The Gruffalo

Oh dear here I go being all egotistical and boring and camwhoring and bladebladebla
I have defense. I have been TOLD I should put pictures of myself up here... :S I didn't want to, but I think I should.

Please, keep in mind I am a rubbish poser, and I feel like such a twit setting up a tripod, going to a pretty location and taking a multitude of self timer pictures. In fact, I take loads (and it's actually quite fun, despite the twit-ness) and then as soon as I download them onto my computer, BAM! I delete them all. From the sheer awkward ugliness of them.
Speaking of twits, I never tweet but you can follow me if you really want: And by never I mean once a week on a good week...

Which is why, if I do a post of ME, it's probably a last resort, as I have not scanned my designs or anything :S <---- my favourite emoticon. Along with O_o and D:
Also, these are old pictures. As in, a few weeks at least. I have newer ones. But I also have a few blog posts in line :O

You only get a small version. Because I don't love you enough to condemn you to closeups of my multiple spots, pores, lack of eyelashes, greasy hair, chapped lips or bushy eyebrows (please, do not fear, I do not hate myself. I'm just an extremely critical pessimist when it comes to my appearance :D)
I'm not much of a makeup wearer. I should work on it, I think... A little (read: lot) coverup, some carmex, mascara if you're lucky, and Bam, done. Oh, and contact lenses in this case
I couldn't be bothered to wear shoes around the house :B Also, if you were wondering I have actually blogged outfits before but this was a while before I had any followers
OhmigoshlookatmeIaddedahatandglassesandBOOMFawholenewoutfit :D That little white blob is my venetian mask. I have two, one tiny one that you can see, and one larger which I WILL make into a headpiece someday. When I finish all my current projects.... which is going to be a few years......
Also, it is SO wierd wearing glasses over contact lenses. Painful, too
Nom nom nom I love my waistcoat. As in, love love love. I've worn it too much. It was my mums, I think she bought it for her mothers funeral when she was about 20 (over 20 years ago :O ) so does it count as vintage? It's from Jaeger :D I has a matching velvet skirt too
Now I want a tie - I have thought of a very useful purpose of a tie, which I shall do some day when I am a designer. For now I will store my sweets in it though. When I buy one that is. Which I shall do tomorrow, if I can find a good one in a charity shop (along with childrens wellingtons ^^  <-- ah, another favourite of mine
And suspenders (though I can make my own of them :B )

I could list all my current and future projects, but I'll save you the pain

So, well done for reaching this far down the post, and if you skipped the pictures (and I don't blame you for it) feel free to comment anyway (because you make me motivated and happy every time!)


  1. Helo lovely! you should erase all the self criticism- i totally agree it feels weird at first but then turns fun taking photos- im sure over time it will just get easier and more natural!! Every credit to the models! Cool story about the waistcoat and lovely scarf there too! You might like me new post lovely.xx
    fashion clocked blog
    would love you to call by

  2. I dont know what you are talking about, I think you are very VERY beautiful. I love your eyes. Very jealous.
    I love your blog,
    Love Poppy
    My fashion blog: The Culture Kitten

  3. you have killer eyes and amazing features. nothing whatsoeever to be ashamed of. you are gorgeous, embrace it!

  4. You'll get used to the picture-taking!

  5. gawsh, i don't like taking pictures of myself too. i don't hate myself, either. i just don't like pictures, as i am not photogenic. :|

    i just really love reading your blog, whether it has new designs or not. :)



  7. thanks for visit me!
    Lovely scarf!
    see u soon! Sara

  8. Hello there :)
    And Thank you soo much for stopping by.
    And thanks for your compliments.
    It really means a lot to me!
    You know what, your blog is amaaaaaaaazing!
    Panda xx

  9. WOW! Such an amazing post,
    as per usual! LOVE your blogg
    soooooo much, such an
    inspiration :) Definitely
    bookmarking you now.
    Hope you can stop by mine
    sometime :) xx

  10. Haha I do all self-timer pictures as well. You just get used to it.

    Pretty blue eyes!

  11. yeah, sometimes when i know the days forwad have nice weather: ) oh, my break is one hour + i had a free class just right after,where i dont have any subjects at all: P

  12. Lovely designs as always!
    Tania, if you´d like to know about the bags, let me get in touch with the designer and I´ll let you know wheather he can send it overseas or not, ok?
    Hope you can get one, they rock!