I'm too young to get nostalgic, you might say. But things change too fast. I remember days when you could be 12 and perfectly happy in your body, no need for makeup, no need for fashion. I remember back when you could buy chocolate spread sandwiches at school. I remember when people who are alive weren't, people who aren't, were.
I remember the Pink Elephant ride at Chessington, from a 3 year old's eyes. I remember the red folder I was given before I started primary school - I remember drawing, writing, reading it. I remember when I had two cats, not one. I remember my Grandad.
I remember so many things which aren't, so many things that I wish still were. But it's not going to happen.

But I also don't remember. Things I know I should. Things I wish I could - I wish I could remember dressmaking classes at school, being taught how to sew by my grandmother, the days when the average hair height was at least 4 inches. But I can't, because as far as I'm concerned, those days never were. They aren't part of me. And they never will be. Because there aren't dressmaking classes at school. My grandmother died long before I was born. Hair is now a customary few centimetres.
Things that were. But aren't. And may never be.

This is from Olivia and I early Summer. They don't say it's official yet, but we know it's Winter. It smells of winter. It feels like winter. It's cold, it's wet and miserable. But I don't have to wear a coat to school yet, so maybe not.

Can you tell I love colours?
Olivia's clothes, my sunglasses :D


  1. Tania ? is that your name i am Jasmine :)

    sorry it took me so long to check out your blog but of course i make sure i read your post before leaving a comment because i don't want to be someone who just drop by and say Hi and the poof disappeared lol

    amazing photos in this post and i love what u write

    while reading it reflects a lot of my childhood and memories from the past , at times i really wish i could turn back time and change so many things or maybe walk a different path

    i miss the people who already lone gone from my life too....

  2. Love these pics! That's a great dress, too:) Thank you again for ur comment on my blog. I'm sorry to hear that your family has been touched by cancer, also:( I agree, in addition to breast cancer awareness, other types of cancer also deserves funding and recognition:)


  3. i like your blog too!!
    if you need any help with your spainh just ask please ^^... and thank u too for helpping with my english lol
    i'm following u xoxo


  4. Thats a sweet dress! Cool blog! :)

    Check out my blog:


  5. Thank u so much for the camera advise , :)

    i am glad to know you

    you will be seeing me around for a long long time

    with love


  6. HI Tania,

    I am sorry it took me a long time to get back to you. I had initially written a looong comment from my university computer only to come home and realize it did not go through, so here I am at it again.

    I want to thank you for coming over tp Tashrin when you did, you know why? because otheriwse I might have never known about you until you became super famous one day. This way I'll be able to see you grow.

    I love your blog, I believe you know it deep in your heart that you are exceptionally talented, a visionary to be truthful. I did not yet have the time to pour through every page, but I truly enjoyed what I saw and plan to keep coming back for a long time to come.

    Love from Toronto, Canada from your newest admirer

  7. beautiful pics :)
    and i love the little paragraph at the beginning; it's sentimental and it's true :)

    check mine/follow me?


  8. i love your dress!! and your photos are so beautiful <3

  9. love. love. love. the dress. so bohemian and fun. and you are never to young to get nostalgic ;)

    clogs. ew.

  10. I love these photos! And that is so true, its so weird remembering when I was young, even though I'm still young now (well...22 XD) So weird...