Cats Versus Dogs

I have a cat. I have never owned a cat. I've had two cats in my lifetime. I used to be scared of dogs.
But, for some reason, I have about 10 dog soft toys. No cats. There must be some logic behind this all, but the conclusion I've come to is that cat toys look more.. evil... or just a bit creepy. Thus, dog toys :)

Please, ignore the neck length! I don't know what happened, but this week lots of them turned out a bit... stretched... in the leg too
design - high waisted toffee chocolate pinstripe shorts, pinstripe waiscoat, layered shirt
worn with - tri-strap heels

design - paper bag waist cropped trousers, dip dye bustier (but with straps...)
worn with - cupcake shoes, green socks, cake bag

Thanks for looking!


  1. lol i never have cats , and i have dogs , many come and go but i am still not a pet lover

    not because i dont love animals but i think its because i know i am not a good pet owner ..plus i get so sad when they die

  2. I used to have a dog when I was about 6. But I was really scared of it because it was bigger than me. xD I like dogs though. The really tiny ones, haha.

  3. great illustrations! Oh I love both cat and dog, but my mom doesnt lemme to own one! :( barbiejunk

  4. I love the sleeves of the first blouse Tania. With the waistcoat. Waiting for you to start blogging and drawing more regularly again. :) Missed you.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  5. lovely lovely lovely!
    i have a dog and wish i had a cat; my dog's so dependant!

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