Summer is coming

It has been for a while.
If you, like me, are a Londoner, you would have been shocked by the unexpected rain a few days ago (and probably worried that the sun would leave us!)
But despite the temporary glitch, all is well.
I still walk to school each morning, blissful lin the sun.
And walk back again each afternoon, backpack nicely stuch to my back with sweat, feet swollen beyond recognition and I must admit, I've pretty much given up on shoes.

But what does this all entail, my stories of sports days and summer exams and swimming pools and home grown strawberries (:D)

It brings CLOTHES!!!
Now, I'm miles behind. By now, all of you will have your stock of bikinis, maxidresses, shorts and sandal boots.
But anyways, I think you are entitled to have my favourites shoved down your throats, trend setting or not!

Tania's Guide to (a rather non) High Street Summer 2010

Maxi Dresses
Republic - £26.99
I am glad to say, the maxidress will be everywhere. Sling it over a swimming costume, pair it with some snazzy clogs, wear it to the races, what ever you choose, these things are great! (And as long as they aren't jersey, they can cover up those lumps and bumps oh so nicely!)

Double Denim
If you have good eyes you can tell where these come from
You might say it's a bit early for double denim. You might say it's a bit late. Either way, denim is not the best summer material - it's thick, it doesn't breath excellently, and it stays wet for hours. But either way, double denim is still good for me. You could take cues from Stella McCartney and her front buttoned denim skirts, or buy a playsuit or dungarees (though I have done NONE of those things)


Both swimsuits are by Melissa Odabash

In swimsuits recently I've seen a huge amount of cutouts, and bright colours. Impracticle sequins appear to be popular on these too...


If you really can't tell, this is Chanel.
 For a nice high street version, Topshop has some rather nice ones :P

You've seen them all over the catwalks, bt I have yet to see a person wearing them well (exculding online). I don't quite see why, seeing as they are rather amazing. On top of that, CHANEL TATTOOS!!!

Right, I'm going to have to cut this blog short. So I can't go on to talk about shorts, tops, makeup, hair, more shoes, resort (which I have actually BARELY seen) and lots more :( I think this is partially because I only started this blog in February, at which point the A/W shows were on... so I never really followed the S/S properly (*ashamed face*)

But, to end
I went shopping. I bought two dresses (one of which I wore to own clothes day today, oblivious of Quite How Seethrough It Was) and some shoes. I finally have some gladiators :) I wore them and they were ever so startlingly comfortable!
Oh oh oh! How could I forget?! For the next two weeks I'm going to the Fashion Capital head office for work experience. I'll be with a friend, and I'm hoping for a good time! Smart casual dress code, maybe I can do something with it...


  1. LOVE that maxidress! It's soo gorgeous. And thanks for commenting on my blog :) I like your blog too!

    xo, gina

  2. I actually did see a girl wearing one of those Chanel tattoos, one of the bird ones on her leg. I don't know if you've seen it, but Garace Dore posted a picture of Dree Hemingway's wrist with several of them on it - looked so fantastic on her.

  3. wow!! the swimsuits are gorgeous!! want them both!

  4. Hey lovely- great post and enjoyed reading it too- heat + sweat= nasty but the swimming pool and strawberries get my vote! Tons of luck with your work experience i hope its a blast and seriously wow them with a sneak peek of illustrations? xxx
    fashion clocked
    I would really love you to call by sometime!xxxx katie.xx

  5. I adore maxi dresses. I'm not into the denim or the clogs, though, or the cutouts. Hmmm. To each their fashionista own?

  6. Thank you very much for your lovely comment!

  7. you know when you draw your own designs... how long does it take, is it hand drawn, and do you use a stencil or a sillhoutte, or is it all hand drawn :)??

  8. Tania, I LOVE all your SS2010 list, and im with you with the maxidresses, i just love wearing them in summer, btw, thank you so much for your sweet comment at my blog, I really appreciate it, XOXO
    PS: I am in my 30s, so your compliment really makes my day :)) love love, XOXO
    PS2: Love your blog and i am now following you, XO

  9. i know, we have been so lucky with the weather so far! its nice to have a proper opportunity to wear summer clothes this year! I love these swimsuits!!! xxx

  10. This is great! I am from Australia and it is winter here so it is good to see some bright colours. Great post. Have a look at mine

    Stacey xx

  11. Wow love your blog, that maxidress is really cute!


  12. ohh, loooove your blog so much! Thank you for your sweet comment as well. seems like you'll have a wonderful summer. I hope you do. :D

  13. Love the pictures. And love your blog, I am a follower now!

    check out my first giveaway at: http://fashion--maniak.blogspot.com/2010/07/giveaway.html

  14. I love chanel tatoos

    Love, johanna


  16. wow the swim suit and maxi dress are so pretty!hope your work experience goes well

  17. yes, those chanel tattoos are amazing! the first maxi dress is stunning, i adore the pastel colours :)

  18. I love sequinned and cut-out swimsuits. They're so pretty, but probably very impractical haha!
    Your work experience sounds amazing, hope you have a great time!

  19. I love the pattern of the maxi dress that you selected. It's so perfect and sweet!

  20. I looooove the Chanel tattoos, but I can't bring myself to spend £75 on them!


  21. Interesting bathers but you'd get a very interesting tan too if you wore them... can never forget a French guy I met who had been wearing a mesh top (string vest?) while sunbaking and the pattern was just blazed on to him, so funny!!
    I should start preparing my summer wardrobe now, then it might actually be ready in 6 months when it's warm here again!!

  22. I love the example of double denim you used - so cute and country!

  23. the weather has definitely cooled down now in london! :S hopefully the sun will come back though :) those maxi dresses look gorgeousss and thats such an amazing work experience that youve got! so jealous :)

    thanks so much for commenting btw! <33

  24. 2nd pic is from h&m mag..love it!!come follow me xoxo