Push Me Pull Me

I've decided to prevent inactivity by doing something WILD. Blogging about fashion. I mean, I don't blog about fashion, I shove my designs down your throats and expect you to like them. Sorry :S

I confess, my lack of blogging is entirely down to not having bothered to scan any of my designs... D: I'm getting lazier by the minute!
So maybe I could actually go and blog for a bit? Just a suggestion, but I think it might work!

Do you ever have those times when you hate something, but then you come back to it a bit later and find out that it's one of those "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?" moments.
I've had that with rice; I hated it when I was younger. But then I hit 9, tried some, and fell in love. I've never turned back, both of my favourite dishes use rice as the staple (though the 3rd is pasta...)
You could make a film of that, it sounds so dramatic, apart from the fact... it's rice...

But fashion is another thing. I have many such cases.
Like this
Miu Miu f/w 2010 - but you know that already!
Now, in my humble opinion Miu Miu f/w was nowhere near as awesome as their s/s campaign (I mean, it's seriously lacking in awesome prints of naked ladies :O How could they?!?!) but I've recently come back to it and thought "I know why they did that" about the fleshy bows, and "I LOVE YOU" about the flower details on that awesome black shirt which I desperately need to enhance my wardrobe despite the jawdroppinglyhighpricewhichIreallydon'twanttothinkaboutohdear. But anyway.
(Speaking of what I want, one of these:
 Either one, I don't care, but this is the FIRST time in my life I've actually wanted a collar.  Preferably coming with a whole wardrobe full of other MiuMiu S/S. And completely free. kthxbai
But I guess I'll have to settle for this DIY version

And another one:
Clogs. These are by Chanel, but basically clogs in general. First time I saw them (many many years ago) I thought they were just... hideous. I mean, flip flops aren't beautiful, but they have a purpose. These just seemed... pointless
But this year it all changed. Seeing Alexa Chung on the Vogue cover
Is enough to convert most people, and the Miu Miu clogs (yes, I think I'm a Miu Miu addict) just add to this.

EDIT♥Mimi just reminded me about Crocs D: Along with Uggs, they are one of the design abominations which I think should have never been thought of, let alone created!
End of Edit

 BUT of course, not everything is good. There are times when I like something at a glance, but looking back later I think "What was I thinking?!?!".
But nobody's perfectt :D (always makes me feel good thinking about that)

I'm not a good blogger am I? I blog about personal stuff, but you really don't find out anyting new from it... Next time maybe I'll spam you with links and stuffs :)

Trying harder next time!!! Anyways, why don't you tell me your Hate->Love relationships

Also, flares. Are you liking them, or do you prefer the skinnys?

Shhh I know they're not the same type of flares as on catwalks...


  1. i usually prefer skinnies, but every once in a while ill change my mind and use flares. :)
    i love your blog btw!


  2. Isn't Alexa Chung amazing? Gosh, I'd like to be her best friend. :)


  3. I've always liked clogs. I think crocs are hideous tho. plastic, holey, stupid shoes with no purpose at all except to look ugly.

    i like skinnies! i'm a short girl so when i wear flare, i look even shorter.

    and i think you're an awesome blogger!

  4. love those miu miu collars !
    hope you have had a nice weekend !!

  5. Think i saw the stockings on an other blog as well and i fell in love with it :) isn't awesome:)

  6. Thanks for your comment!

  7. :) I like this blog! It's one of those little things that you stumble upon on a monday evening that make you a little happier :)

    I am a failing fashion blogger, but if you'd like to take a look-



  8. Hey, thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I just can't bring myself to do the Ugg thing ........... : )

  9. I loved clogs from the moment I saw them...can't wait for them to hit the high street!

  10. miu miu!

    u have a very nice blog!



  11. Love all your photos!! I am SO into finding the perfect heeled clogs this summer ;) They will also transition beautifully into my fall wardrobe ;) Hooray for clogs and Alexa Chung ;)

  12. Ah member of the Miu Miu cult I see! I'm a member also and totally obsessed! I hate that I'll never be able to afford anything from Miu Miu (hence why I did the DIY Miu Miu tights).

    Just dropping by to say thanks for showing love to my DIY Miu Miu tights over at Vanessa's blog (The Haute Pursuit).


  13. Very nice blog. I love Miu Miu too! I am going to make a letterbox that decorated with the black bird print! Also skinnys over flares any day!