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How do you sleep? Apparently how you sleep affects/shows your personality... Right then, I sleep curled up on my side, usually around a teddy or soft toy.
Therefore I am... shy, keen on confined spaces and... looking for a man to hug?
If I lie on my back I am confident, capable and open with my emotions
If I lie on my front I...
I have a squished face. And I'm very scared of society.

design - minidress with animal print inserts, knit cuff shorts, 3/4 sleeve knit and cotton bolero
worn with - knit cuff shoes

As you can tell, I made that all up. It's just, the art of fortune telling and all that jazz are a bit confounding to my little messy haired head, and I can't seem to convince myself that it is real, or that it is fake. Althoug I'm very dubious of palmistry. Apparently I'm going to die and then come back to life, have 2 children and then 1 (maybe 2 husbands?) and be very poor... :S

I'd rather dislike having blue hair. And scary eye makeup. And green lips. (Not my colour choices, I assure you)
design - multi strap cropped shirt, belted wraparound skirt with multicoloured leopard print
worn with - net thigh high socks, t-strap heels

Toy Story 3. Adorable. Scary. Brilliant. Watch it ^^
I was quite proud of myself - I am part of the true Toy Story generation. Lots of the children in the cinema must have been about, 6? That means they must have watched the films on DVD after they came out. I was basically the right age when Toy Story came out, so have seen each one in the cinema. :B Though I did feel a bit... old... when everybody around me was either an adult or under 10. 
I cried. In the film, that is. Not because I felt old.


  1. Ha- my friend cried at Toy story- this latest film too! I havent yet made the trip to see it but fully intend too- sounds good! Love the wild drawings- the first shoes are amazing and would love them on my feet right about.. now! I sleep in the oddest way- one leg bent- the other stuck out, and kind of on my side- my face squished too.... i wonder what that means.....
    Would love you to visit sweetie! Katie.xx
    fashion clocked

  2. im a toy story kid too xD i cried so much, lol.

    once, again... the whole design (especiallyy the shoes) is so stunning.

    ...and i sleep the same way as well lol

  3. LOVE your sketches and your post is fabulous!!! happy weekend sweetie, xoxo

  4. I want those shoes... can't you magically just make your designs into real-life things to wear?!

  5. Just found your blog and I was going through some old posts too, wow I love your desings! Definitely following you now. x

  6. wonderful illustrations.. i chuckled a bit with that first paragraph about the sleeping patterns. hahaha!

    Animated Confessions

  7. oh my gosh these sketches are gorgeous! love it. you have incredible designs.

    new follower :)

    <33 [v] hobovogue