Farewell, and Wild Child 3

Well then, this is it, I'm heading out tomorrow. I might be a while.
I wasn't going to give you any pictures. Because I was too lazy to get off my darn arse and edit them :B But anyway.
This is the first year I've had a dilemma packing. Okay, I have one every year, but this one is worse. Normally it's "I don't have enough t-shirts! I only have 3 pairs of shorts! My sandals rub :("
This year it's "I don't have enough knickers (because you wanted to know)! How many shorts am I allowed? WHAT??!? You expect me to cut my shoe ration down to 3? :'( I'll carry them in hand luggage if you want!" which I think tells you a lot about how I've changed in the past year. I haven't really obtained lots of new stuff as rather, found them anew, or realised new ways of combining... makeup is a problem too! How on earth do women pack makeup? I've never had this problem before, back when a stick of coverup was all I needed/wanted...

design - frog fastened blouse, shorts with printed patch pockets
worn with - net socks, trainer socks, green patent heels

design - short sleeve bear and snake hoodie, poloneck sleeveless top, leggings
worn with - ankle socks, canvas and leather heels
This is a lot like my old old designs. I might show you some day. I first got into fashion through anime and manga, which went on to Japanese singers, idols and eventually fashion. I still love Japanese fashion, with all the genres you can find in the Harajuku district, and the fact that they can look so darn cute in pyjama suits! I used to have (and kinda still do) a "dream" of learning Japanese, setting up a little boutique out in Tokyo, and making and selling my own cute designs. But my style has developed, and I've discovered that just designing cute hoodies isn't enough... I think I'll draw up those old designs though, into my new style... maybe for week 18 (yup, behind on uploading)




  2. love that second hoodie! incredible heel , and beautiful socks with it.... love tit.

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  3. here is so many inspirations!

    have a nice time,

  4. I like it!

  5. Wow I love coming back to your blog to see these beeeautiful designs you always come up with <3 you're a pretty terriffic writer, too! It's great that you drew a hoodie without it looking chavvy at all!

    Emilie xoxox