Just a Spoonful Of Sugar

And rather a lot more. Because I don't think one spoonful is enough for a whole cake. Unless it were a ladle... That might suffice, though it depends on the cake.
In a completely un-fashion related note, flour free cakes. I ADORE these. My mother makes this amazing one from a Green & Blacks book (I think it's Nigella?) which consists almost solely of almonds, satsumas and Green & Blacks Maya Gold chocolate. Give or take a little.
Another one of my favourites is vanilla almond cake. I'm sure it has a proper name. I'm certain it has more ingredients. But it's made with almonds, and vanilla.
The best thing about said almond based cakes is just that - it doesn't have flour. I don't know what's so wrong with flour, but everybody seems to be singing the praises of flour free cooking, so I may as well do so too!
These cakes, most certainly don't have flour;

design - multicoloured jump suit with ruching and ruffles
worn with - cake hat, multicoloured mod heels, cuff

design - 'lolita' style layered dress
worn with - striped socks, platform stilhettos, miniature hat accessory


  1. thanks for stopping by the blog! i commented about the lipstick thing. i know what you mean!


  2. flour free cakes are the best!

  3. i've never even heard of this flower free cooking phenomenon!

  4. Your drawings sooooooooooooo wonderful that i do not know what to say, jut look at them...

  5. firstly, thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment!
    love everything that is sweet, unfortunately (i suppose...), and my gran bakes a brilliant non - flour cake as well. absolutely delicious!

  6. ooooh i was gonna make cakes today as well :)
    Olivia x

  7. Are these your illustrations?! They're incredible! I just stumbled across your blog and I can't wait to read more!

    My boyfriend is on a flour-free kick, so I might have to look into baking one of the cakes.

    Style Obsession