Someone Saved My Life Tonight

I'm sorry about that. But I'm sure you're sick of titles like "Designs - Shall We Dance" which should you desire could be the title of this current post. But for the sake of common decency I shall present you with a more acceptable, completely unrelated title. Because I want to :P

Today's topic is Emoticons.
They are strange things. They are, in our mind, faces. But in the mind of people who are completely unable to see pictures in clouds and such, what are they? Simply lines and dots, letters and punctuation. Why do we use them? There was once a time when one could articulate what they meant quite plainly, without the need for a :'( to show sadness, a ;P for a flirt.
But past the facade (without an accent, sorry), are they really a falsity, reaffirming to people "yes i'm happy see :D" when outside of our internet world, we are incapable of hiding behind screen and text.
I'm happy to hear views, but you all know that my true aim is for you to all tell me your favourite smileys, so that I can steal them and use them for my own.

design - high waisted shorts with ruffled sides and dungarees front, layered shirts
worn with - leg warmers, high heeled ballet shoes

 design - layered ball gown with asymmetric bodice and sleeves
worn with - white leather wedge boots

Truly. Deeply. Thankful.


  1. Hello!
    Thank you ever so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Did you follow? I have a give away coming up for followers only, so get in on that!
    I move on Sunday, and this is my first year at Uni, so I will be writing lots of posts on university life.
    As far as fashion design goes, then my university if definitely one to aim for. I am attending London College of Fashion, which is the only fashion university in the UK, one of the best in Europe, and recognized the world over. Giles studied here, as did ,many other amazing designers. You could also look into Central St. Martins (a sister college of LCF, and part of UAL). Alexander McQueen studied here.
    Look forward to your reply!

  2. By the way: F+F is available at Tesco in the UK and Ireland, and I think you can also buy online.
    Your designs are amazing! I have followed you :)

  3. Gorgeous drawings (is that the word in english?) Your blog is great, glad I found it:)


    thanks for visiting me:)

  4. hello :) these are loverly loverly :)
    obviously, the :) is all I need :)
    urghh, I can't write without it any more, or else I feel like I'm sounding sarcastic.....
    Olivia x

  5. i love your designs! they're so gorgeous :)
    keep up the amazing work!

    Mon xx

  6. Hi there, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! haha also, I think it's great that you've done such good work on your designs and are willing to share them with people! :)

    All the best,
    Debbie xx

  7. Hello!
    Me replying again! There really should be a better way of doing this! Silly blogger!
    No I am not insulted at all! You're very sweet! Honestly, no-one in "real-life" has ever said such nice things to me ('cept my boyfriend, but he has too!)
    There will be a new video up soon! Have you followed me?

  8. these drawings are so fabulous!

  9. wow these are looking great :)

  10. ooooh, i really like this batch of designs. (:

    this, 8D is my favorite.

  11. Lovinggg these!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog hun :)

  12. Wow, I loooove the dress you've drawn!

  13. i love dungarees and just wish i could find a pair that i love and would suit me.

    and i also wish that i saw/got more of Sonia Rykiel. I also thought it went quite quickly :\

    Monica xx

  14. Great drawings! xxx


  15. nice painting. Awesome design really appreciate your efforts.

  16. Your designs are very fun and unique.


  17. i love your illustrations, they have so much personality, I also love your use of color!

  18. You're sooo talented! Love the last one! x