Tic Tac Toe Two

When applying liquid eyeliner, I find it best to hold it at an angle, flat against my skin, and press, rather than draw a line. So press move press move press move.
This is because I have unsteady hands, but it always makes a nice line. It's fatter this way too :D

So, a HUGE MERRY CHRISTMAS to everybody who celebrates, and to everybody else and including, Happy New Year (because it's unlikely I'll blog before then...)
Drawn in the height of summer, in a boiling hot classroom. What am I like?
design - shearling aviator jacket with oversized collar and stitch and leather belt details, lace and cotton dress
worn with - thigh high boots

design - patent purple leather trousers with quilted details, gold chain and red fabric top
worn with - clog like things, leather and mesh clutch

Thank you for looking! Please, feel free to be rude :) It makes me better


  1. these are fabulous illustrations you made !
    happy early new year 2011 to you :)
    bisous xx
    glisters and blisters