Update 3

I've had this blog what, 4 days? And I'm already onto my umpteenth post. I really need to cut back, but NYFW calls.

I'm trying to keep these short and only put in ones I like, but there are so many. I wanted to put Vera Wang, Derek Lam and TSE in here too (among others) but I really don't want to spam too much.

I thought that since there are pictures now I should update. I won't bore you with more writing though, only three words: LOVE IT ALL
Such details, inspiration and so much arty-ness. The Rodarte sisters said their inspiration came from Mexican origins (among others) and it shows, but not too strongly!
The coolest part was, when the models all came out, the UV lighting. I've said about this before, but I still can't get over it....

There was an almost tribal atmosphere in this collection, with the bold reds against khaki, with delightful little military hints hidden in the jackets.
At times it seemed almost safari like, the khaki-ness (particularly in the pantsuit) but not excessively so. 
I thought the metallics and denim added perfectly to the resounding military theme, and the left hand dress certainly brought me back to my thoughts of gladiators. I would buy pretty much everything in this collection if I could, and so should you :)

Mulberry, yet again, had all the biggest hair. This fall it seems to me to be all about the accessories, stepping out and making a statement. Particularly big were the animal prints, which could be seen on practically every item.
On the left is my favourite dog - honestly, look at that grumpy little face - though the outfit isn't half bad either. I've spied lots of shearling coming in this fall (you can find some in Rodarte if you look hard) and thankfully no Ugg Boots. 
Mulberry also added to the lace and sequin collection that I'm pretty certain fashionistas will be building up this year, though not in a big way. Silhouettes were often girly and suit like, with plenty of puffy shoulders, and lots of pretty shoes. I'm not the worlds greatest fan of Mulberry, but this collection has made me like them a little more (but not enough to get onto my favourites list)

There. I hope that was nice and short (kinda) and not too... rambly.

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