DESIGN - Venetian Mask

I couldn't think of any more Alexander Mcqueen ideas (though there is so much inspiration) so I made this. It was inspired by my friend, who kept sending me pictures of masks. It's supposed to symbolise the fact that you can do anything with a mask on and nobody can tell... A bit like V for Vendetta? And also the fact that masks can disguise the truth about a person, or can change them. I think I'm going a bit too deep.

design - asymmetric shirt with central buttons, side Chinese esque fastening and one sleeve (with frills), asymmetric high waist shorts one side plain bermudas, one side layered. (you can tell I love bermudas can't you)
worn with - awesomesauce half mask, knee high socks and mismatched high heels.

I'm loving the colours. It contains pretty much every colour of pen I own :( Need to make a bigger collection!
<3 the makeup too. I'm rarely happy with the makeup, but I am with this one (can you guess why?)


DESIGNS - Alexander McQueen Tribute

I felt that I had to do something to honour him. And though my artwork will never reach the awesomeness that his did, I feel this is a good way to show it.
 design - A.McQ esque dress, bloomers
worn with - oversized hat, "Armadillo shoes"
The legs are a tiny bit distorted.... And the drawing is a bit of a failure

I felt that this first one was too much like his work, not enough MY tribute as a copy. So I re-did it and came up with this;

design - halterneck shirt with zip up turtleneck, oversize bloomers
worn with - neon blue tights, oversized hat with feather, "Armadillo" boots, multiple bangles

Better makeup this time. I prefer this one.

design - ultra short pleated skirt with bat wing sleeves and ultra low plunge neck collar with straps, bloomers
worn with - "armadillo" shoes with matching tights, netting hat

The lack of eyebrows and hair colour is intentional. The dirty smudge by the eye makeup is not. That's going to get on my nerves forever :(

 design - gold lame minidress with lace up details
worn with - fish inspired high heel platforms

Lazy editing is lazy. And the lighting in which I took the makeup photos was awful. I might re-take/re-edit some day.
I'm starting to mix up days in my head. I think it's still Tuesday

Sorry I can't do McQueen's work justice  

Used to be multiple posts, now only 1, thus strange writing


DESIGNS - Doufe Banana

Here you have it - Doufe Banana Monday, day 1 of week 1 of year 1 of- you get the message. 
This is probably my least favourite of the Doufe Bananas, but it was my first one so I wasn't yet in the stream of things I think. I'm going to try to blog every day, with the previous week's designs, but I might do multiple on one day (rarely)

Photoshop is not happy with my Windows 7, so I edited these online. I'll change the pictures when I get PS working. Also, no scanner at this point, so I had to use a camera. Thus butchered colours. And extreme rubbish editing was needed :(

Thank you for looking ^^


The design - mid-thigh length minidress with wide shaped waistband, asymmetric collar and asymmetric Chinese-esque frog fastenings.

Worn with - beaten metal diamond shaped earrings, tan leather heeled calf boots, bangles 

I'm ahead :) It's Half Term break for me now, one week, so I should be up to date every day... Hopefully, I will manage to upload Friday's on Thursday (because I'm not here then) but otherwise, all is good.

I was totally forgetful and didn't mention anything about the origins of all of this. Basically, I had an epiphany last Monday night, while I was in my kitchen cooking chicken kiev. I just suddenly realised how much I wanted to become a fashion designer (especially for Comme Des Garcons or Lacoste ^^ colour = love) (British spelling = British person)
After that I spent quite a few minutes dancing around the kitchen singing and being very very happy. So my February Resolution was to do this:

  • design at least  one outfit a day
  • theme the outfits each week
  • sign and date them all
So this is what I've tried to do :B

Thank you for looking

Design - Roman/Greek inspired white shift dress with layered fabric strip neckband and belt.

Worn with - platform shoes with coloured ankle straps to match, fabric bangle mess, ring

Butchered eye makeup. It was my least favourite of the makeup, but still. 

design - shirt dress with puffball hem and 1/2 length sleeves
worn with - calf socks, matching bag, star earrings, peep toe Mary Janes with ankle strap

Got hold of a scanner now, so the quality should be better. Unfortunately it kills the makeup colours so they are photographs (stuck on with my awesome Photoshop skills) so sorry about the quality in places

And yet again, I was forgetful. The name Doufe Banana is the theme for Week 1. It came from me sitting in a Biology lesson with a friend. I asked her to name any object and she said Banana. Not long before she had been talking to me about a new French word she and a friend had made up; Doufe. It apparently meant stupid, idiot, dumb, dufus etc, so tis simply and insult word. 
So technically, this week is called Stupid Banana. But Doufe sounds so much more sophisticated. Savvy? 

A friend did the makeup for this one, so it's a different style to mine :)
I feel a bit like I'm talking to myself with all this posting. But everybody has to start somewhere ^^
design - low waisted bermuda shorts, inconspicuous yellow shirt, knit bat sleeved polo neck crop thing (very precise term that is)
worn with - plenty of bangles, brogue-esque high heels (sort of), slouchy messenger bag

design - oversized t-shirt with front patch pocket
worn with - purple trim leg warmers, purple trim high heels (with wooden effect heel and sole), bead necklaces and locket

Makeup colours screwed up. Otherwise it's fine.
 Haven't been blogging, I've been too busy sewing. Happy London Fashion Week (I probably won't blog much about it, back to school now :( )
I am sooo sick of yellow now... Seriously, I'm gonna go crazy if I see much more of it

 Just a wee bit late with this one.

design - sleeveless shirt with OTT collar and cutout back, pleated skirt, crazy hanging hoop belt with multiple suspenders, bermuda length cycling shorts
worn with - lime green socks, skater-esque heels, netting arm warmers and face net

Sorry about the fail of the makeup. And of my whole attempt at Haute Couture. I prefer sticking to RTW... 

Used to be multiple posts, now compiled into one, so the comments I write might be a bit wierd. 


Bathroom Rainbow

Really quick, an outfit I tried out yesterday. I was trying to figure out different ways of wearing my clothes, so this is a dress as a skirt and two shirts (with a belt)

Awesome pose, isn't it. That was actually me jumping off the sink while the camera was on self timer.... It's the only picture which actually shows the outfit.

Lovely shot of my bum. This is to show the awesome tiered/layered effect I made with the super long ribbons (which criss cross up the back when it's worn properly)

shirt (folded in half with my arm through both sleeves at once) -vintage, top - overworn hand me down, belt - gift, dress worn as skirt - made by my mum (back when she was about my age. Apparently turning the ribbons through took aaaages. I have no patience for such things though)

My hair is wet which is why it looks a bit funny. I much prefer this outfit to the granny one...

And yes, a bathroom is a wonderful place for photoshoots. I'll probably take my pictures in there more in future...

Update 3

I've had this blog what, 4 days? And I'm already onto my umpteenth post. I really need to cut back, but NYFW calls.

I'm trying to keep these short and only put in ones I like, but there are so many. I wanted to put Vera Wang, Derek Lam and TSE in here too (among others) but I really don't want to spam too much.

I thought that since there are pictures now I should update. I won't bore you with more writing though, only three words: LOVE IT ALL
Such details, inspiration and so much arty-ness. The Rodarte sisters said their inspiration came from Mexican origins (among others) and it shows, but not too strongly!
The coolest part was, when the models all came out, the UV lighting. I've said about this before, but I still can't get over it....

There was an almost tribal atmosphere in this collection, with the bold reds against khaki, with delightful little military hints hidden in the jackets.
At times it seemed almost safari like, the khaki-ness (particularly in the pantsuit) but not excessively so. 
I thought the metallics and denim added perfectly to the resounding military theme, and the left hand dress certainly brought me back to my thoughts of gladiators. I would buy pretty much everything in this collection if I could, and so should you :)

Mulberry, yet again, had all the biggest hair. This fall it seems to me to be all about the accessories, stepping out and making a statement. Particularly big were the animal prints, which could be seen on practically every item.
On the left is my favourite dog - honestly, look at that grumpy little face - though the outfit isn't half bad either. I've spied lots of shearling coming in this fall (you can find some in Rodarte if you look hard) and thankfully no Ugg Boots. 
Mulberry also added to the lace and sequin collection that I'm pretty certain fashionistas will be building up this year, though not in a big way. Silhouettes were often girly and suit like, with plenty of puffy shoulders, and lots of pretty shoes. I'm not the worlds greatest fan of Mulberry, but this collection has made me like them a little more (but not enough to get onto my favourites list)

There. I hope that was nice and short (kinda) and not too... rambly.


Update NYFW

More NYFW updating. I'm blogging so much, I have too much free time.

Only a few this time - Marc Jacobs, Yohji Yamamoto (Y-3) and Rodarte (though no pictures yet, it's too soon. Maybe tomorrow)

I don't think there was anything particularly inspiring or vivid about this collection - Marc Jacobs played it a little too safe for me. Much as I love nude, neutral colours, there was too much for me. Some of the shapes were very nice though, like this button down coat - I would add this to my list of things to buy, if I had the money. Everything was beautifully tailored, and the models were perfect too
I'm loving the hem on this one, though I would have made one of the items a different colour - too much grey for my liking. Jacobs also stuck to tried and tested themes and such, I don't think he stuck his foot out much, nothing shocking (though the furs looked shockingly tacky to me. I'm not keen on fur, mock or not. Too.... show off ? ). Rather than trying to make it all modern, all new, I think he revisited the old, and brought back some of the past.
Everything got a little bit better when the shiny stuff came out. I like this one (though I'm not too keen on the gloves), and I'd say the eveningwear was the most beautiful part of the show. If you looked at the model as they went past, you would see a sudden change of fabric, tailoring, style, the lot, as the front and back could be completely different.
There was lots in this collection - suits, knits, sheer fabrics, fur, the lot. But not enough colour (I know I know this is Marc Jacobs and this is New York Fashion Week) but I'm happy enough with it all for now.
editNow, revisiting this collection a few days later, I see it in a new light. I think I like it a lot more, especially after seeing how Marc Jacobs started the show, and watching snippets. There is so much nostalgia in the whole collection, it reminds me a lot of what my mother sometimes wore when she went to work - in particular the outerwear - but also of an era before that.

Y-3. I am a lover of Yohji Yamamoto, he delivers every time. And he did it again (I know it wasn't today, but I missed it yesterday). The runway started off mainly in black and grey, with blazers, dropped crotches, an abundance of fabrics which dwarfed the models but somehow delivered, by some immense skill did not make them look bad.
I'd happily dress my boyfriend up in this. If I had one. So I'll have to dress myself up in it :D I love the way I can't tell if this is thin, floating and ethereal like it looks at the hem, or if a thick coat, or is actually two separate items. Either way, I am in love.

And then there was the colour. Bright orange, matched perfectly with the neutral beige grey. So much drama - is that a waistcoat? Are those bermudas (or a skirt)? Is that a tiger striped hanky? I'm going to steal that tiger striped hanky if you don't stop me :D
 This was the only let down. Well, not a let down so much as, I really don't understand. Random writing across your hips which relates a tiny bit to anything is not something I'd wear. I'm not a big fan of A&F, because I don't see why I should pay 3 times the price for the writing, and this is one of those moments for me...
But I still love you Yamamoto! I do not stop worshipping you simply because you write "63 Years in Love" across my hips!

Now I have no pictures of this, but I just watched the live streaming, and I will try to have pictures tomorrow. But this was amazing. Honestly.
The candles at the beginning were a weeny bit disturbing, but then the models came out. They looked like elegant fairies, in their neutral toned outfits, almost floating across the runway.
There was much fringe, ruffles, sheer materials, knits, it was like I was in a garden, dreaming as the pixie like appirations float past, their clothes somehow messy, but so perfectly finished. I am an official Rodarte Convert - I don't think I ever saw the detail in their work before, but look at this (it's not new)

It's amazing, the messy, knitted look, the feather like quality. I have a new love, and I am going to knit like crazy and try to get this awesome!

So In Love, So In Love.... You'll find me under the sycamore groves.... wandering lost in thought...


Sonia Rykiel for H&M

Honestly. Can. Not. Wait. *hyperventilate* ONLY 4 DAYS!!! Butbutbut my Saturday is all booked up! D: Ima gonna miss all the best bits :'(

Still, may as well fangirl while I can
Sonia Rykiel classic stripes, classic colours, classic AWESOMENESS. And Oversized Knits. I'm in heaven. At least I will be when I get my hands on all of this (and the socks!)
I want to get my hands on that coat. And that scarf. And that whole entire shop. And Sonia. I will make her my slave designer and she will spend her life designing colourful clothes specially for me. Don't worry, she'll be well fed.

Not that keen on either of these. They don't do anything for me, they're too... plain. I like the tote though. Nice take on the classic top.
 Here we are with the blazer - but BRIGHT PINK. I love it, especially with the hair! I'll have to buy one for my red headed sister.... clashing ^^ I'd get the shorts for myself, and that pink hat. How I wish I had those legs... *_*

I don't know about you, but I've never thought of wearing entirely yellow before, but this makes me want to... I think the jumpsuit and shirt are supposed to look Parisian (Parisienne?) but they just make me think of either a french art thief (just add a garlic garland) or a clown. Maybe both together? Either way, me no likey.

I forgot to mention before - the shoes. Black platform wedges. If you look at them the actually aren't very high, but just have thick platforms. I like them, but I think they were not thought about much - the focus is the clothes, not the shoes (though the hair stands out quite a bit...) 

Overalllll... I want quite a lot of this, mainly for the colours and stripes (thank you Sonia) but also for the sheer fact that it's H&M. Which means cheaper. Which means I can afford it with my allowance :) Therefore I am one happy bunny. Apart from Saturday. They'd better have plenty of this all left over for me...

I just realised how greedy I sound. I'll probably end up owning none or one item of this range, but there's no harm in wishing ^^



I feel that since I am making a fashion blog I should update on New York Fashion Week. Most of my information comes from various fashion website (style.com/ mainly) but I'm only showing my favourites
This is all for Fall 2010 in no particular order

 Lacoste is one of my favourite brands (though I own none :'( ) because of all the bright colours. So when I was looking through the runway shots, I was distraught. Oatmeal oatmeal oatmeal D: I love neutrals (as you'll see later) but Lacoste! You have let me down!
Until suddenly....
  THE RED WOMAN APPEARED. Seriously, I was worried until then.
I love the mini beret, the legs, the jacket, all of it. And Lui Wen, she's gorgeous!
Marry me, colours. My fetish - rainbows
I'm loving this collection. It's less sporty in my opinion that their previous ranges, but the origins are still there. Colour blocking is love, though me being a colour fetishist I would have probably chosen slightly brighter colours XD And I loved the oatmeal bits too ^^ I'm thinking, how many of those leggings can I get on at once....?
You can watch the live show here Lacoste Fall 2010

 I only found out about Suno really recently, but it caters perfectly to a colour lover like me - prints + prints = love! And they all smile, which I always find much more appealing. I find Lacoste's catwalk funny, because they all had to smile 
I want that hat. So badly. 
 I also want that hair. And those trouser :D Honestly, I have to get out of my house more.
Suno is a pretty new brand, but they are already making a big impact. As they say, "Girls are too confident just to wear black." which is so true for me (I rarely wear black, I'm more a white wearer). It's hard to define this collection, it's just pure love ^^

 DKNY - probably my favourite house so far this week. Why? Because sophisticated yet slouchy, almost preppy neutrals are LOVE. Pleated skirts, schoolgirl looks, oversized knits, this is what I wish my school uniform looked like. NEUTRALS :D On par with my love for rainbows, as I'm much more confident in them (and they get me less wierd stares)
This coat is my new obsession. If I had those legs, that hat and those shoes I would buy one straight away. Because my duffel coat is dying and my dad said he'd get me a new coat... he didn't say how high his budget was...
And then they introduced blue. I didn't think my love for this runway could grow any larger, but golly it did when this came out. I can bet that my blood will run cold when I hear the price, but for now I am content.

This finished my day. Honestly, Hervé Léger (by Max Azria) , you have done it again. This isn't even the best of it - if this runway was a meal, this would be the champagne before we sit down.
This would be the starter - a small bowl of creamy mushroom soup, with diced chicken
 Then the main - I can't imagine what dish this would be, so I'll leave it up to you. My mind is thinking only in mushroom...
And then there was dessert. Raspberry gateau, with dark chocolate drizzled on top. And a small blob of whipped cream with a raspberry on top.
I love the iconinc bandages and ribbons, the mesh inserts, the heels, THE HIPS. But also the slight sportiness in all of this. I think that whatever your body shape you could probably find something in this....                                                                                                                                                 
So there you have it. What I think so far about New York Fashion Week. Can't wait for tomorrow, I'll update then on today's outfit and maybe Doufe Banana? You never know.