Designs - Wild Child

How do you sleep? Apparently how you sleep affects/shows your personality... Right then, I sleep curled up on my side, usually around a teddy or soft toy.
Therefore I am... shy, keen on confined spaces and... looking for a man to hug?
If I lie on my back I am confident, capable and open with my emotions
If I lie on my front I...
I have a squished face. And I'm very scared of society.

design - minidress with animal print inserts, knit cuff shorts, 3/4 sleeve knit and cotton bolero
worn with - knit cuff shoes

As you can tell, I made that all up. It's just, the art of fortune telling and all that jazz are a bit confounding to my little messy haired head, and I can't seem to convince myself that it is real, or that it is fake. Althoug I'm very dubious of palmistry. Apparently I'm going to die and then come back to life, have 2 children and then 1 (maybe 2 husbands?) and be very poor... :S

I'd rather dislike having blue hair. And scary eye makeup. And green lips. (Not my colour choices, I assure you)
design - multi strap cropped shirt, belted wraparound skirt with multicoloured leopard print
worn with - net thigh high socks, t-strap heels

Toy Story 3. Adorable. Scary. Brilliant. Watch it ^^
I was quite proud of myself - I am part of the true Toy Story generation. Lots of the children in the cinema must have been about, 6? That means they must have watched the films on DVD after they came out. I was basically the right age when Toy Story came out, so have seen each one in the cinema. :B Though I did feel a bit... old... when everybody around me was either an adult or under 10. 
I cried. In the film, that is. Not because I felt old.


I just got an email...

From fashionising.com
I'm sure many of you are subscribed to their emails, they're helpful things for those of use too lazy to browse their website every day (because there's always something new)
But this time I spotted something special
I am proud to say that I was WAY ahead of this trend. In fact, I think it might just be my doing :B NAUT (gah, watched Borat. So awful :S )
Back when I was in year 8 (oh so long ago... ahem... 2 years) I was a priest in "Oh What a Lovely War". In my school we have a "Performing Arts Festival" where each class from year 7-9 (that's 15 in total) make a 15 minute production, which must contain singing, live music, acting and dancing. And back then my form did "Oh What a Lovely War".
And I was a dancing stripper priest.
:) Thankfully, I have no pictures.
Unthankfully, they are on the school system :( For everyone to see my hairy legs as I "danced" (read: swung my legs a la... a la can can?) surrounded by germans and brits and beautiful young women (you won't understand any of this. And I'm giving you WAY too much information. Sorry :S
And, coming to the sock garters - I had to wear my form tutor's (D: wierd) sock garters. It was that or stockings and suspenders...

Anyway, thank you for listening, and now have a video
This is The Row, and it's MaryKate and Ashley's fashion line. It's very old, I assure you I'll get newer stuff soon!
I just like the whole essence, the whole "clothes on, strip, change, shoes, change, strip" process. That makes me sound shifty...
Thanks for looking!


Designs - Bobbing Along 3

Tomorrow will be my last day of school, before six weeks of holiday.
Thus, if I have 6 weeks of time to do stuff, I'm open for suggestions. Particularly if you live in London.
So, are there any sights I have yet to see, shops I need to browse, magazines I need to read, foods I need to eat?
I've actually got a plan, which is a bit confusing, but I'm planning on making a doll, thus I won't have all 6 weeks (minus time abroads it's more like... 4 weeks?). If you want, I can update you, as it may take over my designing in some ways (I feel so bad about not doing much, but I am doing some this week). So, tell me if you care, and if you don't just say "nooo, we don't want to see your fugly attempt at sculpting" :B

 design - scoop neck halterneck lifering dress, puff sleeved cropped blouse
worn with - knee high socks, patent toe heels

design - pleated skirt, off the shoulder two layer shirt, sailor collar
worn with - modified heel semi boots

Watching Sky 1 currently (Malcom in the Middle is like... nostalgia from the wrong country...) and the woman who says what's up next has a really nice accent. I don't know what it is...


Designs - Bobbing Along 2

My cat had some teeth out. And has stitches in her belly. And shaved knees. I call her "shin pads" now. She looks so cute.
I have an excuse for my inactivity, but it's such a lame excuse I may as well not say it. Oh, okay, you've convinced me. I've been embroidering. Trying to finish off a stich chart I've been making.
Oh, okay, I'll tell the truth. Well, the rest of the truth. Because I have been embroidering.
But no, it's actually because of Hayley and her husband. And Strawberry and Lemon and Blueberry. And Michelle and Michael.
It's my Sims. I am ashamed. It's just, I finally got round to putting Sims 2 on my laptop. And now I have an addiction.

design - multi striped layered ribbon dress, sheer spaghetti top
worn with - bangles, sandal boots (oh so with it, aren't I?)

design - Grecian style dress with blue edged front panel
worn with - ankle ribboned heels, blue gemstone necklace

Bonus news. Last day at work experience. I've come away with a "part time job" of sorts. So all is good. But I forgot to show my designs :( They are difficult to carry in such a small bag as I took, so I just left them... :( Maybe when I go back?


Designs - Bobbing Along

Working is scary. It is daunting. I have been given a smidge of authority and now I am breaking down, knees knocking quietly. I am supposed to write a letter, which will be sent out to various designers (including House of Holland :P). THat much I can manage. It's the fact that I don't know how to set it out. Why have I been sent these images?! Why is there a space for the address when I haven't been given one?!
I'm scared.

design - high waisted bloomers, cropped plunge neck t-shirt, sheer fabric bubble trench coat
worn with - leg warmers, bow shoes, uber long arms

design - asymmetric bishop sleeve top, high waisted layered skirt with porthole net cutout
worn with - plaited bracelet, net leg warmers, open toe wedges, net and fabric dip dyed bag

Still thinking of how to magically drop my folder and go "oh dear, I dropped my sketches" so that they all see them ;P
Na, I don't think I'll bother. Maybe discretely ask somebody?...


Summer is coming

It has been for a while.
If you, like me, are a Londoner, you would have been shocked by the unexpected rain a few days ago (and probably worried that the sun would leave us!)
But despite the temporary glitch, all is well.
I still walk to school each morning, blissful lin the sun.
And walk back again each afternoon, backpack nicely stuch to my back with sweat, feet swollen beyond recognition and I must admit, I've pretty much given up on shoes.

But what does this all entail, my stories of sports days and summer exams and swimming pools and home grown strawberries (:D)

It brings CLOTHES!!!
Now, I'm miles behind. By now, all of you will have your stock of bikinis, maxidresses, shorts and sandal boots.
But anyways, I think you are entitled to have my favourites shoved down your throats, trend setting or not!

Tania's Guide to (a rather non) High Street Summer 2010

Maxi Dresses
Republic - £26.99
I am glad to say, the maxidress will be everywhere. Sling it over a swimming costume, pair it with some snazzy clogs, wear it to the races, what ever you choose, these things are great! (And as long as they aren't jersey, they can cover up those lumps and bumps oh so nicely!)

Double Denim
If you have good eyes you can tell where these come from
You might say it's a bit early for double denim. You might say it's a bit late. Either way, denim is not the best summer material - it's thick, it doesn't breath excellently, and it stays wet for hours. But either way, double denim is still good for me. You could take cues from Stella McCartney and her front buttoned denim skirts, or buy a playsuit or dungarees (though I have done NONE of those things)


Both swimsuits are by Melissa Odabash

In swimsuits recently I've seen a huge amount of cutouts, and bright colours. Impracticle sequins appear to be popular on these too...


If you really can't tell, this is Chanel.
 For a nice high street version, Topshop has some rather nice ones :P

You've seen them all over the catwalks, bt I have yet to see a person wearing them well (exculding online). I don't quite see why, seeing as they are rather amazing. On top of that, CHANEL TATTOOS!!!

Right, I'm going to have to cut this blog short. So I can't go on to talk about shorts, tops, makeup, hair, more shoes, resort (which I have actually BARELY seen) and lots more :( I think this is partially because I only started this blog in February, at which point the A/W shows were on... so I never really followed the S/S properly (*ashamed face*)

But, to end
I went shopping. I bought two dresses (one of which I wore to own clothes day today, oblivious of Quite How Seethrough It Was) and some shoes. I finally have some gladiators :) I wore them and they were ever so startlingly comfortable!
Oh oh oh! How could I forget?! For the next two weeks I'm going to the Fashion Capital head office for work experience. I'll be with a friend, and I'm hoping for a good time! Smart casual dress code, maybe I can do something with it...