I feel that since I am making a fashion blog I should update on New York Fashion Week. Most of my information comes from various fashion website (style.com/ mainly) but I'm only showing my favourites
This is all for Fall 2010 in no particular order

 Lacoste is one of my favourite brands (though I own none :'( ) because of all the bright colours. So when I was looking through the runway shots, I was distraught. Oatmeal oatmeal oatmeal D: I love neutrals (as you'll see later) but Lacoste! You have let me down!
Until suddenly....
  THE RED WOMAN APPEARED. Seriously, I was worried until then.
I love the mini beret, the legs, the jacket, all of it. And Lui Wen, she's gorgeous!
Marry me, colours. My fetish - rainbows
I'm loving this collection. It's less sporty in my opinion that their previous ranges, but the origins are still there. Colour blocking is love, though me being a colour fetishist I would have probably chosen slightly brighter colours XD And I loved the oatmeal bits too ^^ I'm thinking, how many of those leggings can I get on at once....?
You can watch the live show here Lacoste Fall 2010

 I only found out about Suno really recently, but it caters perfectly to a colour lover like me - prints + prints = love! And they all smile, which I always find much more appealing. I find Lacoste's catwalk funny, because they all had to smile 
I want that hat. So badly. 
 I also want that hair. And those trouser :D Honestly, I have to get out of my house more.
Suno is a pretty new brand, but they are already making a big impact. As they say, "Girls are too confident just to wear black." which is so true for me (I rarely wear black, I'm more a white wearer). It's hard to define this collection, it's just pure love ^^

 DKNY - probably my favourite house so far this week. Why? Because sophisticated yet slouchy, almost preppy neutrals are LOVE. Pleated skirts, schoolgirl looks, oversized knits, this is what I wish my school uniform looked like. NEUTRALS :D On par with my love for rainbows, as I'm much more confident in them (and they get me less wierd stares)
This coat is my new obsession. If I had those legs, that hat and those shoes I would buy one straight away. Because my duffel coat is dying and my dad said he'd get me a new coat... he didn't say how high his budget was...
And then they introduced blue. I didn't think my love for this runway could grow any larger, but golly it did when this came out. I can bet that my blood will run cold when I hear the price, but for now I am content.

This finished my day. Honestly, Hervé Léger (by Max Azria) , you have done it again. This isn't even the best of it - if this runway was a meal, this would be the champagne before we sit down.
This would be the starter - a small bowl of creamy mushroom soup, with diced chicken
 Then the main - I can't imagine what dish this would be, so I'll leave it up to you. My mind is thinking only in mushroom...
And then there was dessert. Raspberry gateau, with dark chocolate drizzled on top. And a small blob of whipped cream with a raspberry on top.
I love the iconinc bandages and ribbons, the mesh inserts, the heels, THE HIPS. But also the slight sportiness in all of this. I think that whatever your body shape you could probably find something in this....                                                                                                                                                 
So there you have it. What I think so far about New York Fashion Week. Can't wait for tomorrow, I'll update then on today's outfit and maybe Doufe Banana? You never know.

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