Sonia Rykiel for H&M

Honestly. Can. Not. Wait. *hyperventilate* ONLY 4 DAYS!!! Butbutbut my Saturday is all booked up! D: Ima gonna miss all the best bits :'(

Still, may as well fangirl while I can
Sonia Rykiel classic stripes, classic colours, classic AWESOMENESS. And Oversized Knits. I'm in heaven. At least I will be when I get my hands on all of this (and the socks!)
I want to get my hands on that coat. And that scarf. And that whole entire shop. And Sonia. I will make her my slave designer and she will spend her life designing colourful clothes specially for me. Don't worry, she'll be well fed.

Not that keen on either of these. They don't do anything for me, they're too... plain. I like the tote though. Nice take on the classic top.
 Here we are with the blazer - but BRIGHT PINK. I love it, especially with the hair! I'll have to buy one for my red headed sister.... clashing ^^ I'd get the shorts for myself, and that pink hat. How I wish I had those legs... *_*

I don't know about you, but I've never thought of wearing entirely yellow before, but this makes me want to... I think the jumpsuit and shirt are supposed to look Parisian (Parisienne?) but they just make me think of either a french art thief (just add a garlic garland) or a clown. Maybe both together? Either way, me no likey.

I forgot to mention before - the shoes. Black platform wedges. If you look at them the actually aren't very high, but just have thick platforms. I like them, but I think they were not thought about much - the focus is the clothes, not the shoes (though the hair stands out quite a bit...) 

Overalllll... I want quite a lot of this, mainly for the colours and stripes (thank you Sonia) but also for the sheer fact that it's H&M. Which means cheaper. Which means I can afford it with my allowance :) Therefore I am one happy bunny. Apart from Saturday. They'd better have plenty of this all left over for me...

I just realised how greedy I sound. I'll probably end up owning none or one item of this range, but there's no harm in wishing ^^

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