DESIGNS - Snakes & Ladders 3

I've never been much of a gallery person. I'm still not, despite spending a whole day wandering around the Saatchi gallery in London, however awesome the exhibits were. I hope it wasn't the lack of clothes, as there were plenty of shops on teh way there, but I just didn't really enjoy myself - this had better not be me getting so obsessed with fashion that nothing else is good enough, but I think it might be.
The internet is my only friend :B

Well, not really.... I have.... one other friend. She's a cat though, not the best conversation...

I think I've found my mojo again, and I must say; the show must go on (do you think I reference too much on this blog, or are they all just passing you by?)

design - net dress worn over cycle shorts, denim bustier, elasticated cage skirt, lined blazer
worn with - knee socks, net knee socks, denim and tan leather ankle boots, choker
This is the one I said was inspired by a Topshop model, but now I look at it only the idea of pairing the net and the bustier was from there, possibly the blazer? I don't remember, but either way, I like this one. Along with the Friday Card Castles one this is my favourite/one I'm most pleased with. It's certainly the best of this week!

Oh look irritating dirty marks :(
design - v neck denim jumpsuit with lapels, stripy crop top
worn with - multi denim buckle heels, bracelets, snake headband and necklace

Not as nice, really, but it's okay. A friend wanted me to make the WHOLE jumpsuit that red colour :S I think I'm glad I didn't listen to her


DESIGNS - Snakes & Ladders 2

Sadly I have to admit that I have got no further with my magazines - they are still strewn across the floor, and I am only half way through the 2008 pile. This is going to take a while....

design - strapless quilted asymmetric hem top, knit waist and hem shorts, high collar short sleeved shrug (thing)
worn with - triangle cutout platform wedges, sunglasses, knit band legwarmers
Rather manly yet again, I'm failing ever so slightly at drawing women. Eitehr way, I quite like this one apart from the colour scheme. It's confusing to explain what it is, so I hope the picture depicts it well enough
design - layered printed strapless top, origami printed skirt, cropped shirt
worn with - gladiator style boots, layered gold necklace (the snake :D)

Complete with over the top Elvis hair. The shoes have reasonable height! It's amazing!
About the print, I was trying to contrast the soft fabric of the top with geometric, hard prints, and the solid fabric of the skirt with soft flowers. But it doesn't show much...
And yes, sorry about the makeup, it kinda... disappeared.... it was rather subtle already though, I must say.

Thank you all for your encouragement and enthusiasm (two long words which make me sound very sophisticated), I'm getting my inspiration back now, but all of you, feel free to suggest anything you like; items of clothing you'd like, colour schemes, shoe ideas. This may be my blog but it really helps to have feedback (and thank you for it!)


DESIGNS - Snakes and Ladders (and spam)

It may sound very strange,  but I find blogging from a laptop oddly impractical. It may be because I am entirely inept when it comes to using that fiddly little touch pad, which zooms in when you want to scroll and highlights extremely unhelpful times (particularly when you are just about to hit the delete button). I do, in fact, blog from a laptop, but I have it plugged into a monitor, with a mouse and keyboard too. Thus, problem solved. But currently I am sitting on the floor of my conservatory (I would like to inform you that the wasp actually managed to escape by itself!) surrounded by Style magazines.
More of that later, now I want to spam my designs before I continue.

design - Balenciaga S/S inspired (heavily) dress with sheer windows (bright blue), ripped&cut cropped white jeans with turn-ups
worn with - double layer straw hat,  blue chiffon scarf, ohdearmiumiuagainandisthatchanelisee clog-esque boots

All I can really say is, welcome to a week of drag. I came up with the theme myself, in a bout of complete lack of inspiration, and plainly, it was a bad idea. Holidays are bad for me, without my "muses" (yes, I have two :D ) and friends to tell me when something needs changing. I don't usually sit back and look at my art when I do it, I just plough on with it. Must change. So yeah. They all look a bit... manly.... and the colour schemes aren't the best. However many colours I own, I always think I need more!

 design - lightweight silk slash neck dress with gradient hem, v-neck cage dress (bunching up the dress under)
worn with - translucent window armlet, heels with stepped boot bits (I have no idea what to call them!)

As I said, a week of men. Dressed as women. Badly. I think I'm proud of maybe one design from this week, and it's the one which is inspired by a look from another shop (Topshop maybe?) so it mostly isn't mine... 

Also, nobody guessed the last two candy ones, probably because they're British sweets? The first one was strawberry laces (I think somebody suggested twizzlers, which I think are the American version?) and the second one was flying saucers. These are a rather vile creation, which consist of what I can only describe as styrofoam mixed with cardboard (with absolutely no taste) with sherbet powder inside. I'm one of the people who break them in half, pour out the powder and bin the cardboard.

Look nice, don't they. IT'S A TRICK!

Boop de boop

Now as I said, I'm sitting in my conservatory, surrounded my Style magazines. Style is the Sunday Times fashion mag, and it's one of my lifelines. Every Sunday I wake up and go downstairs and get my bowl of Cheerios (because I eat Cheerios at the weekend. But not in the week because they're too sugary) and sit down at the table and steal the Style magazine from whoever is reading it.
It's not the most high class fashion magazine I'm sure, but it does me well. Not enough adverts I must say, and the ones in it seem to be mainly for M&S and Agent Provocateur. 

I have a very large collection of these.
I'm rather ashamed to admit, I don't have every single one from the past, but each of these piles is a different year. On the left, 2010 (every single one since Feb 2nd) the second 2009, and the third 2008. 
I find it rather nostalgic, but a little strange, reading through the 2008 ones and thinking "I'm sure that was 2009" as I remember them all so vividly! 2008 was back before I really cared about fashion much (though it was still interesting, and I still wanted a fashion career and such) so they were kept simply for my mother to go through and rip out the food sections (not that she ever makes anything from them)

So I have been productive. 

I started like this;
With an ever so comfortable cushion, my drawing pad, ipod and stacks of magazines (this is actually before I went and got all the 2008-9 ones from the garage), scissors, scrap book and mounting squares (which have been used... once... I think.... no, maybe not, they're unopened)

I'm doing this a rather unorthodox way, but basically I'm going through (from 2008 upwards) cutting out everything I like or think I'll ever want to use, and then sticking it in ordered piles aroundme

This is what I ended up with by the end of the first night. That evening I went and got the magazines from the garage - what I had been doing was going through the previously ripped out junk...

Very productive. Hanging paper strips for cat toys. On her head.

Anyways, all this uneccessary spamage amounts to one thing - mood boards and inspiration (so hopefully better art). That is, when I can be bothered.

Well done for reaching the end of that rather lengthy post. If you skipped it all and just looked at the pictures, you're just like me!


DESIGNS - Candy Shop 3

Do you ever have times whe somebody moans at you so incessantly that you cave and give in? And when you do, they suddenly realise how wrong they were, and that you should do "this" instead of "that" (despite them reccommending the latter too).
That's fine, as long as I don't spend too much money or time on it (like today). The girl I'm talking about, who is currently stalking my blog, knows who she is :)

Moan over (because this really isn't a complaints forum), designs coming ^^

design - layered fringe and fabric skirt, fringe v-neck with straps
worn with - headband, wonky braid (I never actually realised that. Shows how much attention I pay!), cutout and laced wedges

My sister says I shouldn't have used blue (she suggested the colour scheme) but I think it works. What about you? (I can take insults, don't worry :) )

design - PVC hooped skirt over bubble skirt, hoop busted zip up top with spaghetti straps
worn with - modified peep toe heels with ankle THING, awesome summer hat (I know next to NOTHING about hats... trilby, straw, sombero, beret, ummmm.... yeah, hat)
That PacMan like thing is a zip up plastic bubble, which can store a variety of bits and bobs. Following the minibag trend (fashionable and I don't usually mix. Skinny belts you say? I'm wearing my fat ones now :D )

 Anyways,  ♥Mimi guessed right about the last two - Wednesday was Choco chip mint icecream, and Thursday was bubblegum, hundreds and thousands, gobstoppers (anything rainbow spheres)
And her prize is... *drumroll* nothing. Sorry, but I actually have nothing to give (unless you want me to draw/design for a certain theme of :S Not the best prize, but my wardrobe full of awesomeness to give away is sadly depleted. Read: non existent)

So, who can guess these ones?

There's a tennis club behind my house, and I can hear them talking. I think it's encouragment, but all I can hear is the coach saying "Moron". Sounds a bit like the seagulls in Finding Nemo...

There is a wasp buzzing around at the glass roof of the conservatory. It's sad, I can hear it getting weaker, but there's nothing I can do :( Maybe a broom will work, I don't want it to die (and go all shrivelled and crunchy until one day we find it behind a cushion or under the coffee table... D: )


Push Me Pull Me

I've decided to prevent inactivity by doing something WILD. Blogging about fashion. I mean, I don't blog about fashion, I shove my designs down your throats and expect you to like them. Sorry :S

I confess, my lack of blogging is entirely down to not having bothered to scan any of my designs... D: I'm getting lazier by the minute!
So maybe I could actually go and blog for a bit? Just a suggestion, but I think it might work!

Do you ever have those times when you hate something, but then you come back to it a bit later and find out that it's one of those "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?" moments.
I've had that with rice; I hated it when I was younger. But then I hit 9, tried some, and fell in love. I've never turned back, both of my favourite dishes use rice as the staple (though the 3rd is pasta...)
You could make a film of that, it sounds so dramatic, apart from the fact... it's rice...

But fashion is another thing. I have many such cases.
Like this
Miu Miu f/w 2010 - but you know that already!
Now, in my humble opinion Miu Miu f/w was nowhere near as awesome as their s/s campaign (I mean, it's seriously lacking in awesome prints of naked ladies :O How could they?!?!) but I've recently come back to it and thought "I know why they did that" about the fleshy bows, and "I LOVE YOU" about the flower details on that awesome black shirt which I desperately need to enhance my wardrobe despite the jawdroppinglyhighpricewhichIreallydon'twanttothinkaboutohdear. But anyway.
(Speaking of what I want, one of these:
 Either one, I don't care, but this is the FIRST time in my life I've actually wanted a collar.  Preferably coming with a whole wardrobe full of other MiuMiu S/S. And completely free. kthxbai
But I guess I'll have to settle for this DIY version

And another one:
Clogs. These are by Chanel, but basically clogs in general. First time I saw them (many many years ago) I thought they were just... hideous. I mean, flip flops aren't beautiful, but they have a purpose. These just seemed... pointless
But this year it all changed. Seeing Alexa Chung on the Vogue cover
Is enough to convert most people, and the Miu Miu clogs (yes, I think I'm a Miu Miu addict) just add to this.

EDIT♥Mimi just reminded me about Crocs D: Along with Uggs, they are one of the design abominations which I think should have never been thought of, let alone created!
End of Edit

 BUT of course, not everything is good. There are times when I like something at a glance, but looking back later I think "What was I thinking?!?!".
But nobody's perfectt :D (always makes me feel good thinking about that)

I'm not a good blogger am I? I blog about personal stuff, but you really don't find out anyting new from it... Next time maybe I'll spam you with links and stuffs :)

Trying harder next time!!! Anyways, why don't you tell me your Hate->Love relationships

Also, flares. Are you liking them, or do you prefer the skinnys?

Shhh I know they're not the same type of flares as on catwalks...


Darn It

Just found out about the Vince Camuto shoe design contest. Only too late :(

Anyways, you may as well go over there and check them out, do a bit of voting. There are some pretty good ones (although some people enter a few more than they need to)


DESIGNS - Candy Shop 2

Ima gonna go shoutin' out about Candy Cakes now. Expensive. But so what. Too yummy to give a damn.

Went into London on Monday and had a good wander around Oxford Street, Carnaby and the Newburgh Quarter :B
For the first time in my life, I went into Liberty (a humun- humoungou-... let's just say HUGE) store (it's not actually that big, but it's awesome) which is primarily a clothes and fabric shop. It was a kinda overwhelming experience. I mean, the first floor, fine. A bit of designer stuff here and there, a wall of sunglasses, Mui Mui clutches and such. But you go up a floor and... A SHOE COLLECTION?!! (maybe it was 2 floors. I was too faint to remember...)
This is the wierdest thing. My mum sent me there, saying that if I was going to Carnaby Street, I should go to Liberty... she said it was a fabric store -love-
She didn't say it was quite this awesome. I mean, it had shelving units, each with different designers and stuff. I'm probably getting all O_o about something really not that amazing, but still :D
And up another floor or so, the fabric!!! They had fat quarters and chirimen, ribbons and bindings and lots and lots of beautiful fabric and wool. I am a craft obsessive, and if I wasn't trying to restrain myself I would have gone wild in that shop!

And the moral of the story is - if you have one near you, go to Liberty. Buy expensive fabric. Make a skirt. Or a dress. Wear it with pride.
Consumer Advice - if you are male, you may choose the option of not buying, making and wearing, due to the general flowery nature of the fabrics.

So, on with the show. Also, I'm lazy so I took no pictures of my trip. Except for a few shop windows... :S

design -  cropped t-shirt, cropped trousers with cutouts and braces (suspenders?
worn with - Mui Mui style collar, cutout high heels, charm bracelet, plastic box/bag

design - spaghetti strap high waisted polkadot minidress, puff sleeve shrug
worn with - sphere heeled platforms, multicoloured pearl necklaces and bracelets (and anklet), hair bow
 Oh my, how unusual. The makeup screwed up :D

Let's play a game :) (I sound so patronising. Or is it patronizing?)
If you can guess both of the sweets these are inspired by correctly, I'll.... think of a prize.... 

The first two (Monday & Tuesday) were Marshmallow and Lollipop. These two are a bit more obscure (it can also be ice-cream, chocolates etc, not just candy) 

Sale - True or False

What's this I hear about a £1 sale on net-a-porter.com? Is somebody decieving me or am I making this up? Honestly confused, but apparently there's a £1 sale at NET-A-PORTER on Friday. I seriously have no clue, please set me straight.

And really sorry about not blogging, I'm rubbish :(


Sunshine through the Lightning

I thought you might be interested to know that as well as designing, I like to paint. I've liked custom shoes for a long time, and this is my second pair (the first ones were Nike trainers, but only colour blocking See?

I'm quite proud of them, though I procrastinated myself to hell while making them (I have so many craft projects on the go, it's depressing getting through them. And now fashion design takes up my time so I don't really have time to finish them. I would if I got my lazy arse of the computer though I'm sure, but it's an addiction)

Either way, thanks for looking, I hope you like them :)

DESIGNS - Candy Shop 1

I have a confession. I've been slacking. As in, seriously slacking. Today is Friday, right? (well, here at least) I finished Monday on... Wednesday. And Tuesday today. This makes it sound way more awesome than it is (I have time travel y'know :B) but yeah, I'm gonna try harder. I mean, I'm usually behind, but not that far. About a day or so.

Elongated head much?
design - cut shoulder minidress with layered hem and belt, worn over netting off-shouder tank, over purple cap sleeved turtleneck
worn with - marshallow mod-heel platforms with ankle strap

Bright colours much? There was a colour scheme... aaaand, whoops, it's gone *shrug*
design - denim and cotton dress with sweetheart insert, slashed sleeves and contrast godet hem. The whirligig thing is an origami structure with a large gem in the middle. It failed a bit. Well, a lot...
worn with - wooden heeled cutout boots

I just want to say a massive thank you to everybody who commented recently (and to those of you who now follow me ^^ ), I'm sorry that I can't comment back to each and every one of you!
I hope that you all like this style, despite seeing the Lady Gaga art first. This is primarily my style as it is quick and easy, so I can do one a day (unlike the Gaga art, which took 2 days. When I say 2 days I mean I could have done it in 3 hours but I procrastinate). My previous art is all in this style (though if you go through in order you can watch it change. Namely the legs get shorter because my friends complained it was too unrealistic.

Honestly, it's Fashion dahling

And lucky you, you get an extra picture:
 I wish I were there. With that hair. And that fabric
 <3 Hermes


Lady Gaga - Controlling Monster

Another design for Lady Gaga, because I thought that doing only 1 would be a bit... out of place

This one's really simple. It's basically about the controlling aspect of gaming, and that's pretty much it.

The thigh pads are a lava lamp and one of those fake fish tank things. The shoes are just random. The wire going all around her is filled with liquid. That's pretty much all :)

Also, feel free not to comment on the Stretch Armstrong arm... it disturbs me too


Game Over for Lady Gaga

An outfit for Lady Gaga.

I was inspired by her Telephone music video, and the abundance of crazy yet awesome outfits, to create my own.
I thought to myself - Telephone, next Videophone, and then.... Video Game :D Yeah, really rubbish train of thought. I actually made that up, because the real inspiration was an Aero easter egg I got from my friend. I just kinda... stuck it on her head and it made me think of Yoshi's eggs (from Super Mario). Thus, gaming.

Description -
  • The hat is inspired by Yoshi, but I also thought of it a bit like the headpiece Sumomo (a robot) has in Chobits - wires go in and out, and have different uses. The three wires coming from her arm into her head are the three - red, yellow and white - that you get for plugging things into a TV.
  • The glasses and text across the body are supposed to be a bit like those machines which are a black screen with red scrolling text, like you can get for the back of your car. The eyes change, e.g. blinking, angry. The other text just scrolls. Symbolise lack of emotion, they are fake, however hard we try to give them emotion.
  • The belts across the body symbolise control, how a videogame character has no free will
  • transparent skirt and bodice represent the way again that they are controlled, and we can see everything they do.
  • barbed wire and "stapled on" shoe (ew) depict the way in which we do not care about how hurt a character becomes, we can always "respawn" at the closest save point. The medical box in her hand links to this, the way healing is easy - just get a medcal box and zap, you're fine. Health is measured in numbers or a bar, which is not so in real life (Sadly. Healing people would be so much easier if all you had to do was find a little box with a red cross on it)
  • The second shoe is just for fun. It is again "stapled" on, and has jet thrusters :D
  • Wires and controller are to show the electrical, controlled side - this is a human being, manipulated for our gain, with an on/off button and wiring.
Just wrote an essay. Sorry... It's fun drawing in only 2 colours. More coming soon

DESIGNS - Card Castles 3

I'm a happy bunny. And not because of Easter. I now possess my first ever American Vogue. They were selling the March edition in my local WHSmiths, and it's a big one on all their favourite Spring favourites. Basically it's a big catalogue of adverts and editorials. I love it ^^

"Queen" design - layered kimono-like strapless dress with silk waistband and hanging triangles
worn with  - snake bangle, high heels ankle boots with triangles (the yellow bits between the triangles and boots are little silver clip things)
I think I drew this on a plane to Venice. Or back again. I can't remember which. The only one I properly like of the week, and would ever bother making

"Joker" design - is a joke. But if you want to know, it's a ruffled layered puffball shirt with ruff collar, baggy puffball trousers with ruff waistband, layered feature and elasticated hipband. 
worn with - ruffles mod-heel cuffed boots, wrist cuffs, Jester's hat
I just realise I should have made this like the Joker in Batman. Ah well

DESIGNS - Card Castles 2

I know I am not the only person with a dislike of Ugg boots, but am I the only one who has seen an increase in numbers in the past month. This is quite distressing news, seeing as it's reaching Spring and Summer, when pumps and sandals are more appropriate, not furry boots. I sincerely hope I am wrong, and it is just a momentary lapse on my behalf that makes it seem this way...

design - flared halterneck (sort of) dress with petticoats, mock dungarees top (it's a bit like wearing a cage skirt - it's solely for appearance, it honestly has no purpose whatsoever)
worn with - eyelet edges britches, arm warmers, spade modified wedge heels
Flashback of Monday much?

 A friend asked me to do something more gothic for clubs, I kinda failed. I'm no good at long skirts or gothic. Also I didn't choose the best colours XD
design - puffball dress with second layer, slashed shoulder top and asymmetric corset
worn with - calf boots with wedges (they're patent black, I just didn't want to use my pen up on the big version. I often do that

I just realised that Wednesday has no blush whatsoever. Ah well. And I went shopping yesterday :D My collection of these brush pens has increased by 3. But I can't be bothered to count. It increased by 4 only two weeks ago. Really need to cut back!


DESIGNS - Card Castles 1

I chose this them because I'd just been to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie. I've tried to not make it too close to the film (I loved Alice's dresses, though they were rather impractical in places).

design - one sleeved dress with heart cutout, multiple petticoats and gingham print.
worn with - stripy thigh socks, platform wedges with 3D hearts stuck on the heels.
ew saturated colours. My editing sucks - trying to use GIMP and failing ever so slightly. It's great though, much better than Picknik (though that's pretty good too)

 design - one shouldered diamond shirt, multiple belts and dagger/phone holster, asymmetric shorts
worn with - leg bracelet, bracelet, thigh high sock, monocle, netting headpiece, quilted handbag, metal hinged boots
It's a woman. Honestly. Female. You have no idea (actually you probably do) how much I did to try and make this look like a woman. Including covering up her face with a monocle, headpiece, freaky hair.... and her chest went wrong... It's female though.

DESIGNS - Forest Dreams 3

And the final part.

design - off shoulder poncho like thing, low cut denim dungarees (so much fun rendering all the little stripy bits)
worn with - uber tights (without toes you might notice. Don't quite know how that works), arm warmers, peep toe high heels

My friend did the makeup for this one I think. She's more imaginative than me XD. Also, this one is not as foresty as all the others... kinda sticks out like a sore thumb.

please don't kill me. I know it's hideous. I know I can't design for men. I know my anatomy sucks. I know his face looks like someone's thrown a brick at his face. Lots of times. And trodden on it for extra measure. I know. I wish I could erase this, but I was forced into it. And also, why must manga ruin my art style :'(

design - v-neck shirt with printed lapels and sleeves, 3/4 sleeve green shirt, asymmetric shorts with inserts and netting hems.
worn with - idk what shoes to men wear? Imagine them... little pixie shoes like peter pan wears would go nicely.

DESIGNS - Forest Dreams 2

Sorry about inactivity. Went for a long weekend in Venice, to hear my sister sing on a choir tour.

Anyway, I'm behind so this week you lucky things get spammed. A lot. This is the second installation of Forest Dreams :D

design - puffball hem shirt with straps from centre and puffed sleeves, leggings
worn with - transparent acrylic heel platforms (with leaves in teh heels)

And a soot ball :D If you don't know what they are, you obviously haven't watched enough Miyazaki films.

design - netting and cotton asymmetric shirt, multi-belted draped miniskirt
worn with - plentyyy of bangles

No shoes so this one is actually kinda boring... And there is that same bit of dirt. It's the scanner, damn it!