DESIGNS - Candy Shop 3

Do you ever have times whe somebody moans at you so incessantly that you cave and give in? And when you do, they suddenly realise how wrong they were, and that you should do "this" instead of "that" (despite them reccommending the latter too).
That's fine, as long as I don't spend too much money or time on it (like today). The girl I'm talking about, who is currently stalking my blog, knows who she is :)

Moan over (because this really isn't a complaints forum), designs coming ^^

design - layered fringe and fabric skirt, fringe v-neck with straps
worn with - headband, wonky braid (I never actually realised that. Shows how much attention I pay!), cutout and laced wedges

My sister says I shouldn't have used blue (she suggested the colour scheme) but I think it works. What about you? (I can take insults, don't worry :) )

design - PVC hooped skirt over bubble skirt, hoop busted zip up top with spaghetti straps
worn with - modified peep toe heels with ankle THING, awesome summer hat (I know next to NOTHING about hats... trilby, straw, sombero, beret, ummmm.... yeah, hat)
That PacMan like thing is a zip up plastic bubble, which can store a variety of bits and bobs. Following the minibag trend (fashionable and I don't usually mix. Skinny belts you say? I'm wearing my fat ones now :D )

 Anyways,  ♥Mimi guessed right about the last two - Wednesday was Choco chip mint icecream, and Thursday was bubblegum, hundreds and thousands, gobstoppers (anything rainbow spheres)
And her prize is... *drumroll* nothing. Sorry, but I actually have nothing to give (unless you want me to draw/design for a certain theme of :S Not the best prize, but my wardrobe full of awesomeness to give away is sadly depleted. Read: non existent)

So, who can guess these ones?

There's a tennis club behind my house, and I can hear them talking. I think it's encouragment, but all I can hear is the coach saying "Moron". Sounds a bit like the seagulls in Finding Nemo...

There is a wasp buzzing around at the glass roof of the conservatory. It's sad, I can hear it getting weaker, but there's nothing I can do :( Maybe a broom will work, I don't want it to die (and go all shrivelled and crunchy until one day we find it behind a cushion or under the coffee table... D: )


  1. tania thomas!
    referencing me u gay!

  2. Your drawings are so cute, love the outfits

  3. YAY I GOT IT :D

    Awwe don't worry bout finding a prize LOL. Waaait.. can you draw me something? It'd be cool! If you have time, that is :D

    I'm not really sure about this one... I'm going to guess... Twizzlers, and hard candies??? hahaha I'm not sure...

    Anyway, don't let that person get you down!

  4. Your drawings are really really adorable! I wish I had talent like yours:)


  5. i love ur artwork!
    very cute..



  6. Love the Illustration specially of the shoes , i have always tried so hard but have never been good :)

  7. these r some really cool designs!!! i think the blue in the first ones does go well..i always love a little contrast with makeup...everything too matching is highly boring...so i say yes!!


    follow if u like what u see?

    happy earth day!!


  8. These drawings are adorable!


  9. Your designs are lovely. Great work. Plan on going to Central Saint Martins? ;)

  10. WOW!! I love your illustrations. They are amazing!! Your use of colour is wonderful. Simply love it :)

  11. Lovely designs! So cute!
    Oh and thank you so much for your comment!!!

    xx Emi


  12. This is really great! I love those fly saucer candies though haha