I know I said designs....

But I wanted you to see this.
Look, another photo of me :D This one actually has my face in it (albeit from the side)(and fuzzy) but anywho... 
This is what I wore today, and as you can see I have a rather funny looking yellow and red blob on my knee. This is what I spent my weekend making.
My ill fitting skinny jeans had a rather sad looking hole on their knee, which was growing increasingly large. My dad pointed it out to me (as if I didn't already know ¬¬ ) so I decided to finally set about making a proper patch. 

 Thus, I made my knee patch. LADYBIRD

I scrounged through my massive bags of random hand-me-down fabrics and found this yellow stuff which i think is from a school project? The red body is made from a primary school jumper (from back when I was in reception and my sister broke her arm) and the black is from another fabric sack.

Time taken - 3 hours? 
Final Product - no more draughts down my legs :D And a rather awesome looking knee

Don't you love my artistic situation - an exercise ball :D

t-shirt: my sisters from 2000. When I was 5... shows how much I've grown seeing as it's still to big for me...
shirt: next (I love sales ^^)
jeans: old clothes drawer (I label my drawers. I have a pyjamas drawer, a socks drawer, a long sleeved top and shorts drawer.... lots more....) 

Designs are coming. Tomorrow. I just have to edit them all


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