DESIGNS - Summer Ocean 3

Study leave for everybody above my year, so I get to go for lunch first :D
I like lazy days. I have a slight obsession with House (my friend is currently lending me series 4, though I've seen it before :D) and I'm sitting here, just finished watching Dr Who :S

design - two layer maxi dress with citrus print, leather vest
worn with - woven heel embroidereds platform, square crystal neckace and earrings

It's strange, I don't normally draw long hems. I suppose it's because they're harder to look good, but I quite like this one :D

 Oh and we're back to a lack of coverage...
design - denim minishorts, baggy t-shirt, leather waistcoat
worn with - t-strap wedges with fringing and sock suspenders, bangles, necklace


  1. hello wedges sock suspenders and fringing- you are pretty wonderful! Always love the drawings and absolutely itching to see the one you did for me?? ahhhhh!!!! Hows the inspiration issue going my lovely one??xxx
    fashion clocked
    kisses katie.xxx

  2. AMAZING, as usual.

    House is awesome. :-bd

  3. Ha ha I love Dr Who :-S I'm totally into the new assistant. Wasn't sure about the new Dr first but now it's love...

    You're a really good fashion illustrator! It can be difficult to get realistic movement into the sketches :-)


  4. aah i remember now :)
    they lovely! i love the swishing movement in them :D its like, wow! whenever i try that, it looks like vomit 8)

  5. oh my gosh. you should see the latest episode. it was amazing! i sware were related tania...also i love the double layering of the maxi dress. i would wear it in an instant!
    great post

  6. I love your blog so much its crazy.
    gaaaah :-0
    am deffo coming back again!
    Panda x

  7. i laaave it! only... BLOG MOOOORE :)

  8. Your drawings are insaaane. Especially the second image :)

    And i totally see where you're coming from on the whole 'House' situation, its so addictive...

    Cora x