, but this week lots of them turned out a bit... stretched... in the leg too
design - high waisted toffee chocolate pinstripe shorts, pinstripe waiscoat, layered shirt
worn with - tri-strap heels

design - paper bag waist cropped trousers, dip dye bustier (but with straps...)
worn with - cupcake shoes, green socks, cake bag

Thanks for looking!



I'm too young to get nostalgic, you might say. But things change too fast. I remember days when you could be 12 and perfectly happy in your body, no need for makeup, no need for fashion. I remember back when you could buy chocolate spread sandwiches at school. I remember when people who are alive weren't, people who aren't, were.
I remember the Pink Elephant ride at Chessington, from a 3 year old's eyes. I remember the red folder I was given before I started primary school - I remember drawing, writing, reading it. I remember when I had two cats, not one. I remember my Grandad.
I remember so many things which aren't, so many things that I wish still were. But it's not going to happen.

But I also don't remember. Things I know I should. Things I wish I could - I wish I could remember dressmaking classes at school, being taught how to sew by my grandmother, the days when the average hair height was at least 4 inches. But I can't, because as far as I'm concerned, those days never were. They aren't part of me. And they never will be. Because there aren't dressmaking classes at school. My grandmother died long before I was born. Hair is now a customary few centimetres.
Things that were. But aren't. And may never be.

This is from Olivia and I early Summer. They don't say it's official yet, but we know it's Winter. It smells of winter. It feels like winter. It's cold, it's wet and miserable. But I don't have to wear a coat to school yet, so maybe not.

Can you tell I love colours?
Olivia's clothes, my sunglasses :D


Just a Spoonful Of Sugar

And rather a lot more. Because I don't think one spoonful is enough for a whole cake. Unless it were a ladle... That might suffice, though it depends on the cake.
In a completely un-fashion related note, flour free cakes. I ADORE these. My mother makes this amazing one from a Green & Blacks book (I think it's Nigella?) which consists almost solely of almonds, satsumas and Green & Blacks Maya Gold chocolate. Give or take a little.
Another one of my favourites is vanilla almond cake. I'm sure it has a proper name. I'm certain it has more ingredients. But it's made with almonds, and vanilla.
The best thing about said almond based cakes is just that - it doesn't have flour. I don't know what's so wrong with flour, but everybody seems to be singing the praises of flour free cooking, so I may as well do so too!
These cakes, most certainly don't have flour;

design - multicoloured jump suit with ruching and ruffles
worn with - cake hat, multicoloured mod heels, cuff

design - 'lolita' style layered dress
worn with - striped socks, platform stilhettos, miniature hat accessory


Still Figuring Out

Well, I seem to have made a grave mistake. So, please forgive me as I make ammends;

I never wished you all the best in your new year! If you're returning to school, good luck, especially if you have exams! This applies to uni too! (Although you probably haven't started, lucky!)
If you are returning to work, let's hope this year is better than the last!
And if you're just... existing... have a fun existance :D (patronizing much?)

That done, I'd like to open up to questions. I get asked questions every now and then, and if you have anything you'd like me to answer, I'll make an (Un)FAQ page for answers. It could be anything, whether about my designs, what I eat for breakfast or my favourite TV programme, I'm happy to answer! (Though nothing too intimate. After all the best part of life is finding out about people as you get to know them. Not knowing it all in advance!)

And thus, I manage to break a woman's arm, extrude her legs to disturbing proportions and WTF HOW LONG IS THAT NECK (prepare for longer later!)
design - top with triple neckline and cutout back (different necks - halterneck, one racerback/halter cross, one just kinda, wraps around the arms...), skirt with asymmetric ruff hem, and 3D detail (the yellow things)
worn with - armwarmers, modified wedge heels with spaghetti straps

design - spaghetti strap dress with ruched sides, central drape and split front (This is the sort of piece I would love to just make, just to see how it would actually act on a catwalk...)
worn with - 'Support me please' shoes (My name for my shoes which feature a toothpick holding up any part of it. Don't ask why, it's just simpler than saying "peep toe heels with ruffled ankle strap and wooden vertical thingy")

In other news (sorry if there's a lot to process :S), it's coming up to my birthday and I'm planning on getting a dressmaker's dummy. It'll be for my mother too, so probably needs to be adjustable/come with padding for easy changes, and I'm wondering if anybody can suggest something ^^ Thanks!

Cheerio. Pip pip. I'll be back soon :)


Someone Saved My Life Tonight

I'm sorry about that. But I'm sure you're sick of titles like "Designs - Shall We Dance" which should you desire could be the title of this current post. But for the sake of common decency I shall present you with a more acceptable, completely unrelated title. Because I want to :P

Today's topic is Emoticons.
They are strange things. They are, in our mind, faces. But in the mind of people who are completely unable to see pictures in clouds and such, what are they? Simply lines and dots, letters and punctuation. Why do we use them? There was once a time when one could articulate what they meant quite plainly, without the need for a :'( to show sadness, a ;P for a flirt.
But past the facade (without an accent, sorry), are they really a falsity, reaffirming to people "yes i'm happy see :D" when outside of our internet world, we are incapable of hiding behind screen and text.
I'm happy to hear views, but you all know that my true aim is for you to all tell me your favourite smileys, so that I can steal them and use them for my own.

design - high waisted shorts with ruffled sides and dungarees front, layered shirts
worn with - leg warmers, high heeled ballet shoes

 design - layered ball gown with asymmetric bodice and sleeves
worn with - white leather wedge boots

Truly. Deeply. Thankful.


Farewell, and Wild Child 3

Well then, this is it, I'm heading out tomorrow. I might be a while.
I wasn't going to give you any pictures. Because I was too lazy to get off my darn arse and edit them :B But anyway.
This is the first year I've had a dilemma packing. Okay, I have one every year, but this one is worse. Normally it's "I don't have enough t-shirts! I only have 3 pairs of shorts! My sandals rub :("
This year it's "I don't have enough knickers (because you wanted to know)! How many shorts am I allowed? WHAT??!? You expect me to cut my shoe ration down to 3? :'( I'll carry them in hand luggage if you want!" which I think tells you a lot about how I've changed in the past year. I haven't really obtained lots of new stuff as rather, found them anew, or realised new ways of combining... makeup is a problem too! How on earth do women pack makeup? I've never had this problem before, back when a stick of coverup was all I needed/wanted...

design - frog fastened blouse, shorts with printed patch pockets
worn with - net socks, trainer socks, green patent heels

design - short sleeve bear and snake hoodie, poloneck sleeveless top, leggings
worn with - ankle socks, canvas and leather heels
This is a lot like my old old designs. I might show you some day. I first got into fashion through anime and manga, which went on to Japanese singers, idols and eventually fashion. I still love Japanese fashion, with all the genres you can find in the Harajuku district, and the fact that they can look so darn cute in pyjama suits! I used to have (and kinda still do) a "dream" of learning Japanese, setting up a little boutique out in Tokyo, and making and selling my own cute designs. But my style has developed, and I've discovered that just designing cute hoodies isn't enough... I think I'll draw up those old designs though, into my new style... maybe for week 18 (yup, behind on uploading)


Designs - Wild Child 2

Please excuse the previous monologue post, I felt a need to rant. That's over now, but you may have to prepare for more as I'm heading up to London again (no tube this time though :D).
How is everybody's holiday (though I'm sure many are away currently, or back to work ): )
I'll be away soon, I'll try to blog once more before I leave (on Wednesday)
I've been rather lazy, as in the first week of the holidays Olivia (yup, again) came around and we took, again, rather too many pictures :S But I haven't even started editing them yet! I'll try to do so before I leave...
design - high waisted contrast shorts, lace up cropped top
worn with - bangles, leather and stud wedges (at the right is the t-strap of the shoes)

giraffe print mid-calf stretch skirt, net cutout shirt, draped cropped top
worn with - white leather studded biker boots, bangles

Hope you like it :)
Have a nice holiday!


Tube Talk (tales and tutorials)

If you've ever been in London, chances are you've been in the London Underground
image from londontravelogue.wordpress.com
Ah, that's not to bad. But that's when it's empty.
Which is any time from, say, 12 til 5. At night. So not when you need the tube...

So I thought I would make...
Tania's Guide to Tubes
In which she will guide you through rails, etiquette, and sweat patches.

Although the London Tube seems confusing, it really isn't. You just have to know where you're going and where you are.
Look at that. Confusing, right?
But if you think about it, it isn't. I've lived in London (well, Greater London) all my life. I've been to about... 20 of those destinations. So really, relax.
Here is a little sample story. Because people like sample stories, right?
I'm a 22 year old single woman. Attractive (obviously). And I'm about to go to a friend's 23rd Birthday Party. Thus I am dolled up, as little baggage as possible, and I only know a little about London.
Thankfully, you can get little Tube Maps which are small enough to fit into a clutch bag, so here I am, nose pressed against it (oh dear I'm getting my face powder on it :S) because the font is so darn teeny that I can just make out the words "Transport for London" before I need my magnifying glass. Okay, not true, the text is pretty clear as long as you are younger than 45 and your eyesight isn't failing you yet.
I live in West Wickham, so I took the National Rail to Charing X (for those not in the know, this is Londoner for Cross. Because we're lazy).
But now, my party is in a restaurant just off Baker Street, before we head back to the lovely lady's house in Kensington.

First things first, prepare well.
Tubes are hot, sweaty and smelly. This is a party, so it's likely to be in the evening. Rush hour, to be precise. Thankfully everybody is heading in the opposite direction to you, out of London. Well, mostly.

HYGIENE (why does that look spelt wrong?)
So, deodorant/anti-perspirant. You want a good one, which advertises as "EXTREME" and the sad thing is, men's stuff is usually advertised as such. Which you don't want. So go hunting.
Once you've found that great deodorant, you'll want a travel bottle. Of perfume too, if that's your thing (if so, virtually scentless deo is probably better, unless you like the smell of J'adore mixed with Aloe Vera body spray).
Apply liberally before dressing.

This is a difficult one. Tubes have horrible lighting, so if you are planning on meeting any prospective boyfriends on them, you're going to need the right makeup. If you just want to look good for your evening out, it's still difficult. 
As I said they are hot and sweaty. And you will be too, because unless you spray deodorant on your face (which you can feel free to do) you're bound to perspire a little. 
Foundation, I have found (well, I use tinted moisturiser but still) is probably not the best idea, unless you have a good mousse one - these tend to be less apt to run than liquid (haven't tried any of that solid-liquid stuff yet). Also, keep it light, you're going to want to touch up when you reach your destination.
Eye makeup you can pretty much do what you want, but I'm not sure about the merits of mascara and gel eyeliner in such situations, I haven't tried.
Lipstick. I (although I am an attractive 22 year old) don't wear this, so experiment. Or just put it on later. I'd recommend using lip balm though, my lips get really chapped on tubes :(

This is going to go wrong. There is mucho wind in a tube station, as the tubes go past. So you'll want a travel hairbrush, and to use mousse or hairspray before hand. Toothbrushes are actually very useful for brushing down flyaway hairs (and also useful if you're so smashed you have to stay the night in Kensington) 

Please please please don't wear those beautiful Louboutins. I know you'd look stupid walking through the station wearing little fold up pumps with your fab LBD (or LWD for summer), but for the journey they are so much better. I can't tell you the number of times people have trodden on, stuck their briefcase on, their SUITCASE on my foot. And I couldn't bear your beautiful heels snapping or getting scuffed because of some BEASTLY business man who will never see the true merits of nice shoes. By all means take them along, but remember you are going on escalators. And if you lose a heel down that gap, you ain't ever gettin' it back. Also, seeing as I'm going back to Kensington, I'm going to have to walk a little.

Now we're nicely prepared, (and don't forget your pepper spray and rape alarm :D) and in Charing Cross. Sometimes Charing Cross is a very irritating place. Because you have to saunter out of the station and down to Embankment to get the tube. But luckily you need the Bakerloo, so you can go from Charing Cross. You should always buy a travel card, because the chances of you not wanting a tube or bus as well as a train is unlikely.

Northbound or Southbound. Always essential to know, you don't want to end up going backwards, do you? See, if I ended up at Waterloo, I'd've gone wrong. So I'm heading up, to Baker Street.

Tube platforms are boiling hot, but if you stand near the door you get a good draught. If you want a seat, heading to the far ends of the platform gives you more of a chance.

  • Let people out, before getting in. Greedy and anxious to get home as we are, you'll hate it yourself when you're trying to get off, and somebody is pushing themselves on.
  • Old people. We don't respect them enough any more, but please, give them your seat. This is where it helps not to be wearing those heels, because standing is almost certain. Pregnant people too. Many a business man is too wrapped up in his Blackberry and newspaper to even look up, let alone give up their seat. (I know, I'm gender picking here)
  • Seats on tubes are often in twos. It sounds wierd, but generally there is a single door, 6 seats on each side, a double door, 6 and then a single door. And those 6 seats are made up of 3 double seats, meaning the fabric the seat is made out of and the foamy stuff underneath is not individual, it spreads to the second seat. So bouncing up and down, though fun, actually means the person beside you does a little bob too. Fine, until they turn on you.
  • Holding onto the bars. There are ceiling ones and then vertical ones. Now, I know, it's much comfier holding the vertical ones, but please, if it's full, let the little people hold them.
  • Horizontal bars. These are death traps. If you are any shorter than 5'5", your face WILL be in another person's armpit. Sorry about that. But you can console yourself with the fact that your armpits are lovely and sweat free, so nobody is suffering at your hands. Unless your chest is- yeah, you get the idea.
  • Getting off. Again, they should let you off. And, I know you'd like to be polite, but saying excuse me doesn't cut it when you're trying to get to the door. Accommpanied with a little pushing, people usually understand. Usually.
Getting out, follow the signs. And I've hit the escalator. This. Is. Why. I. Dislike. Tourists.
They don't know that you SHOULD ALWAYS STAND ON THE RIGHT. So that people can walk up the left. Bugs me to no end. I think guidebooks are usually quite good at telling them about this though.

And the ticket barriers. If it rejects your ticket, please, don't just try again. And again. And again.
Just go to one of the nice people who'll let you through. They wear navy fleeces and high vis jackets.

Tadaa. You're there. Now to find the restaurant, a toilet, touch up makeup, redo hair, check sweat patches, reapply deodorant, change shoes, give somebody on the staff your other shoes to look after and then come out looking as though you never went through all that agro.
Easy as pie.

Now, as for the Kensington part, this is what I have to say - the only tube from Baker Street to Kensington is the Circle, in which case you will go a long way around to get not very far away. So you can simply walk to another tube station. Or take a bus (travelcard :D).

So, don't get het up about travelling around London. It's a complicated place, I live live here and whenever I go into London I take an A-Z. You'll need one, unless you're just planning on going somewhere simple, like Trafalgar Square (if you can't manage this without using an A-Z, I pity you. Just go to London Bridge, exit, and follow the pigeons. Or the signs. Or the amassing tourists.
Unless you've never been to London before. In which case I forgive you.

Monologue essay epic. Sorry about that.

PS. If you were wondering, the party was great. As was the barkeeep ;P
PPS. I'm not 22, from West Wickham, attractive, in possession of a pair of Louboutins, or in possession of a friend from Kensington. Nor an A-Z. It's my sister's.
PPPS - If you can afford it, take a taxi. For such a special event, it's always better to feel comfortable in cost than cruddy in cheapness.


Designs - Wild Child

How do you sleep? Apparently how you sleep affects/shows your personality... Right then, I sleep curled up on my side, usually around a teddy or soft toy.
Therefore I am... shy, keen on confined spaces and... looking for a man to hug?
If I lie on my back I am confident, capable and open with my emotions
If I lie on my front I...
I have a squished face. And I'm very scared of society.

design - minidress with animal print inserts, knit cuff shorts, 3/4 sleeve knit and cotton bolero
worn with - knit cuff shoes

As you can tell, I made that all up. It's just, the art of fortune telling and all that jazz are a bit confounding to my little messy haired head, and I can't seem to convince myself that it is real, or that it is fake. Althoug I'm very dubious of palmistry. Apparently I'm going to die and then come back to life, have 2 children and then 1 (maybe 2 husbands?) and be very poor... :S

I'd rather dislike having blue hair. And scary eye makeup. And green lips. (Not my colour choices, I assure you)
design - multi strap cropped shirt, belted wraparound skirt with multicoloured leopard print
worn with - net thigh high socks, t-strap heels

Toy Story 3. Adorable. Scary. Brilliant. Watch it ^^
I was quite proud of myself - I am part of the true Toy Story generation. Lots of the children in the cinema must have been about, 6? That means they must have watched the films on DVD after they came out. I was basically the right age when Toy Story came out, so have seen each one in the cinema. :B Though I did feel a bit... old... when everybody around me was either an adult or under 10. 
I cried. In the film, that is. Not because I felt old.


I just got an email...

From fashionising.com
I'm sure many of you are subscribed to their emails, they're helpful things for those of use too lazy to browse their website every day (because there's always something new)
But this time I spotted something special
I am proud to say that I was WAY ahead of this trend. In fact, I think it might just be my doing :B NAUT (gah, watched Borat. So awful :S )
Back when I was in year 8 (oh so long ago... ahem... 2 years) I was a priest in "Oh What a Lovely War". In my school we have a "Performing Arts Festival" where each class from year 7-9 (that's 15 in total) make a 15 minute production, which must contain singing, live music, acting and dancing. And back then my form did "Oh What a Lovely War".
And I was a dancing stripper priest.
:) Thankfully, I have no pictures.
Unthankfully, they are on the school system :( For everyone to see my hairy legs as I "danced" (read: swung my legs a la... a la can can?) surrounded by germans and brits and beautiful young women (you won't understand any of this. And I'm giving you WAY too much information. Sorry :S
And, coming to the sock garters - I had to wear my form tutor's (D: wierd) sock garters. It was that or stockings and suspenders...

Anyway, thank you for listening, and now have a video
This is The Row, and it's MaryKate and Ashley's fashion line. It's very old, I assure you I'll get newer stuff soon!
I just like the whole essence, the whole "clothes on, strip, change, shoes, change, strip" process. That makes me sound shifty...
Thanks for looking!


Designs - Bobbing Along 3

Tomorrow will be my last day of school, before six weeks of holiday.
Thus, if I have 6 weeks of time to do stuff, I'm open for suggestions. Particularly if you live in London.
So, are there any sights I have yet to see, shops I need to browse, magazines I need to read, foods I need to eat?
I've actually got a plan, which is a bit confusing, but I'm planning on making a doll, thus I won't have all 6 weeks (minus time abroads it's more like... 4 weeks?). If you want, I can update you, as it may take over my designing in some ways (I feel so bad about not doing much, but I am doing some this week). So, tell me if you care, and if you don't just say "nooo, we don't want to see your fugly attempt at sculpting" :B

 design - scoop neck halterneck lifering dress, puff sleeved cropped blouse
worn with - knee high socks, patent toe heels

design - pleated skirt, off the shoulder two layer shirt, sailor collar
worn with - modified heel semi boots

Watching Sky 1 currently (Malcom in the Middle is like... nostalgia from the wrong country...) and the woman who says what's up next has a really nice accent. I don't know what it is...


Designs - Bobbing Along 2

My cat had some teeth out. And has stitches in her belly. And shaved knees. I call her "shin pads" now. She looks so cute.
I have an excuse for my inactivity, but it's such a lame excuse I may as well not say it. Oh, okay, you've convinced me. I've been embroidering. Trying to finish off a stich chart I've been making.
Oh, okay, I'll tell the truth. Well, the rest of the truth. Because I have been embroidering.
But no, it's actually because of Hayley and her husband. And Strawberry and Lemon and Blueberry. And Michelle and Michael.
It's my Sims. I am ashamed. It's just, I finally got round to putting Sims 2 on my laptop. And now I have an addiction.

design - multi striped layered ribbon dress, sheer spaghetti top
worn with - bangles, sandal boots (oh so with it, aren't I?)

design - Grecian style dress with blue edged front panel
worn with - ankle ribboned heels, blue gemstone necklace

Bonus news. Last day at work experience. I've come away with a "part time job" of sorts. So all is good. But I forgot to show my designs :( They are difficult to carry in such a small bag as I took, so I just left them... :( Maybe when I go back?


Designs - Bobbing Along

Working is scary. It is daunting. I have been given a smidge of authority and now I am breaking down, knees knocking quietly. I am supposed to write a letter, which will be sent out to various designers (including House of Holland :P). THat much I can manage. It's the fact that I don't know how to set it out. Why have I been sent these images?! Why is there a space for the address when I haven't been given one?!
I'm scared.

design - high waisted bloomers, cropped plunge neck t-shirt, sheer fabric bubble trench coat
worn with - leg warmers, bow shoes, uber long arms

design - asymmetric bishop sleeve top, high waisted layered skirt with porthole net cutout
worn with - plaited bracelet, net leg warmers, open toe wedges, net and fabric dip dyed bag

Still thinking of how to magically drop my folder and go "oh dear, I dropped my sketches" so that they all see them ;P
Na, I don't think I'll bother. Maybe discretely ask somebody?...


Summer is coming

It has been for a while.
If you, like me, are a Londoner, you would have been shocked by the unexpected rain a few days ago (and probably worried that the sun would leave us!)
But despite the temporary glitch, all is well.
I still walk to school each morning, blissful lin the sun.
And walk back again each afternoon, backpack nicely stuch to my back with sweat, feet swollen beyond recognition and I must admit, I've pretty much given up on shoes.

But what does this all entail, my stories of sports days and summer exams and swimming pools and home grown strawberries (:D)

It brings CLOTHES!!!
Now, I'm miles behind. By now, all of you will have your stock of bikinis, maxidresses, shorts and sandal boots.
But anyways, I think you are entitled to have my favourites shoved down your throats, trend setting or not!

Tania's Guide to (a rather non) High Street Summer 2010

Maxi Dresses
Republic - £26.99
I am glad to say, the maxidress will be everywhere. Sling it over a swimming costume, pair it with some snazzy clogs, wear it to the races, what ever you choose, these things are great! (And as long as they aren't jersey, they can cover up those lumps and bumps oh so nicely!)

Double Denim
If you have good eyes you can tell where these come from
You might say it's a bit early for double denim. You might say it's a bit late. Either way, denim is not the best summer material - it's thick, it doesn't breath excellently, and it stays wet for hours. But either way, double denim is still good for me. You could take cues from Stella McCartney and her front buttoned denim skirts, or buy a playsuit or dungarees (though I have done NONE of those things)


Both swimsuits are by Melissa Odabash

In swimsuits recently I've seen a huge amount of cutouts, and bright colours. Impracticle sequins appear to be popular on these too...


If you really can't tell, this is Chanel.
 For a nice high street version, Topshop has some rather nice ones :P

You've seen them all over the catwalks, bt I have yet to see a person wearing them well (exculding online). I don't quite see why, seeing as they are rather amazing. On top of that, CHANEL TATTOOS!!!

Right, I'm going to have to cut this blog short. So I can't go on to talk about shorts, tops, makeup, hair, more shoes, resort (which I have actually BARELY seen) and lots more :( I think this is partially because I only started this blog in February, at which point the A/W shows were on... so I never really followed the S/S properly (*ashamed face*)

But, to end
I went shopping. I bought two dresses (one of which I wore to own clothes day today, oblivious of Quite How Seethrough It Was) and some shoes. I finally have some gladiators :) I wore them and they were ever so startlingly comfortable!
Oh oh oh! How could I forget?! For the next two weeks I'm going to the Fashion Capital head office for work experience. I'll be with a friend, and I'm hoping for a good time! Smart casual dress code, maybe I can do something with it...