DESIGNS - Card Castles 1

I chose this them because I'd just been to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie. I've tried to not make it too close to the film (I loved Alice's dresses, though they were rather impractical in places).

design - one sleeved dress with heart cutout, multiple petticoats and gingham print.
worn with - stripy thigh socks, platform wedges with 3D hearts stuck on the heels.
ew saturated colours. My editing sucks - trying to use GIMP and failing ever so slightly. It's great though, much better than Picknik (though that's pretty good too)

 design - one shouldered diamond shirt, multiple belts and dagger/phone holster, asymmetric shorts
worn with - leg bracelet, bracelet, thigh high sock, monocle, netting headpiece, quilted handbag, metal hinged boots
It's a woman. Honestly. Female. You have no idea (actually you probably do) how much I did to try and make this look like a woman. Including covering up her face with a monocle, headpiece, freaky hair.... and her chest went wrong... It's female though.