When Obsessions Meet....

Hello Olivia. I know you're reading this, so I wanted to say that this post is about you. I'm finally getting round to putting up the pictures I took of you, but don't worry, it's only the pretty ones. Thank you for letting me shove my camera in your face, I had a fun day ^^

A while ago a friend came around my house and I decided to use the oppurtunity to get out my camera (read: my dad's) and have some fun. I took about 100 pictures of her in the space of 2 hours, but it was time well spent! (we also made giant chocolate cupcakes but I'm cheapskate so they were from a packet mix :D )

I've not really done people photography before, but Olivia's a lovely model (and one of the few people I know who actually like having their picture taken :D )
She has beautiful hair, I want to shave it off and make myself a wig
I actually can't boast about the awesomeness of the last 3 pictures, they were professionally taken for her portfolio (check out her online one...) although the rubbish editing on the first of the three (my favourite actually) was by me.... Colours were edited slightly on all pictures (and obviously the black and white, which she did herself actually)

So, thank you Olivia for coming to my house and letting me photograph you, and just tell me if I'm not actually allowed to put the portfolio pictures up here.... :S


  1. awww :')
    thank you thank you thank you :)
    oh you are lovely :D
    i had a great time toooo :)
    thank you!!!! :D

  2. your friend is stunning! post pictures of yourself!!! your talent needs a face to go with it! xx

  3. and oh but the cupcakes were sheer beauty! :O
    and please don't shave my head! i shall only do that if i get cancer, and then i can wear it as a wig, and then hopefully i will get better and my hair will grow back and then i can give my wig to someone who has an permanent illness and has no hair... :(
    and thank you maia! :)

  4. beautiful pictures and girl!

  5. Die foto met dat wilde haar is echt heel goed !
    Zou zo in de elle kunnen !

  6. Gorgeous pictures of a stunning girl

  7. pretty !


  8. shes so pretty!
    wow I love all of those
    the jean jacket was my favorite I think : )
    love poppy <3


  9. NO NO the skirt it my favorite,
    the second picture from the bottom.
    there we go.
    from poppy....again

  10. love the looks and great shoots!!!