DESIGNS - Apple Pie

Seriously behind on this. But I have a valid excuse! I was *cough*revising*cough* for GCSE maths modules (Wednesday) and I wanted to spend the rest of the day watching House (season 2 is sooo full of Hilson. It's hilarious) and Ouran High nonstop... Great excuse, sí?
design - smocked jumpsuit (I really want to make myself one of these before they go out of fashion) with red and green details
worn with - wedge sandals with crosscutout thing (goes all the way through), slouchy bag

I have a confession to make. I have an obsession with this colour scheme. I've done apple themed outfits quite a few times, I just love it so much ^^ If I could, I would probably make myself and entire wardrobe of simply white, green and red (with some rainbow thrown in) and happily wear it for a month before I discovered other colours.... So this week features A LOT of green and red. Obviously. Also, simplistic makeup this time. I was trying to make it look more fresh and innocent this week.

 I really need to figure out a better way of doing the makeup (photography makes is grey and I can't edit it well, scanning washes it out) so sorry about this one. And all the others.

design - sleeveless top with v-neck and woven lattice insert, bermuda shorts (I never get tired of them. They feature in week 4 too...) with woven lattice insert
worn with - knee socks, high heeled shoes with (yet again) lattice straps, multi-buckle bag (I'm really not a bag designer, so I know nothing of the terms)

Sorry again about the makeup. And also the freaky crotch. I wish my hair would do this.

design - off the shoulder minidress with layered scalloped hem with cutouts and cutout neckline
worn with -  coloured leather strips shoes with scalloped edge and uber high heels.

The heels I design are so unrealistic but it's much easier to design over the top when it comes to shoes. I don't go as over the top as some designers (e.g. Alexander McQueen) but they aren't the proper height really either...
This time the makeup is scanned then edited. It's more pixely and the contrast is a bit shifty, but there's no irritating greyness and rubbishy editing.

design - flared cut minidress with square cut neckline. Printed with apple pie recipe (I actually wrote it all out! There's a bit more really but that could go on the boots?)
worn with - wedge high heeled boots

Again scanning the makeup. I prefer doing this but when you zoom in it looks worse... hmm

design - one-shoulder sleeveless cocktail dress with slit down side and lattice insert
worn with - lace up high heeled leather strip "boots"

The colours are too bright in places and pale in others. Edited on my laptop so sorry if it's a bit garish.

design - Japanese lolita inspired maid dress with apple details. This is so cliché of me, as I have done this apple design about 3 times already. So this is basically re-drawing (though the shoes are new :) )
worn with - uber high heeled mary-janes with ankle straps

This is my favourite "collection" so far, mainly due to my love of smocking, and the colour scheme.... and the fact I'm happy with my drawings for once (legs are too long though)

Again, this used to be separate posts, I've stuck them all together which is why the comments probably seem a bit wierd.

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