DESIGNS - Blazer Rezalb 3

Sorry, not going to write much today as it's actually past my bedtime :S
I feel really good today, as I managed to do a lot; I finished 2 designs, sewed the front facing and neckband onto my shirt, stitched up 4 of 10 holes in a skirt and started on the first design of the next week.
Talking about the next week, I'm doing a week of requests - I already have 3 requests, but I'm open to 2 more. Anything you like, a theme/word (e.g. Card Castles), food, colours, if you want it can be for your own blog (email me if you want to talk about that). But yeah, I'm open (and I'll tell you if your suggestion is impossible :D )

design - bleached denim roll ups, purple double breasted jacket with yellow visible lining and button decoration
worn with - multi strap pink t-shirt, acrylic shoes with clear, button filled heels (I wish heels like these existed!) 
In case you can't tell, the shoe is entirely clear acrylic, including the toe and slingback heel. I think that the pinstriped bit is less transparent though

 design - white skirt with cream godet (inserts) and red waistband, white blazer with red details, cream and red spaghetti strap shirt, white shirt with stand collar
worn with - white wedges with holes :D
It was originally all white (no cream) and my friends said it was fine with no colour, but I added red and cream anyway. Shows how much I value their opinions :D

So remember, request anything you want ^^ 3 spaces, if I get more suggestions I'll choose or combine


  1. Absolutely in love with the weekend outfit- so crisp in the red and white. Love the shirt and the blazer. I love your illustartions- always find them such an increidble inspiration and I am SO excited for next weeks too!Pleased you had a great day- you will have to post pics! x Night night!xx

    fashion clocked
    Would really love it if you called by. Katie.xx

  2. Beautiful :)

  3. OMG WOW.
    i LOVE the red bow tie thing! :D i think its a great idea :D did one of your friends come up with it?

  4. These designs are GORGEOUS. You are insanely talented!! I can't believe you're only 15. I can only imagine how successful you will be in ten years. :P

  5. Thanks for finding me!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your illustrations... I might have to get you to draw something that I've made some time!

  6. they so beautiful :)

  7. you're SUCH an inspiration to me!! :D
    keep it up!x

  8. Those shoes and the make up are my favorite!