forget me not

New to all this but I'm keen to get going.
I've been interested in fashion for a while now, probably about 3 years, but I've never really done much with my love.
Sooo.... I have a new "resolution" to design lots more, which means 5/6 designs a week, 52 weeks a year, with each week having a different theme ^^
Poke me lots if i don't blog one week.
And I love it when people give advice/tell me about magazines and websites and stuff, you won't hurt my feelings (well, maybe a little.... as long as you don't say "OMG RUBBISH" or something )
I might be a little slow starting out, don't let me make excuses!

And feel free to be creeped out by my extra long looking neck. I'm not confident enough for my face yet :) Marvel at my cross stitch awesomeness


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