Geo BC-102 = nonsense?

Well, busy week. I’m SOOO sorry about not blogging, I’m sure nobody has missed me but I still feel bad :S It’s been half term holidays – one week off school, in which I was supposed to revise for my Mock GCSEs…
But I didn’t, was a bit busy trying to finish of a manga for a competition (never again! They are really labour intensive, and the end result was just like “bleh. Well, at least it’s over…”) so revising is down the plughole. I’m a crammer (as I’ve said) so it should be fine… D: I hope!
  • But, Friday I went into London (Oxford Street & Carnaby for LIBERTY!) with Olivia (again). Because I desperately needed to get a present for below mentioned birthday. And Uniqlo jeans. They are gorgeous! £30 of skinny stretchy denim :D Spent WAY too much though L Hoping my madre will reimburse for the jeans… Here is a picture of Olivia, with my partly sewn mouse ears :B
  • Then Saturday was my sister’s birthday (18!!!) so all very nice, party In which the above ears were used :D As part of my Minnie Mouse outfit (sorry, no pictures, maybe later?) It was a fictional characters fancy dress party, we had some pretty awesome things – Thunderbirds (well, Scott….), Powerpuff Girls, Pikachu :P
  • And then Sunday was LONDON MCM EXPO. If you do not know of this, it means you probably aren’t a geek or fangirl/boy. It is pretty much our ONLY proper geek expo, MovieComicsManga, at the Excel Centre, from Friday to Sunday. No dressing up for me, but it is FULL of cosplayers. Being surrounded by StormTroopers is pretty freaky, but worse when one singles you out! I am now one of the Empire though :D And Alien dribbling on you…and the amazing people who have uber DDR skills!
And now to the MAIN part (sorry, monologue). Didn’t spend too much, but my main purchase was this;

I’ve wanted some for ages, so when I saw the stall today, they were MINE! I got the cheapest ones, because I wanted to try out before I actually paid any more. So I thought I would review them for you.

Nicely sealed in a bottle, you can buy them individually or in pairs. There are lots of varieties, just search for GEO, or Circle Lenses, and you’ll find billions of them. These cost me £12, and £5 for the extras because I’m useless and don’t have contact lens fluid (I use disposables usually…) The £12 is actually pretty good, because these can last for a whole year! But maybe £5 was a bit… much… If you wanted just the one, it would have been £8 (for these ones)

Comparing my eyes, you can see that they not only make the iris larger, they are also brown. The ones I bought are GEO BC-102, Magic Circle 14mm. Cross eyed much? The camera was too close to my face... :S
These are actually immensely comfortable. I thought that being large, they would be uncomfortable, but they are no worse than my usual lenses. They also are quite subtle (sort of) blending in with my blue eyes quite well, despite being brown.

As you can see, the difference, although only a millimetre or two, is quite dramatic! With darker eye colours the change will probably be less obvious, although if you are going from brown to bright blue, that's going to show up!
 P.S This is not my normal facial expression. And top lighting is bad for me... I'm not as pretty as Olivia :P

Thanks for reading!
Please, tell me if you liked this, because I can do more reviews, of makeup and such!

Also, if you wish to buy any, be careful! There are lots of shifty sellers, and there is a reason they are illegal in the US. Although there are risks, they are not much more than with normal lenses, and as a wearer usually I know how to care for them (although I use daily disposable, I have seen my parents wash theirs many times). If you plan on buying, make sure it is a reliable brand - GEO, EOS and Tutti are the main ones I know of (and even may be owned by eachother, it's a bit unclear!)
Most of all, have fun!

EDIT - I wore them to school for a virtually a whole day (although I removed between break and lunch, because I did not want to go over the recommended 8 hours) and I can successfully say, these are incredibly comfortable! I kept on forgetting I had them in, and then would get worried I had lost one because I couldn't feel it :P 
Also, if you do get them, be prepared to spend the first day with people leaning really close and staring at you. It's wierd, but fun! And brush up on your knowledge, they're going to ask questions! If you have any, just ask and I can reply when I comment on your blog!


Cats Versus Dogs

I have a cat. I have never owned a cat. I've had two cats in my lifetime. I used to be scared of dogs.
But, for some reason, I have about 10 dog soft toys. No cats. There must be some logic behind this all, but the conclusion I've come to is that cat toys look more.. evil... or just a bit creepy. Thus, dog toys :)

Please, ignore the neck length! I don't know what happened, but this week lots of them turned out a bit... stretched... in the leg too
design - high waisted toffee chocolate pinstripe shorts, pinstripe waiscoat, layered shirt
worn with - tri-strap heels

design - paper bag waist cropped trousers, dip dye bustier (but with straps...)
worn with - cupcake shoes, green socks, cake bag

Thanks for looking!



I'm too young to get nostalgic, you might say. But things change too fast. I remember days when you could be 12 and perfectly happy in your body, no need for makeup, no need for fashion. I remember back when you could buy chocolate spread sandwiches at school. I remember when people who are alive weren't, people who aren't, were.
I remember the Pink Elephant ride at Chessington, from a 3 year old's eyes. I remember the red folder I was given before I started primary school - I remember drawing, writing, reading it. I remember when I had two cats, not one. I remember my Grandad.
I remember so many things which aren't, so many things that I wish still were. But it's not going to happen.

But I also don't remember. Things I know I should. Things I wish I could - I wish I could remember dressmaking classes at school, being taught how to sew by my grandmother, the days when the average hair height was at least 4 inches. But I can't, because as far as I'm concerned, those days never were. They aren't part of me. And they never will be. Because there aren't dressmaking classes at school. My grandmother died long before I was born. Hair is now a customary few centimetres.
Things that were. But aren't. And may never be.

This is from Olivia and I early Summer. They don't say it's official yet, but we know it's Winter. It smells of winter. It feels like winter. It's cold, it's wet and miserable. But I don't have to wear a coat to school yet, so maybe not.

Can you tell I love colours?
Olivia's clothes, my sunglasses :D