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More NYFW updating. I'm blogging so much, I have too much free time.

Only a few this time - Marc Jacobs, Yohji Yamamoto (Y-3) and Rodarte (though no pictures yet, it's too soon. Maybe tomorrow)

I don't think there was anything particularly inspiring or vivid about this collection - Marc Jacobs played it a little too safe for me. Much as I love nude, neutral colours, there was too much for me. Some of the shapes were very nice though, like this button down coat - I would add this to my list of things to buy, if I had the money. Everything was beautifully tailored, and the models were perfect too
I'm loving the hem on this one, though I would have made one of the items a different colour - too much grey for my liking. Jacobs also stuck to tried and tested themes and such, I don't think he stuck his foot out much, nothing shocking (though the furs looked shockingly tacky to me. I'm not keen on fur, mock or not. Too.... show off ? ). Rather than trying to make it all modern, all new, I think he revisited the old, and brought back some of the past.
Everything got a little bit better when the shiny stuff came out. I like this one (though I'm not too keen on the gloves), and I'd say the eveningwear was the most beautiful part of the show. If you looked at the model as they went past, you would see a sudden change of fabric, tailoring, style, the lot, as the front and back could be completely different.
There was lots in this collection - suits, knits, sheer fabrics, fur, the lot. But not enough colour (I know I know this is Marc Jacobs and this is New York Fashion Week) but I'm happy enough with it all for now.
editNow, revisiting this collection a few days later, I see it in a new light. I think I like it a lot more, especially after seeing how Marc Jacobs started the show, and watching snippets. There is so much nostalgia in the whole collection, it reminds me a lot of what my mother sometimes wore when she went to work - in particular the outerwear - but also of an era before that.

Y-3. I am a lover of Yohji Yamamoto, he delivers every time. And he did it again (I know it wasn't today, but I missed it yesterday). The runway started off mainly in black and grey, with blazers, dropped crotches, an abundance of fabrics which dwarfed the models but somehow delivered, by some immense skill did not make them look bad.
I'd happily dress my boyfriend up in this. If I had one. So I'll have to dress myself up in it :D I love the way I can't tell if this is thin, floating and ethereal like it looks at the hem, or if a thick coat, or is actually two separate items. Either way, I am in love.

And then there was the colour. Bright orange, matched perfectly with the neutral beige grey. So much drama - is that a waistcoat? Are those bermudas (or a skirt)? Is that a tiger striped hanky? I'm going to steal that tiger striped hanky if you don't stop me :D
 This was the only let down. Well, not a let down so much as, I really don't understand. Random writing across your hips which relates a tiny bit to anything is not something I'd wear. I'm not a big fan of A&F, because I don't see why I should pay 3 times the price for the writing, and this is one of those moments for me...
But I still love you Yamamoto! I do not stop worshipping you simply because you write "63 Years in Love" across my hips!

Now I have no pictures of this, but I just watched the live streaming, and I will try to have pictures tomorrow. But this was amazing. Honestly.
The candles at the beginning were a weeny bit disturbing, but then the models came out. They looked like elegant fairies, in their neutral toned outfits, almost floating across the runway.
There was much fringe, ruffles, sheer materials, knits, it was like I was in a garden, dreaming as the pixie like appirations float past, their clothes somehow messy, but so perfectly finished. I am an official Rodarte Convert - I don't think I ever saw the detail in their work before, but look at this (it's not new)

It's amazing, the messy, knitted look, the feather like quality. I have a new love, and I am going to knit like crazy and try to get this awesome!

So In Love, So In Love.... You'll find me under the sycamore groves.... wandering lost in thought...


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  1. Great stuff! I still haven't checked everything out, but I shall as soon as I can!