DESIGN - Venetian Mask

I couldn't think of any more Alexander Mcqueen ideas (though there is so much inspiration) so I made this. It was inspired by my friend, who kept sending me pictures of masks. It's supposed to symbolise the fact that you can do anything with a mask on and nobody can tell... A bit like V for Vendetta? And also the fact that masks can disguise the truth about a person, or can change them. I think I'm going a bit too deep.

design - asymmetric shirt with central buttons, side Chinese esque fastening and one sleeve (with frills), asymmetric high waist shorts one side plain bermudas, one side layered. (you can tell I love bermudas can't you)
worn with - awesomesauce half mask, knee high socks and mismatched high heels.

I'm loving the colours. It contains pretty much every colour of pen I own :( Need to make a bigger collection!
<3 the makeup too. I'm rarely happy with the makeup, but I am with this one (can you guess why?)

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