Designs - Uzumaki

Someimes I get annoyed at people for calling me rich, because I know people with far bigger houses, gardens, pay bonuses than me. But there are times when I can't disagree, thinking to myself "I don't know hwat I'd do if I lived in a small house without a garden like this..." Which just makes me sound all the more pompous (I love that word :B)
And hot days like these are just that.
Had the Junior Church barbeque today, ate too many mini cupcakes (but they were GORGEOUS! I feel bad though, I ate loads so the little bebe kiddies couldn't). And upon returning home, I had/have to do practice papers for science modules, 3 hours of band in the morning, my room is hot and stuffy and small and the duvet is too thick and I can moan about anything, if I have a big enough cause. Or if you pay me, that works fine :)

darn, I feel hot just looking at it...
design - ummm.... denim sack waist trousers (I'm sure there is a proper term for it), wrap elastic with fabric layers (for decency)
worn with - stud detailed sandal heels with leg warmers, leather and blue cotton bag with hand stitched detail
You can tell I'm getting sloppy, I'm going to try harder now!

design - square neck greek inspired minidress
worn with - cutout wedges, neck brace with heart

Do I hear a vuvuzela?
I feel the red mist coming down.

Hammer Time *psychotic laughter*


Designs - Uzumaki

Despues de mis examenes, voy a ver el tele mucho!

Honestly, I have an addiction to admit. I have spent WAAAY too much time watching TV this past week, watching 14 hours in the space of about... 60. Although that makes it sound like much less :B

design - hooded halterneck dress with origami motif and ruched bodice
worn with - gathered arm warmers, open heel platforms

design - I'm not going to explain this one, as it's confusing to talk about and much easier just to look and see.
worn with - shell shoes, ruffle dip dye sheer things bag

If you were wondering, my normal TV hour watchage is about... 2 hours... a week...
Dr Who, House (when it's on) and possibly Have I Got News for You, or Mock the Week... And sometimes older House episodes... or America's Next Top Model if I can be bothered... or Simpsons... maybe 3 hours then?


Designs - うずまき

I'm in mourning for the vegetable patch. Squirrels came and ate a load of the leaves, and the centre bits of a few (which might mean they won't grow any more :( ) but I think it'll be OK... Either way, we have little strawberries, green ones but they're getting big!

うずまき, pronouced "uzumaki" means "spiral" in Japanese. But it was chosen because of the the horror story of that name, which some friends of mine had been interesting (the art is creepy... it's a film and a manga too)

design - playsuit with spiral cut bodice
worn with - modified heel bandage shoes, spiral zip bag

design - wrap neckline cutout shoulder cropped tee, layered wrapped origami skirt
worn with - platform boots

First they complain they're too skinny, then too big headed, then too short, then too... white
Na, but I'm trying different ethnicities, they always seem to be half Asian half White...

Hope you like


I had no idea...

...that editing pictures could take so long!!
With my perfectionist attitude it took me rather a long time to get a satisfying effect, but I'm proud. I usually skimp on the editing, so I hope you like them :)

These pictures are my favourites (not counting the rather amusing ugly ones... sorry Livvy but you can be ugly too!) with Olivia (whoIhavewrittentoomuchabout....) 

EDIT: Sorry to all the people who think I'm this beautiful, but the model is Olivia not me! Still, easy mistake (in year 7 people thought we were sisters...)

It was a temperamental day. Sometimes the skies were blue, and small clouds could be seen like seaweed floating on the ocean (aren't I good at imagery) but suddenly a white sheet would be thrown over us, and the whole sky would just look like a blank page. So the lighting varies, a lot....

I <3 bokeh! Now if only it were real :S

And thus our adventures ended.
For now.

I now have so much more respect for fashion photographers (and photographers in general) because we took SOOO many pictures (less than last time though, because the memory was instantly full because I forgot to delete Madeira pictures... had to get rid of a load :( ) and many of them were rejected - too fuzzy, bad lighting, Olivia's face went a bit... yeah, you get the idea.
Hope you like them :) 


Designs - Requests 3

In a new room. I like it. I can sleep with my face right by the wall. In a corner. It's cosy.

I had the most amazing day today, which you will be spammed by soon :) I went to Olivia's house and we had a proper photoshoot type thing (though I wasn't too good at being professional, she did all the composition stuff really :S I just decided where in the shot she should be, and a few things like face and limbs at times) You're probably bored of me talking about her, but you're also probably bored of me talking about my bedroom :P

So here's something to bore you even more :)

She didn't request it, but as she was playing piano at school I just started drawing. I don't think it's something she'd ever wear though
design - keyboard minidress with sheer insert, under-shirt (I keep on thinking of shifty chat up lines - "I'd like to tinkle your ivories""Can I play on your keys?" They aren't even good ones!)
worn with - striped gloves, green knee highs, leg warmers, strappy high heels

Now this one is a proper one - for  Bea of You Got Me Sewn an amazing person (so nice in emails!) whose (who's?) blog I have neglected something awful lately :( I don't seem to have time to go through people's posts, need to utilise my blog lovin' account!
Just a nice simple illustration of her outfit in Blue Birds and Leopards. It's so refreshing drawing without designing, I like it
If you want to know what she's wearing, go check out the post! Also, artistic modification on the shoes as I could not see them properly :p

Yet again, email me (anybody who I've illustrated for) if you want either the scanned, unedited copy, or the one with the edited colours but no text/watermark. Sorry that I cannot give you the actual paper copy, but they're doublesided (paper saver me) so you'll be stealing somebody else's drawing too!
And again, if you are the "customer" feel free to use as you will, even though I'm sure you won't want to (the quality leave much to be desired)
Oh, and, the original scan is double the size, so no fear if you think it's small...


Designs - Requests 2

As you are oh so fascinated by my life, I'm going to tell you of it :B
I'm having my room re-done. It's been pink and blue and heart filled all the time I've been in this house (so about 8 years now) and I confess, although I don't like pink, I'm going to miss it. Okay it's a strange blue. Okay it's got cows and chickens all around the room. Okay I have that useless abomination (I think it's a... canopy fail?) but I'm going to miss it...
Oh who am I kidding, I can't wait for the change!!
I can have multicoloured dots! Or a monster over my bed (because I want to paint my own room :B My friend says she'll let me do hers, but it's taking it's time...)
I can have a cork wall, for mood boards! I can have shelves for all the crap which covers my floor!
I can't have a walk in wardrobe! (dammit) But I will have a balcony (because I have an extension which I can climb out of a window onto already....

design - off shoulder t-shirt, 2 tank tops, high waisted skirt
worn with - modified wedge peep toes, necklaces
I was requested a shorter person (by the shortest person in my class XD) It turned out as a normal person.... but I made the clothes kinda, short person flattering? I don't know!!!
design - tie dye shorts, asymmetric belted shirt, off the shoulder shirt
worn with - bangles, tote bag, arm warmer, neckaces, tie dye leg warmers, high heeled sandal transparent wellingtons (complicated but awesome)
What happens when you let me go with my colourful pens :D 
Going for a kinda, Woodstock feel... On the day I drew this, the year 13s from my school had their final day :'( And because my school is awesome, and everyone has great love for it, they have a special day, when they have an assembly and they dress up the whole school. This time it was Woodstock (I can't tell you the name of the school, but it fit in with the name rather well...) They get to decorate pretty much everything, so desks were all jumbled, the staff room became a Love Shack and there were peace symbols made out of giant connect four pieces in the quad. I love my school, the atmosphere is so nice :B

And, returning to my bedrooom......

But what does this all entail? The sad loss of a bedroom for "a week". That's my dad talking. The same dad who said that the conservatory would take 6 months. It took 2 years.
So, I'm chucked out of my room for a month, I'm guessing, at least. I'll blog, you'll probably get spammed with images of what's happening, and it's very sobering seeing your whole life packed into cardboard boxes. It shows you how much crap you own though!

In other news, I order thee to go and visit Olivia's blog!!!
You may remember Olivia as the beautiful young lady I photographed (gosh don't I sound professional XD) and I've been bugging her to get a blog/join mine for a while :B And now she has!!! I can't force you to, but I think she deserves some love - she had a post up, but it appears to have disappeared - it won't let me comment so I'm not sure what's happened, but if it works for you, I hope you like it!
EDIT: It's working for me now!


DESIGNS - Requests

They've been a long time in coming. You asked about them a month ago. I said okay. I had them done 3 weeks ago. So here they are.

Dear darling dears, I present to thee, a show by Titania Thomasian... For you, fashion clocked

 fashion clocked is one of my first loves, an absolutely amazing person with an equally amazing blog! She's always helpful, and if you like her, show your appreciation and say hi :B She has cool sunglasses and nice legs and very funky bags and shoes and awesome nail colours...
I hope that you like it ^^ There was no specific them, just the idea of "fashion, clocks, my recent post (long long ago)" and maybe some other stuff...

And as some of you may know, I quite like Lady Gaga... And so does Candy :)
She, like me, designs clothes, but hers are specially for Lady Gaga. Sorry to be bigging all these people up, but I think she deserves more apreciation than just me, so, if you wish, go and give her some love (and get some back if you're lucky)

This is actually my illustration and development of her idea - there was an idea of... an egg bra thing, with a sausage down the middle, both on a t-shirt. I think her idea was a black or white t-shirt, and I'm sorry if you don't like it Candy! :O

In other news, have you seen this wonderful tribute to me :D Yes, stolen off Style Bubble but still...
Now if only I was mentioned there, that would be wonderful ^^

But yeah, I love the little prints and the way the shorts button up and how each piece could be taken and mixed and matched and it still would look amazing. I'm just upset it's only a few looks :(
It's funny, but in art in year 9 we did screen printing... and I did a sunshine with a face and a rain cloud with lightning and rain (much like my shoes) and if you look at those amazingly cute outfits.... sunshines and clouds and pretty stuff! Just like mine :D
See, I'm convinced it was ALL my doing :B

PS. to the two bloggers who these designs are for (and any later), you may take and use these as you please. If you wish, I will send a larger, un-watermarked copy to your email... Also, permission to cut up and crop, as long as I am linked/given due... respect? I forget the word...
And to everybody else, hands off!


My Favourite Curtains

So, way back when it was the holidays, I made a skirt. No, not the holidays that flew me over the seas and back again only to dump me back here with a multitude of exams. No, not them. And no, not the holidays before, those Easter ones in which I ripped up a load of old magazines... (you have to scroll down to find it :P)
Nope, it was the one before.
How's that for spontaneous blogging - step one - make. step two - let it fester for a few months. step 3 - take pictures. step 4 - let them fester for a few months. step 5 - finally get around to blogging
It's the same with my designs. Little did you know until now since I'm telling you... those summer ocean ones? They were drawn a month ago... I have 3 more weeks waiting for uploading...
And I've started skipping weeks. I pretend I have an excuse; It's exam week, I'm having a week off to finish my sewing (FAIL), I haven't finished last weeks. But really, I'm just being lazy. Though I do get things done in that time! Really, I've started doing my Spanish Homework again :D

So, the skirt. It's a rather random little skirt.

In Madeira, in my sister and my's (mine and my sister's??!?!?!) bredroom we have curtains. It's not surprising, really, seeing as we have a window. But the curtains were way too long. And they had those fabric loops at the top for going on the rail.
So my mummy cut off the top and hemmed it and made them all pretty looking with proper wood loops.
And thus we had these strips of fabric with funny loops on them, about 1ft wide and a metre long.
Too short for a skirt (by my standards at least) but none the less I spent a day pleating pinning and tacking. Then asking my mummy if I could use the fabric (a bit late :S)
Too short skirt wise, methinks. So the next day I started sewing it properly, adding a zip and elastic waistband. And a hook and eye.
And then by turning the fabric upside down, so the loops were at the top, I added an underskirt.
Please excuse unmatching clothes, I just chucked it on and photographed. Look, before my new glasses :D They made me look younger (well, my new ones make me look older...)

See the loops. The underskirt is unpleated, and the loops are sewn onto the waisband. The front is pinned up, but in the final thing it's only sewn a few inches, mostly left open. (and it's damn hard to sit in, the popper likes to undo... I think I'll just remove it, it doesn't do anything XD )
Papa said it looked too much like a pair of curtains, so I got rid of the loops and sewed up the holes.
And thus, FINI ^^
I'm so imaginative with my dressing XD
But I'm proud, I did the bulk of this in 3 days, no pattern. I think it used 3 of the strips of fabric, and I have plenty of those loops leftover. (Planning a belt)

Backtracking a little... speaking of those exams, I mean a multitude. As in, THREE today! And 4 tomorrow D: Remember that time when I said my revision techniques were kinda... lacking? I haven't even done that. Revision in the 20 minutes before the exam, works a treat :D I promise I won't do this with my real exams, Promise (cross my heart).

So, thanks for looking. You see, I'm rubbish with posting my outfits; I have to tell you the whole lengthy story about it in between, but feel free just to look at the outfits and go :D

Oooh ooh ooh and looky - £10 Tesco wedges :B I promised I'd never go there, but surely one pair can't hurt?! A little on the pricy side for me, buy they're deadly comfy, and I can walk in them :D


Honey, I'm Home!

Ha ^^ Don't you love it how, when you want something to happen, it never does... and when you don't, it does. Confusing. Thank you to the 5 people who commented on my last post (it was a rather lengthy one and you are extremely busy people, so don't worry about it. It was created purposely to take up space so that I would not feel guilty leaving for a whole week (although the outcome would have been interesting. Maybe, when I reach 100 weeks, I will force you all through this painful ordeal again, and MAKE you vote.
Maybe I should just make a poll on my sidebar...
Feel free to go and comment if you didn't, as I'm sure there's not much to comment on about this post.

Home again home again jiggety jig

I hope you all had a good week (especially those who had half term like me :D) and... yeah....

Not going to write much. I'm not really in the mood, but I feel like I should say something.


Done :D Now farewell, and I shall blog later

Sorry about my strange attitude currently. It shall all be better soon. Once I've slept *_*