I just got an email...

From fashionising.com
I'm sure many of you are subscribed to their emails, they're helpful things for those of use too lazy to browse their website every day (because there's always something new)
But this time I spotted something special
I am proud to say that I was WAY ahead of this trend. In fact, I think it might just be my doing :B NAUT (gah, watched Borat. So awful :S )
Back when I was in year 8 (oh so long ago... ahem... 2 years) I was a priest in "Oh What a Lovely War". In my school we have a "Performing Arts Festival" where each class from year 7-9 (that's 15 in total) make a 15 minute production, which must contain singing, live music, acting and dancing. And back then my form did "Oh What a Lovely War".
And I was a dancing stripper priest.
:) Thankfully, I have no pictures.
Unthankfully, they are on the school system :( For everyone to see my hairy legs as I "danced" (read: swung my legs a la... a la can can?) surrounded by germans and brits and beautiful young women (you won't understand any of this. And I'm giving you WAY too much information. Sorry :S
And, coming to the sock garters - I had to wear my form tutor's (D: wierd) sock garters. It was that or stockings and suspenders...

Anyway, thank you for listening, and now have a video
This is The Row, and it's MaryKate and Ashley's fashion line. It's very old, I assure you I'll get newer stuff soon!
I just like the whole essence, the whole "clothes on, strip, change, shoes, change, strip" process. That makes me sound shifty...
Thanks for looking!


  1. So cool have you seen the 'swan' sock garters about? Seriously the whole stripping vicar attire sounds super dodgy! In love with MK and ashley- xxxx
    fashion clocked

  2. Sock Garters are SO IN!!!!!! great post!!! xoxo

  3. sock garters... wow. very creative. i love it when designers are being creative with socks.!!

  4. well you were a very sexy stripper priest ;)
    omnom :)